Friday, 4 December 2009

The over hyped Local Authors

Generally speaking, any semester for a non-nerd student is filled with bhankas. One hardly studies, only does timepass, and then time flies. But then come the pain in the arse- Exams. There are many syndromes that Exams are approaching. You start getting the feeling of..."Arre hi sem kiti patkan sampli!! apan kahich kela nahi!!"... You start writing journals and have submissions.. which you do last minute. You start staying awake for night after night on the pretex of studying, and end up doing everything but studies. You bring tomes from wherever you can, and actually read from refrence books. all with a view of making the concepts clear before the onset of the exams.

However, as the exam day draws nearer and nearer, we realise that there is no use of reading anything from the reference books. Anyway, the profs wont have their concepts clear!! what conceptual questions will they ask! So its time to get rid of the volumous piles of the Reference books like Proakis, Rashid, Ned Mohan etc etc.
But then what to study from? the solution- Simple... Local Author Books. Especially those by Katre. I dont think that there is one subject for electronics and telecommunication that Mr. Katre has not written on. It gives a brief outline of how processes happen, diagrams, blah blah blah. Basically, its the same thing written again and again. Its good to get shortcut marks. But in actuality, local author books are CRAP.

this end sem( i have finished 3 papers) till now, 2 papers were from local author!! i mean the standard of the questions answers reasoning and solution given in local author books is really pathtic. let me give an example. In power electronics, there was a solved example in Katres book. The solution was: since pulse width is less than 100 microseconds, DC data does not apply. Thats the most arbit statement i have ever read! what do u mean by dc data does not apply!! whats worse is that he failed to give a logical reasoning for why it doesnt apply, if it actually doesnt apply. Utter nonsense!

In my Digital Signal Processing paper, there was a question on filter design. we had to design a low pass filter whose digital cut off frequency was 1KHz(WTF!!) converting that to an analog domain is one of the step we carry out, using suitable transforms. on transforming, the analog cutoff frequency was coming oiut to be 0. So the obvious conclusion was that the filter could not be implemented. but to my horror, Mr. Local Author had not only done jugaad with the system response equations, but also managed to design a low pass filter with Zero cutoff frequency!!! that was the most astonishing solution i have ever seen.

For one, it has shaken my trust completely in Local Authors. They are rubbish. I am never going to use them again. Boycott Mr. Katre. The only thing he does is cheat you by violating copywright laws(By copying material from refernce books- most notably Rashid and Ned Mohan for Power Electronics- Striking similarities!!) and by giving you half proved, half wrong, half made up theory which holds no basis what so ever... trust me, if you refer local authors, your fundamentals are bound to be shaken!

That said, I never do study from local Authors- Except for power electronics!! and i never will...hail reference books!!

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