Friday, 22 January 2010

In the GRE mode

Now, that the latest semester is in full swing, there is hardly enugh time to breathe. Amidst new subjects like Coding Techniques, Electronic Measurements and Electromagnetic Waves, as well as an institute level elevctive of robotics offered by the mechanical department, its difficult to get a clear perspective of the layout of the semester ahead.

Already, its been 3 weeks since college started. And how quickly they have gone! Plus there is this niggling issue of mini project, worth 4 credits. We have come at a dead end just selecting a topic! All ideas seem to either be too hard to implement or either so simple, that even a 10th std student can get them done! Well, we are having continuous discussions on that front.

As far as other extra-curriculars go, this semester, i have totally withdrawn myself from the boat club, as i was totally against the way the selection for RS and GS were done. Plus i do not want to work for whiney idiots. Also, the selection of the BMC was arbit and illogical. Also, now that people like Sanjeev, Soman, Neelya, Bidya and Sharad are no longer present, there is no fun hanging out with the Boat club people. (that doesnt mean i am not attached to the BC- I was quite upset with the present committee when I saw that the front tip of the D'Souza CP was broken- Its a very good boat!).

But then, all the time I have left as I am not doing regatta is being utilised for studying for GRE. I have slowly, but surely restarted my efforts after a longish gap(dunno why i didnt give it last year!). Its actually so good to study something different!! Plus, we get to use a whole lot of new words, the meaning of which many people dont understand! Im hoping that I get well prepared for GRE. There is still time... but right now, its flying away like crazy, and there are still over 2000 words to be done!

Anyway, I am sure ill be having an awesome semester in front of me... Especially with the mini project and GRE in picture.

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