Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Cleared Hai?!!

As many of you have already read, we have a school teacher teaching us one of the subjects this semester. God knows how he got assigned to teach final year people! He is a big pain in the butt! I'm not going to take any names here, but people from my class will definitely know who I am talking about.  His lectures are damn dull and boring. We don't understand any thing he teaches us. forget teach, we don't understand anything he says!
His speech is so riddled with inconsistencies and grammatical errors, that instead on concentrating on the content of the subject, we resort to a captious behaviour.

Here are a few examples of stupid, grammatically incorrect sentences a Professor uttered in a single lecture
(bracketed comments are my instantaneous thoughts)

1)"We are making a controversy between SECAM and NTSC"... should have been comparison.

2)"One movement we are giving for Dr, and second movement we are giving for Db." (what movement!)

3) "Two different types of signals are playing with each other in switching." (really?! what are they playing??)

4) "Switches must be sharpen one." (Give me a sharpner to sharpen them)

5) "Blocks mein kya hota hai,voh observe karna hai. clear hai?" (blocks are on paper. ghanta kahi observe karta yenare!)

6) "Concepting is very much clear." (Dude! what kind of participle is that!)

7)" Now a days no such a cable is available on mobile phones"( he means antenna)

8)" yeh carefully listen karo. yeh clear ho jayega to baki sab very much simple hai. "(are yaar... kay badbad kartoy ha!!)

9) "Our concept is very much clear" (ek tasat kiti de tech tech tech tech tecchhh vakya bolnares!)

10) "We are calling this as a dipole one" ( are jeev de!!)

11) "Whatever diameters of antenna, it is multiples of wavelength of frequency" (ha 12vi physics kiti markanni pass zala hota!)

12)" a. There should be ADRUPT change in dimension of antenna.
      b. there should be ADRUPT cut-off in material!" (ABRUPT he means to say! are deva!! ha prof kasa kaay zala! Lagech SMS to Rohini... Siranna Tare Zameen par madhla syndrome zalay... d cha b and bcha d.. which she gets at 6pm! stupid network)

13) "Law of EMI says to us that... " (Sumya, mukya... ha sandy kakade cha bhau ahe bahutek.)

14)"We are saying raadiations are created" (Well, we know that it cannot be created nor be destroyed!)

15)"The two ends are open and has no path for current." ( no idea what this means)

16) "A balloons of electromagnetic waves start forming. So basically we are creating a balloons of waves" (Aai shappat mala ved lagnare ata! Dhad hasta pan yet nahiye!)

17) "Voltage and current are in perfect controversy in exact radiation" (judging by the picture, he means out of phase by 90 degrees)

18) (While explaining mutual coupling) "When I am placing one conductor in destiny of other conductor, the get mutually coupling"( hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha!!! DESTINY!!! VICINITY mhanaychay ka hyala!! are kharach awarnyachi garaj ahe(to mukesh))

No wonder, I am attending very less lectures this year, and no wonder I cant concentrate on studies this year! It all turns into a joke at the end of it all.


  1. The biggest controversy (tragedy) is that we are destined to spend 5 hours a week in his destiny (vicinity) for the rest of the semester. Is there a poor soul out there who happens to have him for a Project guide?

    Chinya, a few more things to add:
    -> Kyaan (Cyan)
    -> MAGNETA!!! (Magenta)

    Can't imagine how you missed these!

  2. this is only from yesterdays lecture ajinkya!! if i start digging in lecs gone by, ill have to publish an encyclopedia!