Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Puneri Lingo- Part II

After the supreme success of my previous post on the Puneri Lingo, Im back to bring to the world our very own Puneri Words, with Zampya and Punekar! My previous post on the Puneri Lingo hit unfound heights of virality- so much so that an email was created with all the words in it.(My post was "Plagiarized" would be more suitable) Anyway, I did ask a few people to take it down from their websites and blogs unless they wanted to give me credits for being the author! Its rather annoying when others pass off your creation as their own. Anyway, now decent security measures have been put up on my blog to stop this!

The previous Puneri Lingo post gets over 50 hits everyday, and I do get comments and emails on how useful it has been to some people. As an extension of that list, Im adding the following words in this new post. Our beloved Zampya and Punekar are back to take us on another Puneri word tour. Puneri Marathi is constantly evolving, and same words find different meanings these days. Imported words or composite words may mean something totally different that its constituent words. I reiterate- this is not a joke or a comedy act. Its not even to help outsiders understand our spoken language better. Its to show out "Maaz" of being creative and different from others, such that others dont actually understand you. Non-Punekars can take it in the way you want, but my intention is to  give you a taste of a little in your face Puneri Attitude. Our cockiness and arrogance is supreme and unique. The words may help you, but knowing them wont mean you will become a Punekar! Punekars- I know you all will love this!
P.S- do not plagiarize this, or the consequences will be severe, since all content here is copyrighted.

So here goes, Part 2 of the Puneri Lingo. You can find part one over here and part 3 here.

1) Bazaaar Uthane- Giving up all hope. A hopeless state of mind.
Punekar: "Kay re Zampyaa, abhyaas kasa challay re?"
Zampya: "Kay sangu are ata,  kahihi dokyat shirat nahiye! Bazaar uthlay akkha! pass vhayche vaande ahet.

2) Jhol- Usually used as Jhol karane. creating a "Matter". Landing oneself in a tight situation.
"Are, college madhe Zampyaa Bai la ulat sulat bolla kahitari. Ata HOD kade  nelay tyala. Layee jhol zalet yaar, Radaa vhayla nako kahi mhanje zala"

3) Dokyachi Mandai Hone- Get confused due to all kinds of advice from various people/books (basically more than one source)
"Are e, tu ek sangto, to zampya dusra sangto, ha tisrach kahitari sangto. Dokyachi Mandai hote re! kay karaycha kalat nahi mag!"

4) Veddd!- An expression used to describe something which is Awesome.
"Zampya chi navin infinite energy chi concept aiklis ka? Vadheev ahe, pan vedd ahe! Master la sudhratach navta kahi!"

5) Kadakkk- Solid. Having a strong base, something quite out of the ordinary.
"Pudhchya varshi me ani Zampya Naadbrahma Dhol pathakat jaycha vichar karatoy..Kay kadakkkk vajavlay tyani yanda"

6) Al-Kharaaab- Something which is good. Kharaab is bad, but kharaaab!! is good. Al-Kharaab is the exaggeration of the good Kharaaaab!
"Ya varshi Ganpati madhe Al-Kharaaaab maholl zala hota re! sampuch naye asa vatat hota!"

7) Haglaa/Vaieet Haglaa/ Kharraaab Haglaa-Varying degrees of Missed his opportunity, failed at a task, underperformed.

"Are Zampyala ajibaat ball pass karu nakos, to 4 lokanna aramaat kadhato, pan goal chya samor sure Hagato"
"Arre Zampya chi adhichi girlfriend jemtem 2 mahine tikli. vaieet haglaa to relationship madhe!"

"Parkisha sopi hoti re khara, Pan zampya la 40 ach milale. Kharaaaaab haglaa.. bai shi bhandla mhanun muddam kami dile bahutek."

8) Jamlay- Achievement! Short and simple.
Punekar 1: "Arre zampya eka veli 2 porinna firawat hota"
Punekar 2: "Jamlay!!"

9) Naaad re Naad!: A word used to describe the loud beats of dhol tasha during Ganapati.(Borrowed ,edited and toned down to suit Pune from the Kolhapuri "Naad Khulaa")
"Areee kaay kamaal tarri ghetlye tashaa valyani! naaad re naaad!!"

10) Ye rrre!- Giving an open invitation, especially for a verbal fight or for a brawl.
"Tu chaukaat ye rrre, one on one, baghato tuzyakade!"

11)Arre baaalak!! Used to address a junior in college who is behaving beyond his age.
"Arre baalak!! chaddit raha jara!"

12) Jivat jeev yene- actually means being exalted, but twisted minds change it to "Garodar hone" or in english, to become pregnant.
"Arre, zampya chya society madhlya eka mulini palun jaun lagna kela. Me asa aikla ki tichya jivaat jeev alay!"

13) Jhinjyaa upat Shinchaa- "Pull ones own hair" word to word. But in pune it means I am not going to listen to what you say.
Zampya: "Arrree e, chal na assignment karuya, tension yetay re mala solid ata."
Punekar: "jhinjyaa upat shinchaa, 2 athavde ahet ajun submit karayla"

14) Ekdamm Khavattt - In plain context it means something sour, or unpleasant. But in new context it is used to describe the Feminine Hotness.
"Zampya tya Fergusson madhlya pori chya mage laglay ti pahilyes ka? arre ekdammm Khavatttt ahe re!"

15) Chadh Chadh Chadhane: Getting Pissed off and so angry that you shout at the person facing you.
"Arre, Zampya event head hota re. Hishob lagat navta kharchacha, Advisor yeun chadh chadh chadhalay zampyawar kaal."

16) Patyaa takane- Wasting time and not working during office hours and wasting office resources.
"Arre Zampya internship la jato khara, pan tikade jaun fakta patyaa takat asto. Padeek asto facebook var."

17)  Jara awarta ghe: Control yourself.
Zampya: "Arre, ti Fergusson vali mahitye na tula? Tichya ghari jaun tila maagni ghalaychi asa mhantoy."
Punekar: "Kahi kay are! Ved laglay tula! Olakhtos ka tari tu neet tila! Awarta ghe jara!! "

18) Chhupa vagna: Hidden/Secretive behaviour. Not giving others a clue of what one is doing.
Punekar: "Arre, zampya ani tya Fergusson valicha sure kahitari suru ahe. Khup chhupa vagto re to ticha vishay kadhla ki."

19) Khufiya Secret- The words say it all. But put together just for increased effectiveness.
Punekar 1: " Mitraa, party haviye mala. Mazya herankadoon Zampya ani tya Fergusson vali chya chhupyaa secrets kadhalya ahet"

20) Sorrych Mhanje! Used to describe anything which does not meet your standards.
Punekar 1" Zampya ani Fergusson vali cha kharach kahi suru asel tar changlach ahe. Adhichi kasli hoti tyachi. Dokyat jaychi. Agdich bor hoti. Sorrych mhanje!"

21) Nahich ahes!- Used to tell someone that he is abnormal, not normal, out of his mind.
Zampya to Fergusson vaali: "Mala tu avadates aga!"
Fergusson Vaali: "Kahi kay are! Impossible ahes tu! Nahiches are tu tar!!"

22) Tuch re to/ga ti, Tuch! Used to boost the morale of a friend to get some adrenaline pumping in them.
Zampya: "Arre tya fergusson vali la jaun propose kela. Ho mhanali ti."
Punekar: "Aai shappat zampya! Jamlay tula! Tuch re to, tuch!"

23) Jinklay!- If someone or something achieves the improbable, then the word is used to describe that person or thing.
Punekar 1: "Arre, Zampya ni ti Fergusson vali patavali. Aagdich Jinklay!

24) Vanvaa Petavane: Exaggerated version of Aag Lavane.
Punekar 1: "Arre yaar kharaab jhol hou shaktat. Mala Zampyachi fergusson vali avadayla lagliye re. me Zampya viruddha kadya lavat hoto, pan ata Vanvaa petavlay asa vatatay!"

25) Dabaa takane/ Halka houn yene: going to take a dump. Visiting the toilet to relieve your bowels.
Punekar: "Hello, haan aga Zampee, Zampyaa ahe ka ga ghari? Urgent bolaychay tyachashi."
Zampee: "Arre ahe to, pan jara dabaa takayla gelay.Halka houn ala ki phone karayla sangte."

26) Ferrari, Maserati Hone: To Disappear.
Punekar: "Arre Zampya, aaik, te me tuzya fergusson vaali la sagla gamtit mhanalo hoto. tu chidu nakos. me yetoy bhetayla tula aaj. Chidu nakos, me kahi Ferrari, Maserati zalo nahiye."

27) Sarkha Sarkha Tech Tech: Repitition to a point of exaggeration. Part of the phrase "Sarkha Sarkh Tech Tech Parat Parat Punha Punha"
"Arre mala mahitye tu Fergusson vaali barobar jokingly bolla hotas re! sorry mhanu nakos. Fakta Sarkha Sarkha tech tech karu nakos. Last time pan asa vaglas mhanun break up zala hota maza!"

Thats all the Work we got for Our Zampya and Punekar. One new character- Fergusson vaali has been introduced, and will play a major role in the next versions! Till then Enjoy Zampya and Punekars conversations! Zampyaa no doubt has made headlines with his vadheev behaviour. Proud of Him!

For Part 3, click here.

P.S. Id like to thank Mihir Despo, Andaksh, Manasi Mami, and many others who pointed out I was missing a few words in the original list.


  1. Khupach bhari.. "Chaddit Raha","Bekkkaaar" miss zalet.. Actually he shabda kahi usage madhe vaprlet pan vegle shabda mhanun nahi takle.. :) :) :)

    1. thanks for reminding. Next post madhe artha ani udaharnasakat include karnyat yeil.

  2. I'm not sure.. 'No' asne cover jhala nahiye I think..although its just a variant of 'Nahich ahe'..
    Also, 'Killer' pan rahilay.. generally apan mhantla ki 'Arre! Kasli killer bhel hoti ti!' ki itar gavche loka vede hotat..tyanna vatta kharach killer hoti :P

    Good stuff Chinya! After a long time!

  3. To contribute in your endevour ,
    1. Dassa::To describe a 10 on 10 girl.
    2. Gaccha:: To describe a voluptuous girl.
    3. Jugadu:: quick fix
    4. Chaadti raha:: know ur limits
    5. Tharki::Pervert person
    6. Dome porga:: to describe a not so likable person
    7. Jignesh::To describe a gujrati person
    8. Jhingla ahey to & tyacha vimaan udla ahey:: he is drunk
    9. Baba allam chaya jamanatla::To describe anything that is very old

    P.S :: As well I think you can have a open mind regarding sharing of wordlist and not think of copyright and credits cause we are not the ones who invented these words we have merely compiled them and tried to explain their meaning in a specific context.Cheers!!!

    1. See, I dont mind sharing as long as people use their own sentences. but the 1st part was well and truly plagiarized. What will you do if you write an article and other people put it on their facebook profiles and pass it off as their own without giving due credits? Why I do this? plz refer to the following link:
      (english version).

  4. Mala vatatay ki "pakshi nirikshan karne" ha vaakprachar rahilay.

  5. Andi fekne -lying to someone
    Tuza Kay dukhta-Why do you interrupt
    Khaas -something special
    Pokla. -got fooled/failed
    Gachakla. -got into trouble