Monday, 19 October 2009

The way of life.

for those who dont know, which is almost all of you, Suhas Kaka, is my dads first cousin. He works in the Pune municipal corporation, health department. but, for me, he works towards improvement of the attitude and personalities of others. He is a practicing yogi(in my opinion), and a great counsellor. He is beyond imagination when it comes to philosophy, and yogic techniques such as energy transfer hypothesis and its use in reiki.

 Turning to the topic of Interest:

13/10/2009, about 1 am.
I had a really weird dream. In the dream, i was having a philosophical conversation with Suhas Kaka(I do that often, and I really venerate Suhas Kaka for the way he guides me). It was regarding a few problems that I have been having(wont disclose here).whenever I go through a lean period,he puts up a few questions in front of me, the answers for which i discuss in depth with him. This time aroung, the problem was a bit more serious, so probably i had such a dream. He asked 4 questions in my dream..

1)Who are you?
2)What is the purpose of your life?
3)How do you plan to attain that objective?
4)How do you plan to tackle the obstacles that come up in your path?

Four basic questions, at first thought. i thought four easy answers. i was totally wrong. its the hardest set of questions ive ever had!. its just way too difficult to answer these questions. Theres no concrete answers to such questions. Only abstract.. On waking up the next morning, i was still pondering about the questions. Finally after prolonged thinking, i did come to some answers, though i was still not satisfied with some.

13th morning:
Suhas Kaka had come to our place for lunch.
at about 12:00- "Chinya, ratri vicharlelya prashnanchi uttara milali ka?"

what was surprizing is that i hadnt met him the night before..nor i had called him up...I dont know how he knew what i had seen in my dream. But yea, he does that quite often, especially if he senses someone is in trouble...

I sincerely urge all of you, to think on these questions. i have. its enriched me as an individual. I know myself better.. im deliberately not posting my answers here. But do try and come up with your own answers. If possible, we could discuss..if you have any problems, mentally, emotionally, he can always guide you.. so feel free to contact me or him...

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