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The Puneri Lingo- III

Ok people. The third installment of Puneri Lingo is out. As a recap, Id like to tell you that our very own Zampya broke up with his ex girlfriend in Puneri Lingo 2, and managed to some how end up with a khavatt girl called Fergusson vaali. His friend Punekar tries to get zampya out of the way, realizes his mistake and steps out. Fergusson vaali now plays a significant part in our following discussion. Most of the discussions in this part are about Zampya but between his friends Punekar 1 and Punekar 2. Punekar1 is trying to get fergusson vaali to set him up with a friend of hers, called as cummins vaali. From all these facts ,you can try to find out what colleges each of our characters are in! More about them will be revealed in the next installments of this article! A new trend has been adopted as per the advice of few people, who told to include the Devnagri version of the word, so as to help with pronunciation. 

On a serious note, the 1st part of this article has been thoroughly plagiarized and now has been circulated as a Whatsapp message. I have serious issues against the individuals who do this without taking my permissions. You are free to use the words as and when you want. I do not own them, but if you want to glorify yourself and hog the limelight by stealing and passing off Zampya, Fergusson vaali, Punekar 1 and Punekar 2 and now cummins vaali as your own creations, then all I can say is that it shows the total lack of creativity you possess. As I say time and again, You can Share what Ive written over here, by sharing the link to the blog itself. Do not try to pass off any of my articles as your creations. Consequences will be severe, and may range from social networking bahishkar or spamming your inbox/walls with apamaan to legal notice. 
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Ok, enough serious stuff, ( I feel very bitter that my creations get passed around without my name being mentioned anywhere.) let’s get back to the point.  
For a quick recap of the previous 2 posts:

Now starts Puneri Lingo Part 3. New words, new kissas, the Zampya story continues!

1.       Baasach (बाsssसंच): literally means Stop. Here we use it with extended emphasis on the Ba as Baaaasach and use it to signify “enough is enough”
Punekar 1: Arre Zampya ani Fergusson vaali cha bhandan zala asa me aikla. Khara asel tar chance marnare me!
Punekar 2: Baaaasach!! Ugach afwaa pasravu nakos, ani te khara asel tari pan Baaasach! Karan pahila number maza ahe.

2.       Bekkar (बेक्काssर) is used to describe various emotions, but is usually used as an exaggeration.
Punekar 1: Are zampya ani fergusson vaali chi khabar khoti ahe re. Chaila. Bekkar premat ahet re te ekmekanchya.

3.       Chaddit Raha (चड्डीत राहा) means stay within your limits. Usually used when someone is trying to argue with another person over a trivial issue.
Punekar 2: Tula sangat hoto na me! Ugach challan goshtinvar vishwas thevatos ani mhane me line marnar fergusson vaali var. chaddit rahila shik jara!

4.       Khatri (खत्री): Dangerous/Awesome/Thrilling. Again a versatile word and can be used in a variety of ways.
Punekar 1: Aare kaal me fergusson college road var bike hanat hoto re. Zampya ani Fergusson vaali Karizmavar firat hote, Khatri overtake marun gele rao mala.

5.       Chaalni madhe paani bharun jeev de(चाळणीमध्ये पाणी भरून जीव दे!) literally means fill water in a sieve and drown in it. Used to show contempt to other person if he is boring you to death.
Punekar 1: Are, Zampya ani fergusson vaali la porga zala tar tyacha naav zampfergyasson asel ka re?
Pukar 2: Faar bor marayla laglays, chaalnit paani bharun jeev de re tu tyat.. Laggech!!

6.       Vaishupavale (वैशुपावले): A new word to describe people who have a craze of going regularly to the Hotel Vaishali.
Punekar 1: Kahi mhan re, Zampya Fergusson vaali barobar firayla laglyapasun faar badalalay. Punekar 2: Kharay re tuza. Taprivarcha raja hota, ata vaishupavale zalay.

7.       Kaju hone (काजू होणे): Well only boys can use this word. It means shriveling in cold.
Punekar 1: Zampya are tuzi Sinhagadchi bike trip kasha zali re?
Zampya: Arre kaay sangu tula! Bekkar thandi hoti, Kaju zala hota maza.

8.       Tarabalam chandrabalam hone  (ताराबलम् चंद्रबलम् होणे): Get married. More likely have a proper wedding.
Punekar 1: Are Zampya, kay re tu ani fergusson vaali fakta gaavbhar bhatkat basnar ka? Akkhya gavala kalalay ata tumchyabaddal! Tarabalam-chandrabalam kadhi kartay?
Zampya: College sampu de re adhi!!!

9.       Hagodya (हागोड्या) An idiot. One who fails at everything he does.
Punekar 1: Zampya jinklay rao ayushyat, fergusson vaali kasha kay patavli tyane! apan kadhi asa lucky honar re?
Punekar 2: Maza mahiti nahi, pan tu kahi itkyat hot nahis. Ek number cha hagoda ahes.

10.   Budhwaratla maal (बुधवारातला माल) A cheap skank, or someone who is indecent and overexposes. Named after the famous area in Budhwar Peth
Punekar 1: Are parva tekdivar zampya chi ex-girlfriend disali. Adhi bari hoti ti, pan ata chaila bhudhwaratla maal zaliye.

11.   Dhanyawaad asane (धन्यवाद असणे): Something(especially onstage performance) which is exceedingly bad.
Punekar 1: Edya Zampya ani fergusson vaali cha so called live onstage programme pahilas ka parvacha?
Punekar 2: Sorrych mhanje are! Dhanyawaad gaat hote doghe jan. kaan phatle maaze.

12.   Ajaan baalike/moodh baalike (अजाण बालिके/ मूढ बालिके) A word used to address girls as Bimbos in a polite way. Especially useful when you have a minor argument with girls. Just saying Ajaan Baalike will be insulting enough to hurt the ego!
Fergusson vaali: kay re punekar 1, tu zampyala ugach kadya kashala lavatos kay kar sangayla. Vel jaat nahi ka tuza?
Punekar 1: Moodh baalike/Ajaan Baalike, tyala amhi salle nahi denar tar mag kon denar!

13.   Played re! (प्लेड रे!): A phrase used to thank someone who has shown you support or has made an extremely valid point during banter sessions with friends.
Punekar 2: Aga fergusson vaali, amhi zampyala salle nahi dile tar to swatahache vichitra vichar karayla lagel ani tu mag anekarthani “gele te din gele” gaat basashil.
Punekar 1: haha! Played re! barobar ahe tuza!

14.   Huklay (हुकलंय): Something has gone wrong. Not functioning/acting properly or as it should.
Fergusson vaali: zampyacha mala mahiti nahi, pan tumcha doghancha nakki kahitari huklay ajkal. Kahipan badbad karata.

15.   Vishay Cut!! (विषय कट्ट!): Period. Used to show that you are winning an argument. And the argument has no logical flow after your point.
Punekar 1: kahi mhan re… kitihi pori pahilya, tari fergusson vaali attaparyant pahileli saglyat khavatt porgi ahe.
Punekar 2: Ekdam barobar bollas re… ticha saundarya mhanje vishayach cut!

16.   Gogap/ganphaa (गोगाप/ गांफा): Adjectives used to describe varying degrees of cold. Well im sure one can guess the fullform of these)
Punekar 1: Edya pahate tekdivar jaycha ka?
Punekar 2: ved bid laglay ka tula? Gogap thandi aste sakali ektar. Angavarun panghrun jari  nighala tari ganpha vatata.

17.   Height ahe! (हाईट आहे!) : An upper limit of anything. Usually if somebody does something which the society disproves, then there that person has done the height of that particular thing. Pinnacle.
Punekar 1: Arre aaj sakali tekadi var gelo hoto tevha pahila, zampya ani fergusson vaali hote, ani fergusson vaali chi ek random Cummins vaali maitrin hoti tyanchya barobar. Height ahe are he prakaran!

18.   Batting karane (बॅटिंग कारणे): Flirting. Openly flirting via sms, emails, chat, messages, and chitchat.
Punekar 1: Edyaa… ti Fergussonvaali barobar ali hoti na tekdi var, faar sadhi ani saral ahe re. bhetalo me tila parva Cummins madhe event la gelo hoto tithe. Ata full batting suru re! yeuch de!

19.   Kide karane (किडे करणे): Make insects- act in an irritating manner, create trouble. Similar to angat khaaj asane.
Punekar 1: Are, me fergusson vaali la msg kela, ki apla kahi jamla nahi, pan maza ani Cummins vali cha setting laun de na!
Punekar 2: Kar haramya, ajun kide kar! Kasli khaj bharliye evdhi angat tech kalat nahi! Kanakhali khallyashivay rahanar nahis tu!

20.   Bhaugolik drushtya sampanna (भौगोलिकदृष्ट्या संपन्न): A well-endowed girl. A word used to describe a hot chick or a babe, without sounding cheap and/or vulgar.
Fergusson vaali: Kay re zampya, Cummins vaali kashi vatli mag tula?
Zampya: Khara sangu ka? Chidnar naslis tar sangto… bhaugolik drushtya sampanna ahe.

21.   Dokyawar apatane (डोक्यावर आपटणे): gone mad. Literally means fallen on head.
Fergusson vaali: are zampya!! Ek tar tu mazya barobar set ahes, ani mazya maitrinibaddal asa boltos? Dokyawar apatla ahes ka?

22.   Mohan ranade (मोह -रा नडे): Used as Moha Nara Nade. Which means greed is man’s greatest hindrance. Used as a warning word to greedy individuals.
Zampya: Nahi aga, me khup saral sadha manus ahe, mala ekach pure. Ayushyat ekach tattwa follow karato : Mohan Ranade cha!

23.   Prabhat pheri la jaane (प्रभात फेरीला जाणे): This actually has two meanings:
a)      Go to see girls on Prabhat Road.(There are some beautiful girls living in those areas)
b)      Go to the toilet early in the morning.
Punekar 1: Aaik na, fergusson vaali cha msg ala hota, ti ani Cummins vaali udya KNP madhe janaret morning walk la. Apan jaychay ka prabhat pheri marayla? Tya dislya nahit, tari itar konitari nakki disel! Pakshi nirikshan tari hoil re.
Punekar 2: Jayla harkat nahi, pan aj jara khana jasti zalay, mala udya veglyach prabhat pherya maravya lagnaret.

24.   Phone takane (फोन टाकणे): Literally means to throw a phone. But in pune this means to make a phone call.
Punekar 1: Udya jauya sakali na chukta mag prabhat pheri la.
Punekar 2: Ho chalel. Jauya, sakali phone taak 6 vajta.

25.   Raddi/Phadatus/Tukar (रद्दी/ फडतूस/टुकार): Worthless. Having no or trivial value.
Punekar 1: Arre, zampya cha facebook bagh. PWI chya hotel madhe gela hota, Dinda barobar photo kadhlay!!
Punekar 2: zampya chya nana chi tang! Photo kadhun kadhun tya raddi manasabarobar kay are!! Baki mele hote ka?

26.   Me-Lo (मेssलो!): Use as Hasun Hasun Me-Lo. Finished because of laughter or idiotic actions of others.
Punekar 2: Arre Zampya chya facebook profile photo madhe Zampya ani Dinda SAME distayt are! Me-Lo me hasun hasun te pahilyavar!

27.   Melodrama karane (मेलोड्रामा करणे): used to say of the actions of someone who goes on telling people that he is in trouble and may die.
Punekar 1: haat var zalet re, submissions ahet, ani chaila ajun 1 paan kadhla nahiye. 5 sheets kadhaychya ahet re parva paryanta. Meloy me complete!
Punekar 2: Challan sodya, dar veli asach mhanatos karatos ani hagrya 1st submission tuza asta. Ajun kiti asa  melo-drama karnar re! no sahanubhooti!

28.   Phatliye (फटलिये): In trouble. Finding oneself in deep shit. Similar to Ghusliye.
Punekar 1: Are me sahanubhooti magatach nahiye re.. pan ya veli kharokhar phatliye.

29.   Teerthapraashan karane (तीर्थप्राशन करणे): The act of drinking alcohol. An alternative way of saying in public that you want to have alcohol, and passing it off cleverly by saying you are having holy water.
Zampya:Punekar 1cha message hota, udya-parva ghari koni nahiye, JD ani Old Monk anlay. Teerthaprashanala jaychay ka?

30.   Tushar Kapoor hone (तुषार कपूर होणे): Disappear for long stretches of time. Based on the movie “Gayab”.
Punekar 2: Chaila zapmya girlfriend ahe mhanun mitranna visaraycha ka asa? Sala tushar Kapoor hoto tuza 4-4 athavde!

31.   Vakrimaditya (वाक्रीमादित्य): A person who is expert at ditching at the last minute. A turncoat.
Punekar 1: Udya basuya re apan teerthaprashanala. Plan fix ata! Khoop jamega rang jab  bahut diwaso baad mil basenge 3- tum mein aur zampya.
Punekar 2: Basuya, pan 3 chukle tuze , tum main ani batli mhan. Zampya kahi yet nahi. Sala ek number cha vakrimaditya zalay. Dar veli ditch deto.

32.   Lezim khelane (लेझीम खेळणे): flapping around when walking in a drunk state.
Punekar 1: Kaal zampyani jara jastach pyayli re, ghari jatana kahi vedavakda kela nahi na?
Punekar 2: Are complete zingla hota. Tuzya gharapasun tyachya gharaparyanta… complete entertainment… full on lezim khelat hota. Fergusson vaali la kalala ki solid maja yenare!

Click here for Part 4.
 Ok guys, 96 words so far in the first 3 parts! There will be more. after some time though! I wish to thank a few people for their inputs.
Aniket Kunjir, Sayli Soman and Rushikesh Patwardhan for giving some words we use all the time!
Special thanks to Amrutabai Dhavale, Mumbaikar, for pointing out words which I speak but sound odd or out of context to her(Puneri slang).
Also Id like to thank many people who leave comments on the blog or comment on facebook and tell which words have been left out. Your contribution to this Pune dictionary, is as important as mine!

*** DO NOT PLAGIARIZE THIS ARTICLE. Consequences will not be good.


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