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तोफे आधी न मरे बाजी सांगा मृत्युला!

The story of Leonidis, King of Sparta making a desperate stand with 300 men at the Battle of Thermopylae has gone down in Western folklore. Leonidis is a celebrated hero in the West. Well, guess what, we Indian have a similar hero in the form of Baji Prabhu Deshpande who made a similar stand at Gajapur chi Khind (Pass of Gajapur) near the foothill of Vishalgad- and infact, I rate his feat far greater and superior than that of Leonidis.
Statue of Bajiprabhu- The warrior who made Death wait 

History taught to school children today is devoid of qualities such as vigour, bravery, sacrifice, fight and strategy. The governing officers often forget that Histrory is an exceptional tool to instill in young minds the very concept of patriotism and nationalism. History is more than a chronology and timeline. It is a mixture of intrigue, politics of the time, geography, terrain study, diplomacy and strategy. However in textbooks it is diluted to such an extent that people take it for granted, without understanding the implications certain events had long term. Children read history as story, and have no clue how the event unfolded since it is devoid of context from a geography point of view. No supporting maps. I am making an attempt to trace through Google earth both the topography and geography of the events I am coviering to aid understanding history. Hope this attempt succeeds.

Shivaji Maharaj had laid the foundation of Hindavi Swarajya and had fought off a major demon in form of Afzhalkhan. Following Afzhalkhans "vadh" - (there is no equivalent word for it in English- a major shortcoming of the language.) Hindavi Swarjya increased fourfold, and Shivaji Maharaj captured region as far as Kolhapur and Panhala. The details of this counter offensive have already been covered in my earlier blog.(click here to read). It was expected that Adilshah would retaliate- and he did. He sent Rustume Zaman along with Fazhalkhan, and in a brilliant military maneuver, Shivaji Maharaj routed this 10000 strong force near Kolhapur.

The death of Afzhalkhan and now this defeat at Kolhapur were hammer blows to the Adilshah. He then got hold of Siddi Johar- the Jewel to tackle Shivaji. Johar, as his name suggests was a jewel when it came to warcraft. He marched with a 50000 strong army against Shivaji Maharaj. Shivaji Maharaj, in order to keep this large marauding force away the heart of Swarajya decided to fight from Panhala. The battleground was readied, and as expected, Siddi marched to Panhala and besieged the fort. Panhala is no ordinary fort. It is huge, and its Ghera is almost 5 miles. But the Siddi a war veteran himself completely besieged the fort. There was no way in, there was no way out. Strict discipline was followed. Kavindra Paramanand in Shivabharat says that the siege was so tight, that an ant wouldnt be able to enter, forget a man.

The siege which started in April went on all the way till August, when Shaistakhan- the Mughal general attacked the northern boundry of Swarajya. Shivaji Maharaj now had to get out of Panhala. Scouts and spies were sent to find a suitable path, and guess what, a way out was found! Immediately, Shivaji Maharaj sent his Vakil - lawyer to Siddi saying he is ready to surrender and will come and meet Siddi the following morning. That was enough for a sense of relief to spread through the camp. The siege slackened only for one night just for a few hours, but that was enough for Maharaj to escape.

On Gurupaurnima night, Shivaji Maharaj along with 600 Bandal Mavalas escaped from Panhala. A decoy Shivaji- Shiva Nhavi was sent to a different route. The siege was bypassed and the Marathas literally ran for their lives. However, Siddi got to know of this and immediately dispatched 15000 cavalry after this band of 600. Instead they came across the decoy Shivaji, who was taken to the camp with much joy. Only later, when people who had actually seen Shivaji saw Shiva Nhavi did they realize that he was a look alike. Shiva was immediately murdered and attained martyrdom for the sake of Swarajya. Countless such lion hearts have sacrificed themselves in this game lasting 200 years- for the greater good.

In the meantime, Shivaji Maharaj had covered considerable distance towards Vishalgad, a fort 46 km on foot from Panhala. The troops had been running for more than 8 hours. They had to cross difficult terrain, streams, brroks, and to make matters worse, the whole area was thickly forested, and it was raining buckets. It was when they had reached the pass of Gajapur, known as Gajapur chi Khinda or  Ghodkhinda that the Adilshahi troops reached within shouting distance. A new strategy was rehashed wherein Shivaji Maharaj with 300 men will go to Vishalgad, and Bajiprabhu with 300 men would defend the Gajapur chi Khinda. However, unknown to them, Vishalgad had also been besieged.

Baji and his 300 stayed back in the narrow Gajapur Khinda- so narrow it was that barely 4 people could go through it at one time(see photo below)- Similar to what you see in the movie 300. These 300 made a desperate and valiant stand against an overwhelming enemy who numbered 15000, not for a couple of hours, but 10 hours. Bajiprabhu had swords in both hands and was fighting with such ferocity that anybody who was getting into his reach was being slaughtered. Enemy were hurling distance weapons- spears and arrows at Bajis direction. Bajis description from the battle is gruesome. It says that he had so many wounds, on his forehead, head arms, and legs, that there was no space for any more wounds! And despite this, he was fighting with the same ferocity. Only Shiv Shankar knows how these people got so much strength!

History says, that the enemy got a gunman, put him up on a wooden platform and was ordered to shoot at Baji. He asked who is Baji Prabhu, to which the reply was - the person who is most covered in red- shoot him. Thats the description in history. A bullet was fired at Baji, and it struck him in the chest. He fell, was taken away, but was reluctant to die! It is said that he uttered the words,  "Tell Death- that Baji wont die till he hears canon fire from Vishalgad!" (5 shots of cannon fire was a preplanned signal that Maharaj had reached Vishalgad.). People  wont believe it, but Bajiprabhu fought for four hours after he had been struck by the bullet!

Shivaji Maharaj before going to Vishalgad had to break through the siege laid by Suryarao Surve and Jaswantrao Dalvi. He and his 300 hammered their way in, reached the fort, ordered the Killedar to go below and destroy the siege, and in the meantime fired the 5 shots of cannon as planned. Bajiprabhu heard the fire, and died with a smile on his face. His body was cut to pieces by the onrushing cavalry. When the battle ended, the intact dead body of Baji was never found. Only parts were found. His fists were clutching to his dandpatta even then! What to say of such warriors? I dont have any authority to say anything about this! Instead I shall request Swatantryaveer Savarkar and Charudatta Aphale Buwa to tell you the whole story. Savarkar in his Powada- Ballad of the Brave, and Aphale Buwa in his Keertan. Both I'll give at the end of the post. Both are in Marathi, and non Marathi readers and listeners will have to do with it, for it is sacrosanct as it is.

What is worth noting is that 300 soldiers along with the geography of the pass held at bay an enemy fifty times its own size for more than 12 hours- without eating, drinking, while the enemy had the luxury of doing that, along with fighting in shifts! There was absolutely no rest for these people. On top of it all, the battle was fought after the Marathas had run more than 40 kilometers under 6 hours in complete darkness. Panhala is 2700 feet high, Vishalgad is 3600 feet. One can assume the energy needed to get down from Panhala and climb Vishalgad, and run a distance of 46 kilometers in between! This battle was epic as it combines the Battle of Thermopylae and the run of Marathon over an extremely difficult terrain and the risk of flash flooding of streams which had swelled due to the excessive rain on that night. Shivaji Maharaj usually played strategic games with his opponents and surprized them with brilliant maneuvers and diplomacy. These took a back seat and were replaced by a desperate defense of a very narrow pass. The Marathas fought for each and every inch of this pass. More than 250 died- but killed 5000 of the enemy- 20 enemy killed per Maratha! Diplomacy played its part in form of the initial letter of surrender which led to slackening of the siege and opening up a possible escape route, but what followed was true heroism and bravery. Nothing in the whole world, for me, compares to the determination, bravery and resilience shown by the Marathas.

A possible route taken by Shivaji Maharaj and Bajiprabhu- taken from a page of Trekshitiz, and an attempt to trace the route on Google Earth, followed by some photographs of Gajapurchi Khinda eventually renamed as Pavan Khinda- or Holy pass, and lastly the powada by Veer Savarkar on this chapter, and links to Keertan by Aphale Buwa.

Panhalgad and Vishalgad are huge forts, and is one of the reasons why Maharaj decided to base his defense against the Siddi. Panhala is a massive fort and is so strong that it can defend itself for many months. Vishalgad is a tactically important fort as it is in very difficult terrain and cannot be besieged from all sides. It sits as a balance between Kokan and Desh, and has multiple escape routes into Kokan, but is not as large as Panhala, which may be possible reasons for Shivaji Maharaj selecting Panhalgad as his prime defensive position with Vishalgad having a supporting role. The outcome of this escape was great in political terms. Adilshahi was virtually stripped of its vigor. It never made any significant inroads against Shivaji Maharaj thereafter. The ever suspecting Adilshah declared that Siddi had taken money and let Shivaji escape, which led to Siddi packing his bags from Maharashtra and going back to Karnool. Ultimately, over there, he was forced into depression, and finally poisoned by Adilshah. The politics of Deccan was changed forever. More on that sometime later on.

Powada by Savarkar:

Aphale Buwa Sings


बाजीप्रभू देशपांडे पोवाडा

चौक १

जयोऽस्तु ते श्रीमहन्‌मंगले शिवास्पदे शुभदे ।
स्वतंत्रते भगवति त्वामहम् यशोयुतां वंदे ॥१॥
स्वतंत्रते भगवती या तुम्ही प्रथम सभेमाजीं ।
आम्ही गातसों श्रीबाजीचा पोवाडा आजी ॥२॥
चितूरगडिंच्या बुरुजांनो त्या जोहारासह या । 
प्रतापसिंहा प्रथितविक्रमा या हो या समया ॥३॥ 
तानाजीच्या पराक्रमासह सिंहगडा येई । 
निगा रखो महाराज रायगड की दौलत आयी ॥४॥ 
जरिपटका तोलीत धनाजी संताजी या या । 
दिल्लीच्या तक्ताचीं छकलें उधळित भाऊ या ॥५॥ 
स्वतंत्रतेच्या रणांत मरुनी चिरंजीव झाले । 
या ते तुम्ही राष्ट्रवीरवर या हो या सारे ॥६॥ 

घनदाट सभा थाटली । गर्जना उठली ।
घोर त्या कालीं । जय छत्रपतींचा बोला ।
जय स्वतंत्रतेचा बोला । जय भवानी की जय बोला॥ 
तुम्ही मावळे बोला हर हर महादेव बोला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरी रिपूवरी घाला ॥१॥ 

चौक २

हर हर गर्जुनि वीर मावळे सर्व सज्ज असती ।
परंतु कोठें चुकले बाजी यांत कां न दिसती ॥१॥
हाय हाय तो म्लेंछासंगें घडित बसे साची ।
स्वदेशभूच्या पायासाठीं बेडी दास्याची ॥२॥
ऐकुनियां शिवहृदय हळहळे म्हणे दूत हो जा । 
बोधुनि वळवा वीर बाजि तो तुम्ही राष्ट्रकाजा ॥३॥ 

शिवदूत तेधवां जाती । बाजिला वदती ।
सोड रे कुमती । कां म्लेंच्छ कसाई भजसी ।
कां दास्य-नरकिं तूं पचसी । कां जिणें तुच्छ हें नेसी॥
स्वदेश नाहीं, स्वराज्य नाहीं, धिक या देहाला ।
चला घालुं स्वातत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥२॥ 

चौक ३

बाजीराया म्लेंछ सबळ हा दोष न काळाचा ।
ना देवाचा ना धर्माचा किंवा नशिबाचा ॥१॥
देशद्रोही चांडाळांचा भरला बाजार ।
गुलमगिरी जे देती त्यांसी निष्ठा विकणार ॥२॥
तुम्हीच ना स्वातंत्र्य चिरियलें या पोटासाठीं । 
तुम्हीच ना रे भूमातेच्या नख दिधलें कंठीं ॥३॥ 

हो सावध बाजीराया । दास्यिं कां काया ।
झिजविशी वाया । तुज भगवान्‌ श्री शिवराजा ।
स्वातंत्र्य प्राप्तिच्या काजा । बोलावी तिकडे जा जा ॥
देशभक्तिची सुधा पिउनि घे प्रायश्चित्ताला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥३॥ 

चौक ४

शिवदूताचे बोल ऐकुनि बाजी मनिं वदला ।
काळसर्प मीं कसा उराशी मित्र म्हणुनि धरिला ॥१॥
घरांत शिरला चोर तया मी मानियला राजा ।
बंड बोलिलों शिवरायाच्या परमपूज्य काजा ॥२॥
माता माझी कष्टविली, मीं राजनिष्ठ त्यासी ।
या पाप्यानें युद्ध मांडिलें देशरक्षकांशीं ॥३॥

जा सांगा शिवभूपाला । अशा अधमाला ।
राजनिष्ठाला । त्वां आधीं शतधा चिरणें ।
तुज करवीं घडतां मरणें । पावेन शुद्धि मग मानें॥
तुझ्या करींच्या तरवारीच्या घेइन जन्माला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥४॥ 

चौक ५

देशभूमिच्या कसायासि कां इमान मी दाऊ ।
भाकरि देतो म्हणुनि तयाच्या चाकरीस राहूं ॥१॥
कवणाची भाकरी बंधु हो चाकरि कवणाची ।
भाकर दे भूमाता चाकरि तिच्या घातकांची ॥२॥
राज्य हिसकलें देश जिंकला त्या पर अधमाशीं । 
राजनिष्ठ मी राहुनि कवण्या साधित नरकासी ॥३॥ 

ही गुलामगिरिची गीता । राजनिष्ठता ।
ह्यापुढें आतां । मद्देशचि माझा राजा ।
तो प्राण देव तो माझा । मी शरण शिवा सांग जा॥
राख उडाली प्रदीप्त बाजी वैश्वानल ठेला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥५॥ 

चौक ६

लोट धुळीचा सुटला अवचित दीन शब्द उठला ।
लगट करुनि शिद्दिनें पन्हाळा वेढुनि धरिला ॥१॥
लक्ष्मीचे मृदु कमल शारदा सुंदरिचा वीणा ।
स्वतंत्रतेचा कलिजा अडके गडांत शिवराणा ॥२॥
अफझल्याच्या वधा स्मरोनी फाजल सुत त्याचा ।
करितो पण कीं शिवभूपाला जिवंत धरण्याचा ॥३॥

बापासि तुझ्या जो खडे । चारि रोकडे ।
जाशि त्याकडे । जीवंत धरुं तरि साचा ।
जीवंत पवन धरण्याचा । अभ्यास आधिं कर याचा ।
खुशाल हरिणा मग तूं धावें धरण्या वणव्याला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥६॥ 

चौक ७

बाजि लागला शिवभूपाच्या थोडा कानाला ।
हातीं भाला एक मावळा गडाखालिं आला ॥१॥
शिद्दि पाहतां चुकुनि हात तरवारीला गेला ।
दाबुनि त्याला मुजरा केला धीट नीट वदला ॥२॥
शिवाजि राजा जिवंत येतो तुमच्या गोटाला । 
उद्यां सकाळीं करुं गड खालीं कळवी तुम्हांला ॥३॥ 

ऐकुनी शिद्दि बहु फुगला । रिपूजन भुलला ।
परस्पर वदला । अजि खान, खानखानाजी ।
हुए शिकस्त मराठे हैं जी । फिर लढना क्यौं कर आजी ।
चलो शराब उडायें ताजी । आप गाजि आप तो रणगाजी ।
 झिंगविला अरि सर्प फुंकुनी पुंगी गुंगविला । 
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥७॥ 

चौक ८

गुंगवोनि अरि सर्प शिवा गारोडि गडावरि तो ।
प्रहर रात्र उलटतां मराठी जादू मग करितो ॥१॥
कृष्णपक्षिच्या काळ्या काळ्या रात्रीं त्या दडल्या ।
गर्द झाडिला भिउनि चांदण्या बाहेरि न पडल्या ॥२॥
अशा तमीं किलकिलें दार का तटावरी झालें । 
बाजि निघाले श्री शिव आले आले शत भाले ॥३॥ 
भाला खांद्यावरी मराठा घोडयावरि स्वारी । 
भरतां घोडा थै थै नाचे तोंचि शीळ झाली ॥४॥ 

वीर हो टाच घोडयाला । बाण हा सुटला ।
हटविणें त्याला । रिपु तुडवित व्हा व्हा पार ।
चौक्यासि तुम्हा दावील । काजवा चोर कंदील ।
गेला गडतळ गेला सत्तर मैल भूप आला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥८॥ 

चौक ९

तुरी शिद्धिच्या हातीं देउनि सुटता शिवनृपती ।
अब्रह्मण्यम् कितिक भाबडीं भोळिं भटें वदतीं ॥१॥
अब्रह्मण्यम् यांत कायरे दोष कोणता तो ।
आला ठग ठगवाया उलटा भला ठगविला तो ॥२॥
साप विखारी देश जननिला ये घ्याया चावा ।
अवचित गांठुनि फसवुनि भुलवुनि असाच ठेचावा ॥३॥

ये यथा प्रपद्यंते माम् । भजाम्यहं तान् ।
तथैव; धीमान् । भारतीं कृष्ण वदला हें ।
अधमासि अधम या न्यायें । रक्षिलें राष्ट्र शिवरायें ।
राष्ट्ररक्षका सावध हो रिपु हुडकित तुज आला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥९॥ 

चौक १०

हात जोडितों पाया पडतों बाजि तुझ्या राया ।
गड अवघड विशाला तिथें तुम्ही जाणें या समया ॥१॥
राष्ट्रदेविचा हस्त कुशल तूं तरि लाखों भाले ।
अम्हासारिखे मिळतील; चिरतिल चरचर रिपु सारे ॥२॥
जाऊं काय मी बाजि मृत्युमुखिं ढकलुनि तुम्हाला ॥
कधीं शिवा जातिचा मराठा मृत्यूला भ्याला ॥३॥
चढा गड तुम्ही यशोदायिनी तोफ पांच करा । 
तोंवरि लढवूं गनीम अडवूं खिंड करुं निकरा ॥४॥ 

वसुदेव तूंचि शिवराया । कंस कपटा या ।
करुनियां वाया । स्वातंत्र्य कृष्ण चिन्मूर्ती ।
जा घेउनि अपुल्या हातीं । गड गोकुळांत नांदो ती ।
गडीं चालला शिव तो खिंडित दीन शब्द उठला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥१०॥ 

चौक ११

आले आले गनीम खिंडिंत चवताळुनि आले ।
झाले झाले सज्ज मराठे सरसावुनि भाले ॥१॥
संख्या दुप्पट रिपुची, परि ते निकरानें लढती ।
हर हर गर्जुनि समर रंगणीं तुटोनियां पडती ॥२॥
कड्गाचे खणखणाट त्या मधिं शर सणसण येती । 
मारण मराणावीण नेणती वीर रणीं रंगती ॥३॥ 

तो हर हर एकचि झाला । वदति रे चला ।
म्लेंछ हा हटला । चला चढवा नेटाचा हल्ला ।
वीरश्रीचा करा हल्ला । जोराचा चालु द्या हल्ला ।
मारित हाणित हटवित म्लेंछा खिंडिपार केला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपुवरी घाला ॥११॥

चौक १२

म्लेंछ हटवितां बाजी वळुनी गडाकडे पाहे ।
श्री शिव चाले मागे बघुनियां वीर गर्जताहे ॥१॥
गडांत जाईल राष्ट्रदेविचा जिवलग शिवराणा ।
तोंवरि लढवूं खिंड शूर हो हा अपुला बाणा ॥२॥
त्या वाण्याच्या आधिं रणांगणि जरी घडे मरणें । 
पुनर्जन्म घेउनी तत्क्षणीं पुनः पुनः लढणें ॥३॥

रघुराया रावणहरणा । कंसमर्दना ।
भो जनार्दना । लाडक्या देश जननीचे ।
स्वातंत्र्य रक्षणीं साचे । हे प्राण दान जरि अमुचे ।
पवित्र हे जरि त्वत्प्रिय हे जरि दे तरि सुयशाला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥१२॥ 

चौक १३

आले आले गनीम चालुनि पुनरपि तों आले ।
झाले मराठे सज्ज पुनरपी उठावले भाले ॥१॥
दीन दीन रण शब्दा हर हर महादेव भिडला ।
भिडला ओठीं दंत मस्तकीं खङग वक्षिं भाला ॥२॥
हल्ला चढवित परस्परावरि पुनः पुनः लढती ।
नटती योद्धे समरभजनीं वीररसा लुटिती ॥३॥

कचरला मराठी भाला । बाजि तों आला ।
तोलुनी धरिला । रणिं रंग पुन्हा ये साचा ।
गर्जती मराठे रिपुचा । घ्या सूड म्लेंच्छ मत्तांचा ।
उगवावा सूड देशाचा । आणि सूड स्वातंत्र्याचा ।
भोसका कटयारी बरच्या । करा माळा रिपुच्या आंतडयाच्या । 
लावा उटया त्यांच्या रक्ताच्या । त्याचा मस्तक चेंडू साचा । 
समररंगणीं चेंडूफळीचा डाव भरा आला । 
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥१३॥ 

चौक १४

डाव उलटला म्लेंच्छावरी तो पुन्हा परत हटला ।
जय झाला परि वीर मराठा बहुतांशी पडला ॥१॥
तिकडे गडिंच्या तोफा अजुनी पांच कां न सुटती ।
वीर मराठे सचिंत आशाबद्ध सर्व बघती ॥२॥
तशांत घेउनि ताजी टोळी फाजलखां येतो । 
धन्य बाजिची; पुन्हा उसळुनी अशनी सम पडतो ॥३॥ 
खिंड तोफ तिज मधुनी सुटला गोळा श्री बाजी । 
रणीं तळपतो वीरश्रीचा रणनवरा बाजी ॥४॥ 


तों गोळी सूं सूं आली । अहो त्या काळीं ।
मर्मिं ती घुसली । श्री बाजी विव्हळ पडला ।
मागुती कांहिंसा उठला । बेहोष वीर परि वदला ।
तोफे आधीं न मरे बाजी सांगा मृत्यूला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥१४॥ 

चौक १५

थांबा बाजी जखम तरि पुरी बांधूं द्या थांबा ।
हर हर रणिंचा ऐकुनि वीरा उसळुं नका थांबा ॥१॥
जखम कुठें रे असे फक्त मी तृषाक्रांत थोडा ।
रिपुरक्ताते पितों घटघटा सोडा मज सोडा ॥२॥
खरी जखम भू-आईस माझ्या, फोडी हंबरडा । 
ओढुनि अरिची अंतडी बांधुया पट्टि तिला सोडा ॥३॥ 
भले मराठे लढा तसेची आलो मी सोडा । 
प्रखर आपुली भूक शमविण्या रिपु नरडी फोडा ॥४॥ 

होईल तोफ शिवबाची । क्षणीं दो क्षणिंची ।
तोवरी साची खिंड लढवाची । फेडाया ऋण या भूचें । 
अजि उष्ण बिंदु रक्ताचे । द्या मुद्दल मोजुनि साचें । 
व्याज तिला स्वातंत्र्य देउनी फेडा कर्जाला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥१५॥ 

चौक १६

काय वाजलें ? बाजीराया बार न गडिं झाला ।
शिला कोसळे, पान सळसळे, पक्षी ओरडला ॥१॥
लढा तरी मग वीर चला हो रणांत घुसलों मी ।
रक्तें मढवूं लढवूं खिंडिची तसू तसू भूमी ॥२॥
शपथ तुम्हाला वृक्ष, पक्षि, जल, शिला तेज, वारे । 
मरतां आम्ही तोफेपूर्वी लढा तुम्ही सारे ॥३॥ 
देहबंध तो तुटला बाजीराय धरे पडला । 
वीरवराचा विव्हल आत्मा नयनाशीं भिडला ॥४॥ 

तों बार धडाधड झाले । प्राण परतले ।
हास्य मुख केलें । हा पहिला बार शिवाचा ।
हा दुसरा कर्तव्याचा । हा तिसरा भवानीचा |
हा चवथा महादेवाचा । 
बार पांचवा धडाडला हर बोला! जय झाला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्य संगरीं रिपूवरीं घाला ॥१६॥

चौक १७

दिव्य द्युतिचा चकचकाट आकाशीं कोंदटला ।
रथ श्रीमती स्वतंत्रतेचा भूवरती आला ॥१॥
ऊठ चितोडा ऊठ देविला उत्थापन द्याया ।
प्रतापसिंहा प्रथित विक्रमा उठि मंगल समया ॥२॥
भूमातेच्या तान्ह्या उठि कां वीतचिंत व्हाना ? । 
असे कुशल रांगण्यांत तुमचा जिवलग शिवराणा ॥३॥ 
स्वांतत्र्याचा पोवाडा हा ऐकाया आलां । 
उठा सर्व स्वातत्र्यवीरवर जयमंगल बोला ॥४॥ 


श्री स्वतंत्रता भगवती । बाजिला नेती ।
आपुल्या रथीं । गंधर्व तनन तैं करिती ।
दुंदुभी नभीं दुमदुमती । श्री बाजी स्वर्गा जाती ।
करी चराचर विश्व बाजिच्या जयजयकाराला ।
चला घालुं स्वांत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥१७॥ 

चौक १८

चला मराठे रणीं पहुडले जे आणिक सुर ते ।
पावन खिंडिंत बसून तीसह जाति नभः पंथें ॥१॥
श्री बाजीचें रक्त पेरिलें खिंडिंत त्या काळा ।
म्हणुन रायगडिं स्वातंत्र्याचा थोर वृक्ष झाला ॥२॥
अहो बंधु हो पूर्वज ऐसे स्वतंत्र रणगाजी । 
स्वतंत्र त्या पूर्वजां शोभतां वंशज कां आजी ॥३॥ 
विनवि विनायक यांतिल घ्यावें समजुनि अर्थाला । 
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥४॥
स्वदेश नाहीं स्वराज्य नाहीं धिक् या देहाला ।
चला घालुं स्वातंत्र्यसंगरीं रिपूवरी घाला ॥१५॥

Aphale Buwa Keertan on Bajiprabhu

Jai Shivray, Jai Maharashtra! Har har Mahadev!