Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Puneri Lingo- Part IV

Hi folks. Its been 6 long months since the last instalment of our own Puneri dictionary was out. Cant believe it is already 6 months. Seems like just last month that I wrote it. All those who regularly follow me either through my blog, Puneri Lingo, Sadashiv Pethi Hukumshahi or any other things I run/manage, will have observed a sharp decline in content since June. I wanted a break from normal life and had gone underground to introspect and rid myself of some stupid recurring illnesses. Apologies for that. Continuing on our puneri Word fest, the latest edition explores further the relationship between our very own Zampya, Fergussonwali, Zampyas Puneri friends- Punekar 1, Punekar 2, and the newly introduced gorgeous, scarf wearing Cumminswali.

Just a recap- Zampya is all set with Fergussonwali, but has got into a very bad drinking habit, thanks to his friends. Fergussonwali has lashed out at Zampya for trying to hit on Cumminswali. Punekar 1 and Punekar 2 are hitting on Cummins wali and are trying to “patav” her. Lets see how the story pans out for them.

On another note, the 1st part which has gone viral on the net has been circulated everywhere without giving me any proper credit. I really pity the the sense of responsibility of the idiots who do this but admire their glory hogging skills. Im sure most of the people who plagiarized the post have never written one article, journal, essay, homework by themselves- they live a blind copy-paste life. These people- thieves themselves cant be blamed if they choose a government of thieves.(यथा प्रजा तथा राजा, यथा राजा तथा प्रजा.) Anyway, two very different interactions left two very different tastes regarding this issue. Most of these mole rats don’t even have any the consciousness to acknowledge that they are in the wrong. Assholes. On the other hand, there are a few sensible people like the ones who manage the Wadeshwar Facebook page. They had plagiarized the contents, and I had put up two stinging comments on the page stating “Wadeshwar is a restaurant and not a printing press” and “I do not bring parcel from Wadeshwar and tell my guests that I have prepared it”. These Puneri taunts along with a large support group who literally spam all such plagiarized posts got the admins to think. They had the civility to openly declare that they were wrong and re-posted  the link with due credit given. How I wish all people are like the admins of this page! Nevermind, you cant tell a donkey what to do. Enough ramblings on meaningless mole rats, and lets get to the point at hand- Puneri Lingo Part 4. Here goes.

(Those who have not read the first 3 parts are strongly advised to read them in order as the post has a story associated with it. Links to it are given below.)

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1) Baithak mandane (बैठक मांडणे)- 21+ term. Used to describe a scenario when friends sit down to drink Alcohol.
Fergussonwali- Kay re Punekar 1, kaal Zampya la gheun kuthe gela hotas? Khara sang mala.
Punekar 1- Aga tu jasta tension nako gheus, teerthaprashanacha karyakram hota, mazya ghari ratri baithak mandli hoti.

2) Pakistanat jaun yene/dukanat jaun yene.(पाकिस्तानात जाऊन येणे, दुकानात जाऊन येणे)
Punekar 1- E aaik na fergussonwali, jara 5 minitat phone kela tar chalel ka?
Fergusssonwali- ka re? Kay zala?
Punekar 1- Kahi nahi ga, jara pakistanat jaun yetoy.
Fergussonwali- changlay.. jaun ye dukanat tuzya. Masta samaan mandun thev.

3) Tanga palti hone (टांगा पलटी होणे) – Falling all over the place after getting drunk. Similar to “lezim khelane”
Punekar 1: Aga, kay sangu tula, kaal Zampya la jara jastach zali hoti, ghari jatana tanga palti zala hota.

4) Waqar yunus hone(वकार युनुस होणे) - Throwing up after having excessive alcohol. Named after the famed pakistani fast bowler and the general hatered for him in Pune.
Fergussonwali- Fakta chaltanach dhadpadlach na?
Punekar 1- Ghari jatana dulya maruti zala hota tyacha, pan ghari jaun Waqar Yunus.

5) Chaitanya kandi/chaitanya choorna(चैतन्यकांडी, चैतन्यचूर्ण)- cigarette and gutka respectively.
Fergussonwali- Kay re Zampya, kaal daru dhosun dhingana ghatlas na? Baghtech tula ata. Daruch hoti na fakta? Ka itar kahi amli padartha pan?
Zampya- nahi ga janeman, chaitanya kandi shivay sutka naahi, pan choorna nahi nela.

6) Phodlay(फोडलंय/ फोड फोड फोडलंय)- Used as “Phod phod phodlay” literally hammered away. Especially when one gets publically told off, or in another context if one is dispatched all over the ground while playing cricket.
Punekar 1: Kay re Punekar 2, Zampya ani Fergussonwali cha latest kissa aiklas ka? Phod phod phodlay tyala.
Usage 2:
Punekar 1: Zampya cha lafda suru zalyapasun fakta battingwarach laksha ahe. Bowling jhepatach nahi tyala. Kaal kay bekkar phodlay tyala kheltana.

7) Shaalaa ghene(शाळा घेणे)- Severely tell someone off. Have a real go at someone.
Punekar 2: Vatlach hota mala. Ha jara ikde tikde sarakla line warun, ki baya tyachi shalaach ghete!

8) Hota asa kadhi kadhi(होतं असं कधी कधी)- Shit happens. Period.
Punekar 1- Ho na yaar, samjun ghetla pahije na tine, hota asa kadhi kadhi.

9) Beatach nahi/Toadach nahi(बीटच नाही/तोsssडच नाही.) – incomparable. This term is used to express an event which is hard to beat.
Punekar 2: Kahi mhan re pan Punekar 1, Zampya ani Fergussonwali chya bhandanala toadach nahi/ beatach nahi!

10) Phaarach!(फाsssरच) – used sarcastically with an emphasis on the phaaa part, with the intention of downplaying ones intents. Eg. Phaaarach maar khanar ahes!
Punekar 1: Kay re Zampya, kaal fergussonwali ni shaabdik badadala ka tula?
Zampya: Phaaarach! Asa kahi honare, ani Phaaarach ti mala marnare!

11) Padeek (पडीक)- if a person is found at a particular place or location, he is said to be “padeek” over there.
Zampya: aaik na fergussonwali, aaj shaniwar aahe, Vaishupavale houn yeu sandhyakali, nantar amhi roopali la basanar ahot kattyawar.
Fergussonwali: Kay ayushyabhar Fergusson College Road var padeek asta tumhi pora. Gharche bolat nahit ka kahi?

12) Rashtrageet vajane(राष्ट्रगीत वाजणे)- Banda padane. Come to a standstill.
Zampya: Aga kuthe jatoy he ghari sangtay kon. Sangitla tar kattyavarchya gang cha rashtrageet vajel.

13) Bhannat(भन्नाट) – Deadly again, but in a different context, very lofty. Eg. Bhannat idea.
Fergussonwali: Zampya aaik na, ek bhannat idea aliye. Apan Punekar 1 la ani Cumminswali la set karaycha ka? Khatarnak combo ahe!

14) Killer(कीलर)- Deadly, kamaal, out of this world. Eg- killer idea.
Zampya: hahahahaha, khatarnak.... samploy me hasun... killer idea ahe.

15) Gemaadpanthi (गेमाडपंथी)– One who plays games (mindgames) with everyone.
Fergussonwali: ho kharay, Punekar 1 changla mulga ahe, pan sala ek number cha gemaadpanthi ahe. Kadhi kay game takel te kalat nahi.

16) Kopryat ghene (कोपऱ्यात घेणे)- cornering a person for obvious reasons.
Zampya: Tension nako ga gheus tu Fergussonwali, jasta radaa karnar nahi to. Shevti dil ka mamla ahe.
Punekar 2- Ani kahi karaycha prayatna kela, tar kopryat gheu na tyala.

17) Pakshinirikshan karane (पक्षीनिरीक्षण करणे) – Birdwatching. Checking out girls.
Punekar 2: Arre Punekar 1, udya kay plan ahe tuza?
Punekar 1: khaas kahi nahi re, ka kay zala?
Punekar 2: arre barech diwas zale, kattyavar gelo, pan kahi pahila nahi. Udya jara pakshinirikshan karuya.

18) Hirwal (हिरवळ)- greenery, surrounded by good looking girls.
Punekar 1: Khara yaar, Vaishali ani Roopali, ani FC road mhanje ekunach Hirwal! Hirwe Hirwe gaar gaaliche!!

19) Ladiespana (लेडीजपणा) – used to bring guys to their senses when they start acting like women. This word was coined by the legendary Neelakanth Sane- the COEP Boat Club GS to describe the behaviour of a few juniors.
Punekar 2: Mitra, kavita path ahe theeke, pan nako tya ashi badbad karun ugach ladiespana karu nakos.

20) Pleasach!(प्लीझच!) – Used in such a way to tell the other person that what he is saying makes little sense.
Punekar 1: Kahi kay are. Kabool jara bor marla, pan ladiespana mhane! Pleasach!! Zampya fergussonwali barobar astana wagato to ladies pana ahe.

21) Havet golibaar (हवेत गोळीबार)- making wild and extremely random guesses.
Punekar 2: Arre, visaraychya adhi sangato, udya pakshi nirikshan karayla ek phaarach unexpected vyakti yenare. Me sangat nahi, tu havet golibar kar.

22) Circuit (सर्किट) - crack, idiot, eccentric
Punekar 1: tu circuit ahes ka re jara. Pakshinirikshan aplya doghancha kaam ahe na. Tisra kashala madhe tadmadayla ugach?

23) Kela milane(केळ मिळणे)- get disappointment, win nothing.
Tula mhanana sopa vatata, pan ti vyakti ali nahi, tar kela milel aplyala. Maza jaude tula tari nako milayla!

24) Chaavi, daav (चावी, डाव)– girlfriend.
Punekar 1: Kalala kon yenare. Zampya ani daav na?

25) Potyaane aanane(पोत्याने आणणे)- bring in large quantity.
Punekar 2: Barobar. Tech dogha ahet. Tevdhech dogha ahet.
Punekar 1: Nashib Maza, mala vatla tu potyaane loka anatos ata ajun.
26) Dandiyatrela jane (दांडीयात्रेला जाणे)- bunk lecture, work and roam about the city.
Fergussonwali: Zampya are mala udya off lecture ahe re, pan tuza kay?
Zampya: Apla kaay, mitransathi Dandiyatrela jayla kadhihi nahi nahi!

27) Bungawane(बुंगावणे)- riding motorcycle fast and recklessly
Punekar 1: Salya ushir zalay aplyala. Gadi Bungaw jara. 10 minitat roopali cha katta gathaychay.

28) Bha.po (भा.पो./भा.आ) – Bhavana Pohochlya. I understand your feelings. Alternate form is Bha.Aa- Bhavana Aadalalya. Your feeling crashed on me.
Punekar 2: Hmm... bhalta mood distoy... bha.po bha.po..
Punekar 1: Bha po nahi re... Bha. aaa mhan.

29) LBW (Lambun Bari Watli- लांबून बरी वाटली) – Looked good from far(girl).
Zampya 1: Ae edyaa ti bagh... Fergussonwali, maitrin ahe na ti tuzi... kamala distye re...
Punekar 2: khula ki kay tu Zampya, me olakhto tila... Cummins wali, full LBW aahe.

30) Gondya ala re (गोंद्या आला रे!) – indicator that the intended person has arrived.
Punekar 1: Ghanta LBW, kamala diste. Vishay Cut.
Fergussonwali: Hahaha, barobar ahe, tu coffee pi tuzi, ti ali ki me gondya ala re karate!

31) Dadabhai Nowrojee hone (दादा-भाई नवरोजी होणे) – Start having a crush on the person you treat like a brother. Worst case scenario- get married to this guy.
Punekar 1: Tu ashakkya jinkliyes ga fergussonwali, girlfriend asawi tar tuzyasarkhi!
Fergussonwali: Maitriniwar line martoys, mazyawar nahi. Ugach Dadabhai Nowrojee vhaycha prayatna karu nakos. Kharraab muskaadin.

32) ABCD (agga bai chaddi disate- अग्ग बाई,चड्डी दिसते) – Used to describe the low waist, underwear showing people as opposed to American Born Confused Desis.
Zampya: Kay rao Punekar 1, Punekar 2, Fergussonwali, kay mhanava ya ajkalchya 11vi-12vitlya poranna. ABCD categorytle ahet agdich!

This ends the self imposed upper bound 32 word threshold per post. Zampya, Punekar 1, Punekar 2, Fergussonwali will be back after a few more months! Till then, enjoy!

Oh by the way, before I forget, I wanted to thank my regular people- Aniket Kunjir, Rushi Patwardhan, Vaikhari Hasabnis, Nikhil Sugwekar, Sayli Soman, Abhijit Namjoshi, Rohan Soman and my Sadashiv Pethi Hukumshahi gang for contributing many words. Special thanks my BC(Boat Club) Katta people- Neelya, Siddhi, Prachi, Shraddha for providing inspiration especially tonal inspiration for many of the words.

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  4. It's good but I wish you had also written the sentences in Devanagari font because reading Marathi in roman alphabets is tough. It's always better to read the language in it's original font. You could keep the English font too :)