Thursday, 17 March 2011

My cup of Tea!

I am a self confessed big Coffee addict, so this title may seem to be a tad bit confusing. But, recently, along with coffee, I've started drinking a lot- and I mean a LOT of tea, thanks to my mother, who herself is a big tea addict. Now a days mornings start with an early tea followed by 2 cups of coffee before leaving for college or project, an afternoon "cutting" chai, a late afternoon tea when I get back home, another cup of coffee if I go out somewhere, a cup of tea at about 6.30 when my dad comes home, and another cup of coffee after dinner! phew! addicted to beverages is the only correct observation!

Today, a couple of minutes ago, I brewed an awesome cup of tea for myself. The flavour has turned out to be so amazing, that its compelled me to write a post on how I made it! So, here is one for all tea addicts.

The tea in question was Kolukkumalai tea, freshly ground and packed at the Kolukkumalai tea estate in Kerala(which I visited back in december, and from where I got 3 big boxes of chaha patti. Its a really interesting process- the way they make tea powder. worth visiting.). Anyway, the flavour of that tea is just awesome. Must have it everyone.

Ok, so here is the quick guide:

1) Keep 3/4th of a large cup of water for boiling. 
2)Add 2 and a half tablespoons of sugar to it
3) 1 teaspoon of Kolukkumalai tea.
4) start boiling.
5) Add half a leaf of gavti chaha freshly plucked from the back garden
5)boil for a minute or so, and afterwards add a small piece of ginger.
6)Add 1/4th cup of milk and keep boiling till tea becomes slightly red(or as people say, "strong")
7)Gaal your tea through a galna, and its ready to drink!
8) Drink with relish- its better than tapri varcha chaha, which is the next best thing!

trust me, the subtle flavours of gavti chaha, Kolukkumalai chaha and ginger are driving me crazy right now! On top of it, the immense satisfaction of brewing a hot steaming awesome cup of tea just for yourself is amazing! One for me then!
Me reading the post leading to Klukkamalai tea estate!(Photo by Sandeep Ranade)

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