Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Awesome feelings..

There are moments in life when you simply feel AWESOME. This is not Barney-esque awesome, just plain natural, aligned with nature awesome feeling. The awesome feeling of feeling awesome is really awesome! Before I get stuck into this infinite loop of awesomeness, ill drift over to the crux of the post- Some of the awesome-est moments that you may experience. Ill be writing in reverse order starting from number 10 through to number 1.

10) Drinking Punyacha paani. Be out for a week or two, and when you go home, Punyacha pani tastes like nectar. I haven't tasted water which is naturally as sweet as Pune water. Its something that I really miss here in Mumbai.A sip is sufficient to gush down awesomeness down your throat. Ahh.. the sweetness..

9) Visiting green hills of the Sahyadri. The views are awesome. The topography is awesome. The climbs are awesome. The greenery is awesome. Overall an awesome feeling of awesomeness vividly coloured in the cooler shades glitter in you eyes.

8)Going to a movie and passing comments. Trust me, this is one of the best ways to de-stress oneself. Watching movies and not commenting on the actresses is a foul. You must say something!You do not have to complement them at all. All you need to do is make snide comments about how weird or dumb or a bimboish they are. Comment on pathetic direction, comment on everything, comment on Himesh. That is what Hindi movies are made for. to comment(A few of my Mumbai friends have recently discovered this habit of mine, when I was picking on Katrina Kaif of all the people!) Its an awesome feeling to pass comments and making actors and directors look needlessly stupid(only those who deserve it though)

7) Dancing in the first rains.India in summers is parched. dry as hell. Hot, sweltering. and then the magic happens. The first rains- heavy rains arrive- in late may- the pre-monsoons. They fall with such ferocity that the whole landscape is changed within hours. The joy is unparalleled. Somehow it brings out the child in you, and even though knowing that such a move will cause sardi, you step out to dance in the showers. Thats one hell of a feeling of awesomeness.. Electricity network breakdowns add spice to it, and the feeling of awesomeness on a chilly rain wrecked evening with darkness around you is just amazing.

6)Eating stuff bursting with cheese: Come to think of it, Cheese is a weak point. We love cheese. having straps/strings or cubes or be it on pizzas, nachos, pastas or anything. cheese is cheese. The awesomeness when you see a melting pot of cheese when you order a Fondue. Oh goshh! cheesy delight indeed! cheese is cheese and it brings with it a highly enriched awesomeness.

5)Sitting in a calm, lonely silent place: I had this wonderful feeling on the beaches of Orissa. It was night-time, I was at some small temple by the beach at some obscure location near Balasore. I had walked for about 5-6 km after dinner, seeking quiet. The feeling I got in that temple was beyond words. Indescribable. I have never quite had such calmness of mind ever. Sitting alone at some obscure location without disturbance, and listening to the sounds of nature is indeed an awesome feeling.

4) Getting a hint that you like someone: Some people when they encounter this feeling go "Shit Happens". but the feeling is truly amazing. Its like.. "arre he kaay suru ahe! hotay kay mala!" and then everything goes boom! you cant keep your head still and calm. Its not love, thats one domain I wont venture into for now. Its just knowing that you like some one. Just LIKE. "Crush" ( I dont know why its called that) as they say. That feeling of restlessness, mental battles with yourself is just awesome!

3)Shadja chhedane- Playing the Sa. I dont know. somehow it feels like music has a base when you play the Sa. The feeling of foundation is laid. The feeling of support is created. Forget as someone who plays an instrument. Even as a Kaansen, when the tanpura is struck, and the first Shadja is heard, an instant calmness spreads throughout. Its a heavenly sound. It has that Awesome factor written all over it.

2) making people smile: Trust me, off all the good things we do, making other people smile, gives a different elevated level of satisfaction. Be it through your stupidity, pretending to be stupid, sending gifts which mean a lot, doing small things which touch others, actions which make other people smile in short, require no effort. Knowing the fact that I made a person smile draws a smile from me as well. Its one of the purest awesome feeling that one can get.

I am going to get kicked for my number one awesome moment. But trust me there are a lot of people who would agree with me. Till now, the feelings of awesomeness were external. The number one awesome feeling, perhaps the funniest is  an internal feeling that requires nothing or no one to induce. Only you can do it for yourself. Dont let your thoughts drift to topics off limits to the under aged. Its not what you are thinking dirty minds!.

Its my personal favorite awesome feeling, and its here for a reason..

1) Letting go of bodily liquids stored in your bladder: Imagine this.. Youve drunk loads of water. Your bursting to go to the loo, but theres none nearby. Somehow you have managed to put a lid on your bladder. Urgency at its best. You finally find a loo or a suitable tree, rush to it, and to put it colloquially- pee. Ahhhhhhhh... Nivval sukh! You can literally feel the hotness in you being taken out, replaced by cool, calm extraordinary feelings! Ahhhhhhhhhahahahaha!! there are no words to describe the feeling one gets after peeing. Its probably the awesomest of all awesome feelings, for it cannot be put in words. It just happens!

A moment of "Nivval Sukh"

I dont know what the reaction is going to be. But I wanted to write on this for a long time. It feels awesome! :)


  1. Mastach!! All of them are true.. including first :)

  2. Agree completely with #8 and #1,

  3. #8,6,5 and 2 - agreed!

    Crush?? Ata kon ahe navin? :D

  4. koni nahi aga... previous experiences.. which has made me wiser... :P

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  6. agree with awesome feeling #8....and the best way to enjoy this feeling is Alka or Vijay Theatre :) kon vichartay E-Square and Inox la