Saturday, 10 July 2010

An honest Confession

Just a couple of days ago, I was watching a speech delivered by Shri Swami Ramdev in a convention in the United States. I dont think that any single person has single-handedly done 1% of what Swami Ramdev has achieved over the past 8-10 years. I have a great reverence for this holy man. He has the vision to and the capacity to take India to the Glorious hights achieved before the intolerant regimes hailing from Central Asia, attacked, and ruled us.

In his speech, he was giving examples of how in the recent past, people of India have deteriorated culturally, mentally, and overall as the nation. It was a harsh, but true analysis of whats going on. 60 years after independence, are we really independent? The Brits have gone, but they have been replaced by an aristocratic party, and other political heads who care for how fat a paycheck they get, legally or illegaly without bothering about the citizens! its like going from bad to worse.

People, from a young age, should be inculcated with values which are pro-indian. you know, making us feel proud that we are Indians. That never happens. Instead, our upbringing is in a society, where, "I & Money" come before us and national pride. This is directly through watching, the TV soap operas on television. Most of them are utter nonsense. For one, a majority of them show the middle class indian girl either as an extremely fliratious, family-destroying vamps. 99 percent of our women are percieved in that way today. Its a shame, when they are essentially extremely pure at heart!Then there is a isuue of taking the mickey out of everything that supports national integration- starting from pro-terrorist movies made by scum like Koran Josher, to completely destroying what was Mile Sur Mera Tumhara(A unique symbol of national integration).

My dad had once told me that he had a friend who was from Bangladesh, when he was studying abroad. When everyone used to start criticiszing Bangladesh, this fellow used to visciously defend his country, and always, always used to highlight its positives- saying its largest producer of jute, etc etc. Ask any Indian, even living in India about his country, and all he says is that its rubbish. This attitude has to change. It is imperative that we put our respect for our MaatruBhumi in our foundations. You should, no doubt, have affection for your Karmabhoomi, but it is essential that Maatrubhoomi be awarded a place in our hearts and minds that it deserves.

Today, we see that people from my generation, are going for higher studies abroad. They complete their higher studies, and stay abroad. This approach totally vexes me. You grow up on the resources provided here in India. You complete your graduation from here, you extract all information you can from here, run away from the country, and use the knowledge you have gained here for the betterment of those people! Its a pathetic approach. Why should such a person not be called a traitor? Next year,even I will be going abroad for higher studies. But I will leave now, to one day come back and serve and work fo my country. You have to give something back.

Most people are blinded by the flash and false world of bollywood and its relatives. You will see hundreds and thousands of kids saying, I want to be SRK, I want to be  Ranbir, I want to be like X from film Y etc etc, while some even say they want to be like the gangsters from some movies! Not one, not a single one says, I want to try and walk the path shown by the Mahatma(even though I do not agree with him politically and may even think he was a bit whimsical, I admit he was a great man, who had the capacity to marshall people and fight for a genuinly good cause). No soul says he wants to mould his beliefs to those of Savarkar, Tilak, Chhatrapati Shivaji and other Indian power houses who have done us a lot of good.

Today, we celebrate various days such as Gandhi jayanti, Tilak Punyatithi, Shivjayanti, Savarkar Smarani, etc. Whats the use? Are we honouring them that way? These great thinkers, freedom fighters, hundreds of other people including scientists, physicists, industrialised, and many others who revolutionalised our country are confined to our text books, and in some cases, photo frames. Is this an honour. No. the real honour will be offered, when people start thinking on their ideologies, try to understand their vision, their sacrifices, learn what they did for the country, and accordingly mould their views in such a way, that Bharat is alaways a matter of pride.

Swami Ramdev has nailed the point in me. The process had started by reading the likes of Shivaji Maharaj, Savarkar, Tilak, and Vivekanand. I am greatful that these people have fuelled a sense of national pride in me, and I will strive to keep this flame kindling, and if its in my capacity, help spread it for the cause of Indian nationalism.


  1. it would be kiddish to say that crappy Bollywood movies and tv serials are the problems facing this country.they are not causes..they are the effects...they merely reflect the public's taste..after all,the producers produce such stuff only because the public supports their creations...the real problems are the politics and the apathy shown by citizens to do anything about it..citizens include you,me and thousands like us..problems like population,poverty can be managed if we have a good governance which we dont..even though middle class doesnt constitute the majority of this country,i think u'd agree that most of us families dont resort to corrupt values in their daily lives..those who do,do it out of compulsions..i.e.they wud bribe the police because police wudn't register a fir for a genuine again,problem is unless u r goin to be involved in politics for changing the society(like tilak,savarkar,shivaji maharaj did)no point in harping others for not following these great leaders' values.

    but i do agree with u when u say that that the idols today's children look upto are a far cry from the earlier times.

    point 2:It would be kinda hypocritical to say that its ok to go abroad for studies and not ok if you dont come back,,then why go abroad in the first place?y not study in indian institutes?we do have iits and other good institutes..n even if we dont,y wud u hesitate in compromising your education when u r not hesitating in coming back to india by sacrificing the lucre of the west..

    in summary,i'd say that u have raised valid points..but the reasoning u have used seems starkly personal..."I & money" attitude exists in the society..but is it right to blame tv for that?i think it'd be naive to do so..u can may be blame the voyeuristic spirit thats visible in us or many other things on tv..but not the point u have raised...dont most of our serials n movies cast rich industrialists in the villainous light?doesn't the vamp end up getting defeated?.while i agree that ppl like srk are trash,its not valid to use ur personal likes n dislikes as a basis in any reasoning.

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  3. let me substantiate my point 2 a bit..what if a person who chooses to stay back in the US ,does path breaking research work in NASA..n the technology developed there brings immense benefits to the world(including his motherland)..things like this happen..many of the advances in the medical technology have their roots in scientific inventions in other fields..
    n the same time,his patriotic counterpart has lived quite an ordinary life in india and as such has not really contributed much to his country''s ppl..what wud u say then?
    and im not even considering the people who stay for some time in the west n then come back and contribute to india thorugh their new outlook and skills and work values acquired in the west....wud u criticize them also? because for 10yrs they benefited American economy?wont u consider tht they are more contributing to india more today than they wud have if they hadnt had access to better work style for some period...?
    i mean who decided how much stay is okay enough and hoe much not...

    so it doesnt stand to reason to say that other people's dreams are any less righteous than yours...
    and i am not saying this defensively...if u ask my future plans,they r just bizarre n irrelevant to where i'd be staying.