Thursday, 20 August 2009

Whats so funny?

All of us come in touch with literally thousands of people throughout our lives. We hate some, we adore some, some we conveniently forget, some stay in your memories for ever for various reasons. of all the people ive met so far, and those who i have bothered to keep in my memory, most of them are there just because of their ability to make me laugh at any situation. or as you would put it, the funny ones. I am going to be writing on the seven of the most funniest people i have met.. Its actually very hard to shortlist from such a vast array of classic people.. but well, space and time are restricted.. so seven.. of my favourite funniest people i have met..

On number 7, is my school friend mrinmayi. i often feel people underestimate mrinmayis comic sense. people think of her as more of a level headed person. but yes, unknown to many, she has a classic sense of humour. Extremely sarcastic,to tell you the truth. you say one thing, and she interprets it totally differently. i have suffered some extremely well placed digs, specifically aimed to stun me, all the time. The first one was when talking about my "love" for Tekdi. Everytime we meet, either of us laughing all the time.. so thats that.. mrinmayi is at number 7.

number 6 is, i have to say, my best friend in college. Anant. He has a type of humour which is totally different to others. DRY you may call it. nonetheless, he always hits the spot. may it be immitating shin-chan nohara when he sees a decent looking girl, to cracking some extremely wise jokes, sometimes hopeless jokes. this guy always makes me crack up. one should listen to him passing comments about our very learned professors in the middle of the lessons. im sure he is going to have me thrown out of the class once.. i cant help but laugh at all the silly things he does, especially in lecture time!

number 5 funniest person ive met... well, i think he is very special to me. he has been my best friend, and you could say, kind of a role model(although he is very pathetic at it) for quite some time now. its Rohan, my cousin. Fortunately for me, he was in same college as me. so i had a big boss who could keep an eye on me, and guide me all along. now that he is no longer in college, i have come to realise just how much i miss him already! he could have been the funniest person.. but those in front are well, just more funnier than he is.. whats good about him, is all those one-liners he comes up with. and his ability to pass a comment on anyone or anything without hurting anyboy! just amazing..

number 4 on my list of funniest people is Suhas kaka. he is my dads first cousin. i dont think i have seen someone who is as funny as him and is of his age. everytime he comes and visits my place, the whole place is immediately trnasferred into a totally light mood! he will get everyone laughing! just the stories of him sometimes make me crack up. one of them is a classic... when in college, to scare my grandmother, he had put on a fake beard and had climbed up over the drainage pipe into our old vadaa! then when my grandmother told him to go to school, he would walk in the direction of the school, and instead of attending it, would roam all over the city and come home in the evening! some of the words like calling sisters "mhais" and aai as"mhatari" get latched very easily! man! he is an amazing person!

3rd on my list is Dhruve Shah. Not many people in india will know him. so for them, he was my classmate in UK. he was infact the funniest person in that school, by a mile. i still remember his famous vote of thanks, where he thanked his father for being a father figure to him! or that his introduction as someone capable of filling 32 grapes in his moth at a time! or the time when he touched a teachers feet just because he felt like! even funnier one was his wisecrack when the headmaster was telling us off for hiding a gazebo! he is really a rib-trickling person!

2nd on the list is my grandfather, Dr. Madhukar Govind Datar. he wasnt a medical doctor, but a Ph.D. unfortunately for me, he passed away when i was only in the 3rd standard. still, i vividly remember him. he used to pass comments on nearly everything. and the way he talked about opposition cricket players was just mindblowing! personally, i think whatever sarcasm i have in my, is a direct result of his efforts to make me understand humour from a very young age! i have recordings of him and me, with few of the funniest nversations a 6 year old and an 80 year old would ever have! god! i really wished he could have lived a little longer, and thus i would have been able to spend some quality time with a genius!

anyway, the top spot for the funniest people i met.. well, most of you who know me and my friends must have got it till now. it has to be none other that our very own Sanjeev Gadgil who deserves this spot! he is simple THE funniest person i have ever seen! i was fortunate enough to spend two years in his company in college. His wittiest moment i remember was when he slandered a certain "Priyanka Langde" on the day of the regaata.. man.. i have not seen anyone pick on any ONE person so badly! still, i was not able to stop laughing that whole day! evrything he does or says has a degree of comicness in it. i think hes taken a job on himself to cheer each and everyone of us! seriously, he is the funniest prson ive ever met! Keep joking and keep laughing man!!

(well, thats about it.. just to let you know. madhura"madb", akshay kale, and varun-khalun deshpande were also very close to making the list, but they fell short.. better luck next time all you idiots!)

just on a finishing note, what i really think, is that we need such amazing people! i dont know how dull my life would be without their instinctive and almost perfect comic sense! just unimaginable!


  1. Taali eka hatane vajat nahi. Tujhya mood swings na me kay karu? Fell short mhane. Nalayak.

  2. Man I am honored..!! Thank you..!! I think i had written a comment already. however its nowhere to be seen.. i guess maybe i didnt post the comment then..

  3. thanks for that 6th spot...hope to crack more after midsem...and in those 'shankarpal' lectures..!!