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The 80 km Date- Mumbai Pune Mumbai- An (Over)Analysis

I wanted to write this post in Marathi, but then wrote it in English as I wanted non Marathi public to read it as well.(I get cursed by my university friends as most of them dont understand what Ive written in Marathi. So keepeing them in mind). One thing is for sure- This post will get translated into Marathi as soon as possible.

Mumbai- Pune- Mumbai, with Swapnil Joshi and Mukta Barve is one of my favourite movies. For starters, I can see myself very much in Swapnils shoes during the whole course of the movie- roaming in the city, "sutlela pot", excessive pride bordering to obsession on anything related to Pune, bickering and arguing with Mumbaikars if they call names to Pune, sporting a Bhikbali, being "padeek" on the streets playing cricket on weekends, and just the face that he is Sadashiv Pethi("Hrudaymardam" building is located in Chiman Baug, near Jog classes). There are so many things! On the other hand, Muktas character seems like a typical Mumbai girl- from Dadar, Dombivali, Parle East type areas.(Ive lived in Mumbai for 6 months which helped make certain assumptions looking at traits). Mukta has portrayed the character brilliantly! Mumbai Pune Mumbai, thus, connects immediately. Im not sure about a lot of people, but for people like me, this movie falls under the "cult hit" types. I have watched it nearly 50-60 times, and laughed at the same jokes again and again. Gunda and Andaz Apna Apna pale in front of this, as it is actually very sensible, and touches some very interesting topics in a unique fashion. Kudos to the director Satish Rajwade for that. However, a possible drawback of watching the movie so many times is probably over analysis, as im going to do below. I apologize for that- but the Punekar in me is stronger than the prekshak.Also since names for Swapnils and Muktas characters are not mentioned, Ill refer to these characters by the names of the actors only.

For single and ready to mingle type punekars, if you have a friend from Mumbai who you want to marry or patav, this story is a dream date. However, there are a few things which create certain doubts, which sharp Punekars (such as myself) easily spot. However, before pointing out the doubts or anomalies, I take this opportunity to whole heartedly congratulate the character played by Swapnil. He certainly knows how to take a lady for a ride, going all the way from Nu.Ma Vi Mulinchi Shala(Kanishtha vidyalay) all the way to Chandani Chowk CCD for a cup of coffee when there were atleast 5 CCDs/Baristas nearer than that (when the movie was shot). SP College, Nal Stop, Law College Road, JM Road. (But what really drives me crazy is that this fellow doesnt take her to Cafe Durga and calls himself a Punekar!) Anyway, then again, when he wants to go from City Pride Kothrud "ATM"(a masterstroke) to Sarasbaug, he travels all the way to Chandani Chowk, on to Pashan- NDA Road, JM road and from there Sarasbaug! Which sane person does that! (But seriously, hats off!)

Going by the initial few scenes- a little bit "fog" totally uncrowded Prabhat road, passers by chitchatting leisurely, it looks like a Sunday morning. Also a boy as old as Swapnil playing cricket on street adds substance to this argument that this is a Sunday Morning. Since Mukta has arrived by train, it can be assumed that she has arrived to Pune by Indrayani express, which is the 1st train from Mumbai to Pune. Indrayani reaches Pune at 9 am, and about 8.50 at Shivajinagar. Considering Mukta needs to go to Chimanbaug area, we assume that she gets down at Shivajinagar. 

For a person who knows the movie by heart, a quick analysis of the "Date" reveals that the total distance covered by Muktas character in Pune during the date is about 80 kms, out of which the first 6 km she covers on her own in a rickshaw. We are shown that she gets down from railway and asks directions- near Deccan Gymkhana ground, Lijjat Papad, then Kohinoor Mangal Karyalay chauk(approaches from Bhandarkar road side, and judging by the light and absolutely no traffic, it must be a sunday morning), then ends up in Lokmanya Nagar, outside the Jogging park.(My school was in the next Lane- SPM, so I know this area inside out). From there, she is told to go khalchya angala(left) and then varchya angala(right) which leads her to Hrudaymardam- from location, it looks Chimanbag, near Jog Classes(Behind Tilak Tea stall). This journey costs her about 50 Rs. (Ridiculously low amount for that sort of distance, considering she got down at Shivajinagar station). She does not meet "hrudaymardam" over there, so heads out to a PCO where she meets Swapnil and Chhotya. This PCO is located on the corner of the Lane next to Jogging Park Lane. From there, she goes back towards Chimanbaug in search of rikshaw and waits on the corner of Kashinath Vasudev Joglekar Path, where she meets Swapnil.
Total time spent in travelling+going into hrudaymardam+phone call at PCO+walk= 1hour 30 mins.
Time now- 10.20.

1st leg of Muktas journey in Pune- Rikshaw travel from Shivajinagar-Prabhat Road-Lokmanya Nagar-Chimanbag
A= Shivaji Nagar Station
B= Kohinoor Mangal Karyalay
E=Joglekar Path

Details of Lokmanya Nagar-Chimanbag area
The 2nd part involves the actual "date". Swapnil picks her up from Joglekar Path and goes all the way to CCD Chandani Chowk for coffee, which probably has the most pathetic service in Pune. All those who have watched the movie knows what happens there. It takes roughly 15 mins from reaching CCD Chandani Chowk from Joglekar Path, add to that another 30 mins for the coffee. Total time=45 mins.
Time now- 11.05

From here, the duo go to "City Pride Kothrud" ATM. Again it takes about 10 minutes to go from Chandani Chowk to Citypride, and they spend about 10 minutes over there arguing. Total time=20 Mins.
Time now- 11.25

Next the hero takes her to Sarasbaug, but instead of going the normal way, goes all the way via Chandani Chowk, Pashan-NDA road- Ganeshkhind Road- JM Road -Tilak Road(only plausible route for locations shown). Even on sunday morning this will take about 45 minutes, add to that another 30 mins spent in Sarasbaug. Total time=1 hour 15 Mins.
Time now- 12.40

From Sarasbaug, the go to Tulshibaug, and Mukta gets lost over there, Swapnil finds her, and they go from Babu Genu Chowk towards Shanipar. Here Mukta stops to make a call back home. So, total time spent here should be roughly 20 minutes, and add another 15 minutes for travel. Total time=35 minutes.
Time Now- 1.15.
Chalu Swapnil- Part 1... CCD- Tulshibag 
A= Joglekar Path
B= CCD Chandani Chowk
C=Citypride Kothrud
D= Sarasbag
E= Tulshibag

It is at this point that there is a serious flaw. Swapnil gets Bakarwadi and Amba barfi from Chitale which is located just opposite to where Mukta makes a phone call roughly at this time. But according to our calculations, the time is already past 1 at the earliest when Swapnil goes to the shop, and it is impossible that Chitale is open. This is a serious flaw!!!  I mean you can portray anything else according to what is convenient, but keeping Chitale Bandhu open for a whole 15 minutes  extra, even in a movie is outright criminal. Moreover, with the amount of travelling shown, and assuming our guess about Indrayani is wrong, it is impossible in any other combination that Swapnil could but those things from the Shop. Considering Mukta leaves to Mumbai by the evening Intercity or Indrayani(which is incorrect, since there is an explicit announcement for departure by Deccan Express, which leaves at 3.30), even then, they reach Chitale shop before 4.( Since they go to Sinhagad after that.) This is a serious glitch in the movie, and one that I am totally perplexed about. This simply cannot happen. There is no other Chitale Shop near the vicinity of Mandai, and whatever train you select, for arrival and departure, this simply does not fit the bill. All in all, "Swapnil cannot buy bakarwadi and Ambabarfi"
Chitale Bandhu on Bajirao Rd. Closed when Swapnil Reaches- considering any likely scenario
After the Chitale episode, the two head out to Sinhagad- which takes atleast 45 minutes to go to at the earliest, 45 minutes to come and say about half an hour on the top. This calculation is optimistic at its best, and Sundays being crowded at Khadakwasla, we add another 40 minutes to the schedule. At the end of Sinhagad, they go to Dagdusheth Halwai and spend about 10 minutes. Total time spent is 2 hours 40 minutes
Time now - 4.05. (oops there goes Deccan Express, and oops there goes Koyna Express).

Actually there are only a handful of central railway trains which sport a livery similar to what Muktas train has- Sinhagad, Pragati, Deccan Queen, Deccan Express, Panchavati Express(which doesnt come to Pune), Pune-Manmad Express, Intercity, Indrayani and Koyna. considering Deccan Express is explicitly mentioned in the movie, the next best options for the journey back to Mumbai are Koyna and Intercity, but according to Railway time table and the time scale of the movie, DE and Koyna can be ruled out, which leaves us only with Intercity as a plausible option. So lets assume now, Mukta leaves by Intercity, which is at 5.55 pm. That gives us a margin of just less than 2 hours
Railway Livery for Muktas Train sported by only a handful of trains.
From Dagdusheth, Swapnil takes Mukta to Wadeshwar for Coffee. Considering it takes 20 mins to go from Dagdusheth to Wadeshwar in afternoons in traffic by the route which Swapnil takes - via Z bridge, and a further 30 minutes to go from Wadeshwar to station via balgandharva- omkareshwar- station- kumbhar ves- juna bazaar route that Swapnil follows (from Logic- they are shown crossing the Balgandharwa bridge at this stage, and this is the shortest route), and the fact that they reach station 20 minutes before Muktas train back home, i.e at 5.35, it gives them about 20 minutes to spend in Wadeshwar for some food and coffee- which is possible, since service is quite efficient in Wadeshwar.
Chalu Swapnil-2- Dagdusheth-Wadeshwar-Station via Z bridge and Balgandharva respectively 
C= Station

(All Maps have been prepared according to sequences shown in the movie, and routes are the best possible routes/shortest/ most time saving routes, unless explicitly shown in the movie)

However few anomalies glaringly stand out, which Id like to point out..
1) Whatever the schedule, it is highly unlikely for Swapnil to get Bakarwadi and Amba Barfi from Chitale, as they arrive there when it is already past 1.
2) Another flaw is evident, as the railway station announcement is for Deccan Express, which should rather be Intercity express. Indrayani leaves at 6.35, by which time it is already dark outside usually, so Intercity is the last option that we have. Also- actual announcement is for Arrival at Pune which is totally wrong, but can be considered as departure by Deccan Exp.
3) As calculated, they enter Tulshibaug at about 12.30-1.  The tulshibag Ram Mandir where Mukta goes to see Bronze statues is closed at this time.
4) When Swapnil takes Mukta to sarasbaug, JM road is first shown and later on NDA-Pashan road is shown, which unnecessarily complicates distance calculations, and so, the order was reversed. Same case for a few other roads.
5) The calculations above are very optimistic estimations, considering a fast bike. Swapnil however is shown using an old model of Kinetic, which raises a few eyebrows. Kinetic has awesome pickup to meet the expected optimistic predictions within the city, and we are not questioning Swapnils "gadi bungawane". But that Kinetic looks highly unlikely to climb up Sinhagad, and there is now way that the Swapnil and Mukta climb Sinhagad from its Paytha and be back in such a short time.
6) There is absolutely no time spared for lunch! I doubt Swapnils character would skip a sunday lunch for anything! I wouldnt!!!
7) Id like to ask Swapnils character one particular question- "Bhau, Gadi average kay dete re??" ekdahi petrol na bharta 80 km+ gadi chalavliyes, Kinetic madhe tya diwasat pan jemtem 2-2.5 liter petrol bharta yaycha.
8)Also, in some shots, directions are incorrectly shown- on Pashan NDA road, Prabhat rd, etc. anyway, that can be overlooked though, and easily adjusted for as minor errors.
9) Another major glitch- when Swapnil says bye to Mukta on a platform, a train is shown pulling into  the platform with a WDM engine, but in the next shot, It is hauled by a WCAM engine of Kalyan shed. Also the livery of the train keeps on changing at the same moment! From Muktas angle, it looks like a CR Livery as shown above, but from Swapnils angle, it looks like a standard IR 2 colour Livery as shown below
IR Livery standard

These observations are just by observing train schedules and estimating the time spent in the all the rides that they did. A look at clocks and other things will complicate the analysis even further.

 But what can be concluded is that
1) the date is almost 80 KM in length, spread out over 9 hours. 
2) Mukta arrives in Pune by Indrayani Express, as it is the earliest to reach Pune- 9 am.
3) Intercity and Indrayani both halt at Dadar and Thane on Mumbai side. Assuming that Mukta arrives by the Morning Indrayani, 3 likely places of her residence in Mumbai can be pinointed- Parle East, Dadar (Shivaji Park) or Dombivali. This list has been kept to these three locations based on the type of language spoken, and proximity of these places to Dadar or Thane, since Indrayani leaves Mumbai at a very awkward time. (5.55 am)
4) Swapnil is a complete rockstar and a cunning, and opportunistic Punekar, not to mention complete Sadashiv Pethi. (Bhikbali, sutleli dheri, Chimanbagetla ghar)
5) All Punekars hoping to woo girls from Mumbai can actually implement this. It could actually work!
6) Whatever said and done, this remains my favourite Marathi movie.

To all fans of the movie, Im sorry i dissected it so much, but I couldnt help. I am a big fan of the movie myself, but the fact that Chitale is open after 1 more than anything else compelled me to write this. The first time I saw the movie, me and Sumedh took our hats off to Sir Swapnil Joshis character for the way he behaves, but at the same time were cursing him for being chaloo. The more I saw this movie, the more apparent these things(glitches) became, till a point that I had to write it down. Artistic expression, flexibility all appreciated, but still, Swapnil should not be able to buy bakarwadi, no matter what. Chitale is not open from 1-4 in the afternoon. Indraneel Chitale will support this for sure! 


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  5. Kudos for the time taken out to do the analysis.. you should certainly have plenty.. ;)

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    One really connects with the movie even if Only 1 year resident of Lokmanya Nagar Joggers Park, Played cricket at the same place where Swapnil plays. But no Mumbai Girl ever asked about any address ;)

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