Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Life as it is..

Recently, I have been reading comments and hearing things that totally degrade the value of the word "Life". A good friend of mine,(I am ofcourse not naming her) was on the verge of giving up hers. Deep down, I knew that she wouldn't do it, but as a friend I felt that I should help her. In such situations all you can do is encourage. Today, I am happy that she doesnt say that she wants to end it. But while helping her through the phase, I myself got a very odd feeling- What exactly is it that we call life?

Can we call what we do everyday as life? Or do we just assume that the fact that we live is life? The possibilities for definition were endless. "In such circumstances introspection and a crystal clear thinking usually gives the best answers" was a staunch reply from Suhas Kaka, when I asked him about it. This meant that I had to find its solution on my own.I consider myself extremely fortunate that I have people like Suhas Kaka, or my parents, or for that matter, most of my closest relatives, who have inculcated this very belief that I should ponder over questions such as these, and if its beyond my scope then they are always there to guide.

I thought over it for a significant time, but I was unable to find the exact answer. Whatever I was thinking, was, for me unsatisfactory. One night, I was playing Raag Malkauns on my harmonium. It was very late- must be about 2:30 at night. While playing, I took this one "jagaa" which really touched my heart. I was sitting there with my eyes shut, the piece I had just played resonating in my mind, reinvigorating me,springing a new belief in me.Eureka! I had found my answer.

Life for me, from then on has been the ability to appreciate minute things which touch your heart. Life is that music which enthralls your soul. Life has now taken up a meaning which cannot be put into words. A meek attempt to do so, would be like saying "be swayed by the subtle things around you." (Words really fail me here). Its something you cannot tell, but only experience. There are a few floating moments here and there, which are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful moments we can experience, yet due to our negligence- or we can put it as overlooking them, we miss them. All it takes is the willingness to enjoy them and keeping yourself open to the surprises that they might spring.

It may be the joy of watching a baby(icluding those of animals) take its first steps. The joy of watching flowers of all possible colours lined up at the roadside while driving to college. The joy of seeing the sun display all its colours on a picturesque sunset on the way back home. Dreaming about the person you secretly adore/worship/idolize, and then suddenly wake up to find yourself with a smile on your face. Listening to music and ending up in tears. Trekking to a historically important place and feeling the passion. Reading a good book and getting touched by it. Or simply spending time with your friends doing a load of good for each other and then get that fleeting feeling of satisfaction- "Yes! we did it". Its a little thing that gives you a way.

Life is totally a different thing- rather my outlook towards it is completely different , now that I know what it really is. The more you look into it, the more you come to know its beauty, the more you know it, the more you appreciate it. The more you appreciate it, the more you know its value. Keep an account of that value and live every moment of this wonderful gift bestowed upon us by God, for it is beautiful, and is certainly not a b***h as a few people have put forth.

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