Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A night to remember

1st August,Saturday, by all means was an extremely eventful day. Firstly, it was Tilak Punyatithi. So, the early morning radio programmes were filled with stories about him, and his greatness. I was always in awe of this great persona. but still, everytime i listen to those stories, it gives me new vigour to do something good. With my mind filled with nationalism, I headed to college, where one of the most important days of the year was brewing up, as i would later come to know, a disaster in making.

I for one, am totally against regionalism and all that crap. but people in college, coming from out of pune are more, and have an identity other than that of coepkar. anyway, lets not talk about it. the point is that the gymkhana elections were on that day. so people were scampering everywhere, looking for votes for their canditates. i wont deny that i too was one of them. but atleast i was happy that i was able to do something for good friends of mine like tejas(tatya). im sure that COEP instead of making fine engineers is going to start churning out extremey wily polititians in a very short time. Aso.

if 1st aug was a day to remember, then its definitely not by the elections. In the evening, my dad was to be felicitated for his work in his field, by a group called NINAD, which is involved in various social activities. It was a moment of great pride for me, to see my dad getting a prestigious award. I am very much influenced by his thoughts, and seriously consider what he says, especially if its related to research, or job perspectives. his speech after recieving the award, was just amazing. my dad was awarded his trophy by none other that Air vice marshall (retd) limaye. Another mind-blowing personality. his experiences in 71 war as well as the kargil war are captivating, and enthralling.

if listening to these two eloquent speakers wasnt enough, then what came next was really a cherry and icing on the cake. i was seated in the first row, and when two little girls came by and sat next to me, i was totally unaware. but after a while, when i turned, i was surprised to see that they were none other than the extremely talented Mugdha Vaishampayan, Arya Ambekar! I am a very keen fan of all of them, but especially arya and mugdha.

its hard to imagine that these super girls, all aged below 15 had managed to captivate a sizable proportion of marathi speaking people for more than 6 months when sa re ga ma was on! i was fortunate enough to just be in their aura! but i always get more! this time, little mugdha was sitting next to me, and i simply couldnot stop admiring her! she had no issues that everyone was watching her, and was acting as any normal kid her age would act! her eyes simply overflowed with innocence! i dont think i have seen an 8 year kid who could by like her! she seriously rocks! i have become a big fan of hers now!

next to mugdha, was Arya, another of my favourite singer. she is simply grace! i have never seen such a down-to-earth personality! looking at her, i often question god, why didnt he send someone like that in our agegroup!( I could have got some one i could die for!). I was in awe of her for a long time, but this close encounter of 1st kind was simply mindblowing. My respect for her has grown immensely! its just the way she carries herself, the way she talks with people, god! so many points!, oh ya, and her voice! i think she is just super perfect! oh.. and as per what she told me, shes always stood 1st in her class..mindblowing!

i was,for many days now wishing that i could meet them two. god had duly obliged! i had a great time, for both of them performed one song each, live! i got to talk with them, and i got to shake hands with them! it was an overwhelming experience, and certainly a one which i wont forget...

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