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Superhero Abhya

Abhya,(Full Name: Abhishek Kulkarni, अभिषेक कुलकर्णी) born 9 April 1988 in the city of Pune, is a well known multi faceted super star. He is world famous in Pune as "Baap of Chuck Norris"(He is not, according to his statements) and is known for his locally acclaimed roles in international projects of the Grandest stage. When a list of superhumans is produced, Abhya is 3rd on the list only behind The great Rajani and Chuck Norris himself. Abhya is almost Herculean in his own right, and is right called a Superhero. He has starred in lead roles in over 200 Hindi, Marathi and English Films, Dramas, Plays, Sitcoms etc.

Early Life:

Abhya was born in Pune on 9th April 1988. The day is forever recorded as a milestone in the annals of Punes history. A golden plate commemorating the birth of a pre-proclaimed superstar(Abhyas rise to stardom was a Akaashwaani before he was born) was laid in the Pune Municipal Corporation in his honour.
When Abhya was 4 years old, he was enrolled into the Shikshan Prasarak Mandalis English Medium School in Junior KG. He made rapid strides by advancing a level every year and at the same time maintaining 1st Rank. His only competition was Her Royal Highness Maharani Shashwati Atwe Tararaani. But despite strong challenge from the Maharani, Abhya always singlehandedly defeated her. This was no mean feat, and this came to be known all over Pune. Abhyas love for education and movies was firmly built in this school. Nagamani Bai and Hemlata bai are his inspirations, and Abhya will thus, Always Love them.

After Graduating from SPM, Abhya enrolled in NuMaVi college and graduated with flying colours. Thereafter, he got admitted to the PVGs college of engineering for Electronics & Telecomm. Engineering was a trifle for Abhya and he completed it effortlessly. At the same time he started participating in football, turning out for Fulora FC as a midfielder. He and Ghodke formed a considerable partnership till Abhya started feeling the stress of the game after an injury to Joshya. Abhya then hung up his boots and turned to acting and emulating Chuck Norris.
The Chuck Norris Comparison

Abhyas Reputation was massive even before he turned to movies. But when he got into movies, he reached a new level of superstardom. He made Chuck Norris and Rajanikant run for their money by acting in over 200 Movies, sitcoms, serials, stage shows in English, Marathi and Hindi in a space of barely two years.

The movies along with his preceeding reputation as a no nonsense magical midfielder elevated Abhya to very lofty levels. People couldnt understand how he manages to regulate his tiring workload in his company and yet act in so many movies. Thus he was conferred the label of a superhuman.

Strange rumours are present abound about Abhya in his hometown of Pune. Girls are particularly scared of him. This is because it is said that Abhya has the power to impregnate them just by looking menacingly at them. This is however just a rumour spread around by his ill wishers. There is no person in this world who has a heart as big as Abhya, and he never has such outlooks.
Abhya and his Movies:

Abhya has acted in a variety of movies portraying very different roles. Some comedy, some serious and even some female roles.Abhya mostly acts in his films by his own name. If the character that abhya plays has the name abhya, then irrespective of what the character is- man, woman, monkey, stone, potato, the film becomes a super hit. Abhyas favourite costar is Ulka Kabual who, Abhya helped a lot financially by helping her open a factory of producing natural salts, masalas and pickles. This tale was storylined in the movie Abhya chi factory. Each and every film of Abhya is based on his life or future life, but we do not have time and space to tell any of them.

Abhya looks for his friends to co-produce the movies. His schoolmates and Whatsapp gang members a group known as CAPPASSARGS,SPM,Pune help him with the funds to an extent of 2%. Rest of the amount, Abhya gets from god knows where. Abhya is the operating head of  CAPPASSARGS. All the other stuff related to movies- directing, editing, costume, sets are all designed by Abhya himself.

Abhyas filmography is attached at the end of this writeup.

Personal Life:

Despite such flaming success and a name all over the world, Abhya remains modest and firmly grounded. He never flirts with girls, and verbally beats the shit out of other people who carry out misadventures with girls. However during such sessions Abhya never swears. Abhya, as of now is SINGLE. Girls are scared of him, but they should not be. He is a very kind hearted person who is very open to meet new people. Girls should infact try to date him as if in a good mood, Abhya can give them roles in his movies and elevate them to stardom.

In his spare time, Abhya spends time on Fulora maidan, Taljai, Whatsapp and many eateries- most Notably Relax. Abhya is a Brand Ambassador for Relax Pav Bhaaji. He specializes in devouring Paav Bhaji, Pujao and Chikoo shake platter. Since as of now, Abhya does not have a girlfriend, Chikoo shake and Ahbya are inseperable companions. Abhya, though he does not admit, has a massive crush on one his costarts- Truptidevi ever since they acted together in two films. Abhya in his earlier days also had a fling with this girl called Yo-Geeta, the story of which is told in the movie Yo-Geeta-Abhyaa-Ghotale.
Some facts and rumours about Abhya:

1) Abhya can impregnate a girl by looking at her maliciously.
2) Abhya filmed a 3 hour movie in 30 mins.
3) Abhya is single even though girls go gaga over him.
4) Abhya can travel in time.
5) Abhya once went past 8 opposition players before scoring a goal. The net was torn to pieces after his shot.
6) Abhyas bike is so heavy, that only Abhya can ride it. Mare mortals such as ourselves cant even put it on main stand.
7) Abhya is a big devotee of the Chikoo Shake.
8) Abhya is the inventor of the Organic Chikoo Milkshake Making machine and has it patented.
9) Abhya la pahila pass magitla ki to Chautha Deto.
Abhyas Filmography:

Abhyas Filmography Type Language
नवरा माझा अभ्याचा  Movie Marathi
बाळाचे बाप अभ्याचारी Movie Marathi
दोघात तिसरा अभ्याला आता विसरा Movie Marathi
थांब अभ्या कुंकू लावते  Movie Marathi
How I met your abhya Sitcom English
माहेरचा अभ्या  Movie Marathi
Crouching trupti hidden abhya Movie English
आली बाबा आणि ४० अभ्या Stage Play Marathi
जाऊ तिथे अभ्या भाडखाऊ Movie Marathi
अभ्याचा "डार्क नाईट रायझेस" Movie Marathi
Abhya in the middle Movie English
Whos abhya is it neway? Movie English
We know what abhya did last summer Movie English
३ बायका, अभ्याचं आईका  Movie Marathi
मी अभ्याताई सपकाळ  Movie Marathi
७ च्या आत, अभ्या घरात  Movie Marathi
फॉरेनची अभीण  Movie Marathi
चौकट अभ्या  Movie Marathi
योगिता अभ्या घोटाळे  Movie Marathi
मी अभ्याराव बोलतोय  Movie Marathi
अभ्यास्पर्श  Movie Marathi
४ दिवस अभ्याचे  Serial Marathi
अभ्याला सासू हवी  Serial Marathi
अभ्या तुझा आशीर्वाद  Movie Marathi
सासू नंबरी अभ्या दास नंबरी  Movie Marathi
आईविना अभ्या भिकारी Movie Marathi
नवरी मिळे अभ्याला Movie Marathi
The Big bang abhya Sitcom English
गोष्ट धमाल अभ्याची Movie Marathi
कुंकू माझं अभ्याचं Movie Marathi
शिक्षणाच्या आईचा अभ्या  Movie Marathi
अभ्याच्या आईचा घो  Movie Marathi
बाप रे बाप, अभ्याला ताप  Movie Marathi
अभ्याची साडी  Movie Marathi
गोष्ट छोटी अभ्याएवढी  Movie Marathi
अभ्याची फॅक्टरी    Movie Marathi
अगं बाई अभ्याच्य्या! Movie Marathi
राजा अभिश्चान्द्र Movie Marathi
अभ्याळमाया Serial Marathi
उंच माझा अभ्या Serial Marathi
अभ्याढाल Movie Marathi
अभ्यात्तरायण Movie Marathi
Abhya at lokhandwala Movie Hindi
दुर्गा म्हणतात अभ्याला Movie Marathi
अभ्याखेड एक गाव Movie Marathi
कायद्याचं अभ्या Movie Marathi
एक डाव अभ्यापछाड Movie Marathi
Killing abhya softly Movie English
Kiss kiss abhya abhya Movie English
Mr and mrs abhya Movie Hindi
Abhya in law Movie English
अभ्या की आयेगी बारात Movie Hindi
हम आपके हे अभ्या Movie Hindi
लेक अभयची या घरची Movie Marathi
No one killed abhya Movie Hindi
अमर अकबर अभ्या Movie Hindi
३ अभ्या Movie Hindi
सीता और अभ्या Movie Hindi
हम है राही अभ्या के Movie Hindi
Abhyazilla Movie English
अभ्या झमीन पर Movie Hindi
Trip to centre of abhya Movie English
अभ्या बहाद्दूर Movie Hindi
अभ्या अपना अपना Movie Hindi
Abhya calling abhya Movie Hindi
अभ्या और शबनम Movie Hindi
फुल और अभ्या Movie Hindi
होगी अभ्या की जीत Movie Hindi
जो जीता वोही अभ्या Movie Hindi
Abhya of the year Movie Hindi
नो एन्ट्री- पुढे अभ्या आहे Movie Marathi
अप्पू अभ्या Movie Hindi
1942-Abhyas Love story Movie Hindi
दे अभ्भ्या! Movie Marathi
डोंबिवली अभ्या Movie Marathi
पाक पाक अभ्या Movie Marathi
मी अभिषेक कुलकर्णी बोलतोय Stage Play Marathi
दहावी अभ्या Movie Marathi
अशी ही अभ्यांबनवी Movie Marathi
Love sex aur abhya Movie Hindi
Harry potter and prisoner of Abhyakaban Movie English
अभ्याच हा Serial Marathi
अभ्या एक्स्प्रेस Stand up Comedy Marathi
The burning Abhya Movie Hindi
अभ्यीय्या!! Movie Hindi
Saving Privet Abhya Movie English
दिलवाले अभ्या ले जाएंगे Movie Hindi
राजु बन गाय अभ्यामन Movie Hindi
अभ्याक्षेत्र Movie Hindi
Abhya of the jungle Movie English
Abhya Mountains Movie English
Deep blue Abhya Movie English
Planet of Abhya Movie English
अभ्या सातबंडे Movie Marathi
अभयचंच बोला Movie Marathi
एक होता अभ्या Movie Marathi
अभ्या तुर्क, बाकी अर्क Stage Play Marathi
श्शशशश!! अभ्या है Movie Hindi
Naughty abhya Movie English
मै अभ्या दीक्षित बनना चाहती हू Movie Hindi
गल्लीत गोंधळ, अभ्याला मुजरा Movie Marathi
अभ्यावंशम Movie Hindi
अभ्या बाय पास Movie Marathi
शांतेचं अभ्या चालू आहे Stage Play Marathi
अभ्याभ्याची चाळ book adapted to a play Marathi
अभ्या की जवानी Movie Hindi
अभ्याफसवी Stage Play Marathi
जानेभी दो अभ्या को Movie Hindi
मै अभ्या की दिवानी हू Movie Hindi
झुठ बोले अभ्या काटे Movie Hindi
अभ्यासद Movie Hindi
अभ्या पगला दीवाना Movie Hindi
अभ्या चाचा Movie Hindi
अभ्या ४२० Movie Hindi
जाबतक है अभ्या Movie Hindi
एक अभ्या थी Movie Hindi
अभ्या माझा छकुला Movie Marathi
कभी ख़ुशी कभी अभ्या Movie Hindi
तू चोर मै अभ्या Movie Hindi
देखणी बायको अभयची Movie Marathi
अभ्या मिल गया Movie Hindi
कहो न अभ्या है Movie Hindi
अभ्याविनायक Movie Marathi
रोटी कपडा और अभ्या Movie Hindi
LOC Abhya Movie Hindi
अभयची सासू Stage Play Marathi
श्रीयुत अभ्याधर टपोरे Serial Marathi
अभ्या-एक प्रेमकथा Movie Marathi
अभ्याग्रंथ Movie Marathi
क्योंकी सांस भी कभी अभ्या थी Serial Hindi
तुझे आहे अभ्यापाशी Stage Play Marathi
अभ्या तिथे मी Movie Marathi
The abhya next door Movie English
अभ्या मी अभ्यामी Stage Play Marathi
अभ्याराम गटणे solo Marathi
Lord of the Abhya Movie English
१.४० का लास्ट अभ्या Movie Hindi
अभ्या भाड्याने देणे आहे Movie Marathi
गुळाचा अभ्या Movie Marathi
Bombay 2 abhya Movie Hindi
Desperate abhyawives Sitcom English
Tom dick and abhya Movie Hindi
Me, abhya and Irene Movie English
वीर अभ्या Movie Hindi
The chronicles of abhya Movie English
अभ्या फेरी Movie Hindi
Abhya no.1 Movie Hindi
The abhyanator Movie English
अभ्या आपके है कौन Movie Hindi
अभ्या का रिश्ता Movie Hindi
अभ्या-ए-आझम Movie English
The girl with abhyas tattoo Movie English
Abhyafly effect Movie English
Abhya lies Movie English
अभ्या ने बनादी जोडी Movie Hindi
Mother abhya Movie Hindi
अभ्यांग तुक्याचे Movie Marathi
अब अभ्या के हवाले वतन साथियो Movie Hindi
अभ्या-गेट Movie Hindi
जिस देश मै अभ्या रेहता है Movie Hindi
The Italian abhya Movie English
अखियो से अभ्या मारे Movie Hindi
अभ्या तुने क्या किया Movie Hindi
Abhya drift Movie English
लागे राहो अभ्या भाई Movie Hindi
Abhya Friday Movie English
अभ्या-ए-मुस्तफा Movie urdu
अभ्याहोत्र Serial Marathi
अभ्यासंभाव Serial Marathi
अभंग्ग Movie Hindi
एक और एक अभ्या Movie Hindi
कौन बनेगा अभ्यापती TV show Hindi
Abhya,dosti, etc Movie Hindi
rA.bhya Movie Hindi
अजब अभ्या कि गजब कहानी Movie Hindi
slumdog abhya Movie English
The curious case of Abhya Kulkarni Movie English
Gangs of Abhyyabour Movie Hindi
Abhya rider Movie English
Lord of Sahakarnagar and fellowship of Abhya Movie English
Lord of Sahakarnagar and two abhyas Movie English
Lord of Sahakarnagar and return of the Abhya Movie English
AbhyaD Movie Hindi
अभ्या न मिलेगा दोबारा Movie Hindi
Honeymoon abhya pvt ltd Movie Hindi
Agent abhya Movie Hindi
अभ्या गद्दार Movie Hindi
सत्यम् शिवम् अभ्यं Movie Hindi
चाचा चौधरी और अभ्या Movie Hindi
Yogita in abhyas shadow Movie English
अभ्याजादे Movie Hindi
The exorcism of abhya kulkarni Movie English
अष्टरूपा जय अभ्यालक्ष्मी माता Serial Hindi
अभ्या होगा तेरा बाप Movie Hindi
अंधेरी रात मै अभ्या तेरे साथ मै Movie Hindi
अभ्या माझा नवसाचा Movie Marathi
अभ्यांची जत्रा Movie Marathi
फक्त अभ्या म्हणा Movie Marathi
लव के लिये अभ्या कुच भी करेगा Movie Hindi
Ladies vs Abhya Kulkarni Movie Hindi
How to tame your abhya Movie English
७ अभ्या माफ Movie Hindi
एक बंदर अभ्या के अंदर Movie Hindi
अभ्याज डे आउट  Movie Hindi
अभ्या-तृप्ती की तो निकल पडी  Movie Hindi
अभ्या एक विदूषक Movie Marathi

All content in this post is to be taken lightly and as Humour. Abhya we love you man! you rock.
Special thanks to Adya, Pampya, Vaaddya, Sunya, Phadkya, Piya, Ganjya, Sanmya for making up Abhyas Filmography!!

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