Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Gandhali chi Gaadi!

It seems ive become quite a famous disappearing act! haven't written for a long time now.  Its surprising that how much less time you seem to have when you are enjoying your life the most! Just when college has started to get fun, there is a dawn of realization that there is only a month and half left of it now. Friends of 4 years will be going all over the world to realize their potentials and become the best at what they want to do. Its been an emotionally charged past few months, recollecting the best of the times spent with friends, and the worst moments fighting and arguing with the bestest of them. Yes we fought, yes we didn't talk, but the friendship stuck through these glitches and prevailed.

Its an overwhelming emotion to realize that an era, a formative period in your life is about to end. A lot of time these days, when I'm not upto my usual pranks and not working, goes in remembering all the good times Ive had in college, along with my friends exclusively from B.Tech. I wont share any moments here Ive had with the closest of them all- theyll take take up gigabytes of memory, but the a few which stand out as classic pranks.

I have to say that the first prank I ever played on anyone in college was on Gandhali. I suffered for it, I incurred the wrath of Gandhali, but since it was the first, I had to mention it! Long back, nearly 3 and a half years ago, when we were in our first year, extremely naive, and carefree, we used to hang out in a large group to have discussion on how our "group" of about 15-20 odd people will enter into various robotics events. We actually made 2-3 manual robots for it as well! on one such evening, a meeting of similar nature was being held in the college itself. Gandhali, one of the brighter students amongst us had parked her Dio in front of the college store. Just to have some fun we decided to hide it somewhere and act as if nothing had happened.

Being the kind of idiots that we are, me and Madhura started dragging the vehicle to a corner only to realize after a few 100 feet, that Gandhali had left her keys on the bike itself!(Which was pointed out by Pranav) Animesh came running to our aid and join the list of eternal pranksters. Tick, the lock unlocked, kheeeeee the button was pressed, dio started, vroom.. off we went! right behind on the other side of the campus to metallurgy department, and hid gandhalis bike behind there. Locked and secured it, and came back.

By the time we were back, Gandhali had not realised what had happened. Only when we decided to leave, and she started searching for her keys, did she realize her bike was missing! Anyway, we did not trouble her much afterwards. She was already so upset and angry that she could have obliterated anyone in her path by just staring at them! (MadB can contribute much to this image of Gandhalis.!) So after about 10-15 minutes, we got her bike back to cool her down and escape a potential punishment with just a few swear words directed at us.

That was probably the 1st and the last time ive seen the rudra roop of Gandhali. Never ever I have seen her getting this angry. She forgave us for ours sins at the end of the day, which is all important, and did not let the incident skewer the friendship we had forged. Today, looking back, it was a stupid thing to do probably. But none the less, it provides us with an unforgettable memory of our exceptional start to a series of pranks in college that have continued till now!

(Gandhali, im sorry ive mentioned you directly in this post, but you know, tula include kelyani vegla bharitla effect yeto! so me adhich sorry mhantoy parat chidlis tar! ;))

me and gandhali last week, although i wanted a pic with her bike as well! ah well, one pic for later!


  1. Chinya how the hell could you forget that I was there?! that it was the two of us who actually schemed to play this prank and Animesh came only to help when both of us couldn't drag that bike by ourselves!! Tu jeev de chinya!!

    And keys hotya he khup nantar kalla, when she realised ki her bike was missing and she'd left keys on them. Actually Pranav mentioned ki he had seen keys dangling from a Dio. And we felt like douchebags considering we spent time dragging the bike when we could have easily driven it away.

    I demand that this post be edited and I am given due credit!

  2. ahh!!! yes! how could i have not thought of that now! im making the changes! ;)

  3. haha, what fun reading about another gandhali!! :) :)