Sunday, 24 May 2009

Movie Bonanza

Today was a dull Saturday morning... Exhausted by the football yesterday, I overslept, and instead of waking up, as I usually do at 5.45, I woke up at 8.30. It was a total disaster. All my routine got disturbed. I had things I had planned to do in the morning- go for a run, and then maybe have a good game of badminton or tennis at the colony courts (badminton/tennis I mean… not “court” court). Unfortunately, due to my dream addictions, it was not to be.

The morning began with a lull. No usual screaming and howling of wild animals that live in the jungles surrounding my house... this dullness spread to me. I was desperate to do something… so the next best thing to do after physical exercise? Get on the pc... But this too, now I find boring… I get frustrated playing games and virtual sports... it was time to try something new. At that precise moment, a fact dawned upon me... Only 2 days ago, I had become richer by about 20-25 quality movies… I had found my Atlantis… I was going to be on a movie-watching spree.

The morning began with a poor choice. I don’t know why, but for some extremely illogical reason, I started to watch “Dostana”. I have never ever seen such a crap movie. It was so dull, that I closed it halfway through the 1st part of the 3 parts in which I have it. I swear to god, I am not watching anything anymore that has Koran Josher, Shamrock khan, and the likes involved.

My subsequent meanderings through the computer folders yielded substantial dividends… I unearthed the “Pirates of the Caribbean” trilogy, the super-extended versions of all the “Lord of the Rings”, the quite humorous “Hitch” and many more. However, these films I have seen many times. Nevertheless, I decided to watch the favourite parts… from each... just to rekindle my dying interests in movies.

What began was a movie marathon. I watched parts of pirates 1,2 and 3. Parts of LOTR 1, 2 and 3. Followed by both the parts of Madagascar…after all, humour is indeed a very good medicine. My eyes were hurting by this time... a good 1-hour sleep later... I knew what I had to do... glued to the desktop, I double clicked “ THE DARK KNIGHT”. What a movie that is. Heath Ledger, though not with us now, will forever be immortal… his portraying of the Joker is just mind blowing. After this, I had to watch just 1 more movie. I knew which one. It was perfect. It was 300…

It was an absorbing day. -Pirates, LOTR, Dark Knight, 300, the occasional rib tickling in Madagascar; one couldn’t have asked for more. But then the question arises. Why don’t Indian movies have the same effect? The answer is simple. What draws me towards these brilliant movies is the portraying of each and every character. The details in which it is done. The aspects, the prospects. One actually vouches for that character while watching the movie.

Portrayal matters. I will never forget that quirky little pirate Jack Sparrow, or the ever calm Aragon and a stunningly skilled Legolas, or the highly eccentric King Julien, or the Joker, or for that sake, anyone from the above mentioned movies. Compare that to the roles played by top Indian actors. A handful catches your eye. Shamrock is the so-called biggest star in India. How many times you remember Shamrock the character? Barring Kabir khan from Chak de, I don’t think he ever captures the mind. The problem is Indian actors are not willing to let go of their chocolate boy, goody two shoes impressions. It sucks.

As an impartial audience, I have realised one thing- Hindi movies, by the day with all their increasing sultriness have become a big no-no, its actors have become extremely arrogant, and I am afraid, but I have to say this CHEAP. For me, they don’t even classify as actors. Actors are meant to bring a character to life. People like Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Geoffrey Rush and all have done it, and given us the unforgettable movies already mentioned above… hats off to them…

(Having said all this, I sincerely hope that the Angels and Demons movie is good. It’s the only movie I am looking forward to see this year)

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  1. I agree about your views about SRK but somehow I can't help picturize you without your Bolloywood-bad-Hollywood-good(Imagine Animal Farm and the sheeps)glasses on.B'coz you forget the likes of Swades, RDB, Wednesday,(These are just the recent ones), your views seem colored by some stupid movies by Karan Johar n company. Its time you let go of public opinion to watch the movies..