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Things to do in COEP before you Graduate!!

This post is co-authored by SD and CD. SD had got this sort of idea - of writing a post as a newcomer’s guide to COEP - while reading the debate on one of the posts on the COEP confessions page. Today CD answered a similar question on Quora. Thereafter we collaborated to expand the idea and list all the “do’s” in your four years in COEP. The culmination of these efforts is the following magnum opus wherein we have incorporated all the ideas that makes life in COEP different than in other colleges. This post not only looks to guide freshers for the first year, but also acts as a guide to misguided souls who for some unexplained reasons avoid sojourns into these “so-called” dark realms of college life in their own perspective and stray away from the COEP lifestyle even in their latter years.

Note: The list is by no means exhaustive, since the authors have included only the topmost points we feel one should not miss out on. We have done most of these things, or have at least observed those things which we haven't experienced. If you want to do any of these things, please do so at your own risk. The authors take no responsibility for any mishaps or tight situations you may land yourself in. We never had any trouble with any of the mentioned activities, and have thus included these in our “must do” activities. 

COEP, in its own rights, is a very unique college to do your undergraduate studies from. An added fact that it is one of the oldest Engineering college in India is a matter of pride for each and every one associated with it. However, COEP, is an ever evolving college which makes it stand out from the rest. Here, as students, you can pursue anything you want. There is no limit to what you can do here - and that is not just restricted to academics. A whole range of activities take place which you are free to explore. We will not discuss any details or the history of these activities nor that of college as well. We will just give an overview of how to enjoy these activities and COEP social life to the fullest. The activities are distributed according to where they usually take place. Some are events, some are trivial things that can occur anywhere, some are department specific.

There was a batch who had a sweatshirt printed with the quote - “Not in COEP? You missed a chance that you never had.” In eyes of COEPians it was one of the finest tribute one could give to the college, and as an added advantage it could be used to showcase your “maaz” which is so essential to exhibit when you are living in Pune. (Yes - by just being in COEP, you have a divine right to do “maaz” in Pune.) In our times, getting admission in COEP for any branch was enough to give you infinite bragging rights - and we guess that scenario will barely change! Anyway we are getting nostalgic and entering our hedonic “maaz” mode now, and should put a stop to this.

So without wasting any further cyberspace with our nostalgic and “maazkhor” blabbering, we present the 51 things you as a COEPian should really do before you graduate:

A. Boat Club:
You are fortunate to get admission in a college which has its own dedicated boat club with more than 70 boats of different types. In fact it is the only engineering college in India which has its own boat club (unlike some colleges which call their dysfunctional fountain boat club). BC gives you opportunity to do so many things that you never quite explore it completely! We spent most of our times on BC (yes, even more time than we spent in lectures). We did most of the things you could do there. Here are a few:

  • Learn to do at least one of the following: rowing, sculling and kayaking. If you are put off by the river water, at least do punting. 
  • Give swim test in the river for thrills!! You pass the swim test, you are immune from most of the water borne diseases for the rest of your life. 
  • Participate actively in Regatta. If you want to be old school, go for events such as arrow formation (in the 1st year) and Diamond Formation (now converted to shell games) in higher years. If you are in it for the thrills, go for Kayak Ballet. And if you just want to do some boat club activity to clear your GY101, GY102, participate in Punt Formation (only for freshers). There is a high possibility of you hooking up with some chick. Many of the CoEP jodis were formed during those peoples PF days. The authors never did PF, and are thus, single. We went for more old school - AF and DF. 
  • Contribute to the RMC (Regatta Managing Committee) in some way. It is all hard donkey work, but the food you get at the end (Regatta Dinner) makes all that work worthwhile. Suruchi caterers provides awesome Watermelon and Waldorf Salads which literally fill you up - not to mention Strawberry Rabdi. 
  • Participate in this event called “Punt Hunt”. It is super fun and is done in groups of 5 - as 4 boys and a girl. 
  • Bunk lectures and play Mafia. Peers, juniors, seniors waste their time playing Mafia. Also 3-patti is a favorite game. You can use matchsticks as substitute for money. 
  • Play Badminton and TT almost for free all year round. It is a bonus to become a BMC member as you can play anytime you want including afternoons. 
  • Dattu Mama - the boatman at BC lives on the BC itself. His wife makes the awesomest Sabudana Khichadi you will get in college. Don’t miss it! 
  • Udhari at BC canteen. (Owner is Madhusheth, he hates it :-D ). 
  • Play rangapanchami at BC. This is super fun! Use water from the new washrooms at BC. :-D Enjoy rangpanchami at BC but do clean up the white tables at BC canteen afterwards. 

B. Fab Lab 
  • Switch on the AC and sleep in fab lab 
  • Make something to decorate your house/room using fab lab machines. 

C. Social Activities:
  • You can enjoy a variety of social activities through Spandan. Also other activities are river cleaning, Jalmaitri Yatra co-organized by BC. Join the Pankhudi group activities to teach children.

D. World Record
  • Try to be a part of world record. COEP holds world record for skipping, longest painting, and more recently Rubik’s cube solving. 

E. Mech Chimney 
  • Go to the highest point of mech chimney. 
  • Put up the Regatta/ Zest/ Mind-spark banner up there. 

F. Gathering Sports
  • Mixed cricket is a fun event. Do play mixed cricket in gathering sports. 

G. Elections
  • Participate in elections. You may make fool out yourself. But do participate or be active. But keep in mind, forget everything about the regionalism after the election results are out. 
H. Zest 
  • Participate in Zest as a college team member/ volunteer. 
  • Do not miss Cummins vs MIT girls basketball match ;-) 
  • If you are in basket ball team, try to beat this shot by Mahesh Hase. 

I. Cultural Competitions 
  • Go to firodiya purushottam etc, shout out loud and cheer for COEP team. Shout “awaaz konacha.. maaz konacha.. COEP cha..” If COEP does not get prize / other college’s performance is better, shout.. “are placements konachya..“ :-D 
  • Mock the other college’s performers by passing comments until the guard comes and threatens you to throw out.. (true story!) :-D 
J. Cultural Events 
  • Listen to Iyer madam singing. 
  • Go on stage and perform at least once. Plenty of opportunities every year - Gathering, Variety, Mind-spark, Street play, Mad-ads etc. 
  • If not, at least do BE dance. :-D 

K. Dinners
  • Go for all the dinners: Mind-spark, Zest, Gathering (both days :-D ), Regatta, Nobel laureate lectures and other events. FREE FOOD IS THE BEST FOOD!
L. Mind-spark
  • Participate/volunteer for Mind-spark. Try to be in the main committee or be event head for some event in your third year. 
M. Classroom Masti: 
  • Cricket in classroom using writing pads and ball made of handkerchief. Do look out for profs/ mamas. 
  • Watch movie. Use projector. 
  • Celebrate ‘shorts day’ (for boys only). Girls can opt for it too if they want. But girls can opt for ‘formals day’ also. 
  • Celebrate sir’s / madam’s birthday. 
  • Give missed calls to your prof during lectures. Especially a certain big shot prof in E&TC. 
  • Don’t copy everything. Don’t copy friend’s name on your journal. Write at least one experiment on your own. It is quite difficult. :-P 

N. Examinations 
  • Try to get FF grade in psychology. It is incredibly difficult to fail in that subject. 
  • Even if you are a five pointer, get AA grade in some subject everyone is relaxed about and then screw the relative grading. 
  • Fight with teachers to increase your marks. You are the only people in Pune who get to see their answer sheets. 

O. Exam Cell: 
  • Try to obtain proper and right marksheet using MIS. (that too in the first try) :-D 
  • Pester the people in exam cell for right marksheets and transcripts (especially people applying for higher studies). 

P. First Year: 
  • Participate in robotics competitions in all the colleges - especially Cummins. 
  • Do your own tin smithy and welding job. :-D 

Q. General: 
  • Night out places: BC gym and BC office during Regatta, gymkhana office during Zest or Gathering or Mind-spark, RSC during Robocon, BAJA lab during BAJA, subway. (hostel - for localites). 
  • Join at least one club and participate in at least one competition. Even ham radio or or debate ot history club will do. :-D :-p But do join any one club. 
  • Fishponds! (Stretch your imagination) 
  • Trad day dance. Do not forget to keep track of who gave which coloured rose to whom. This knowledge comes in handy for “cheering” your friends during competitions, after placements and finally for farewell and convocation. :-D 
  • Suicide test!! Eske bare me kya kehna!! 
  • Take someone for “long” drive! At least offer the hottest (? !) chick in your class ride to the (girls) hostel. 
  • Register on matrimonial site using the general student id (student@coep). :-p 
  • Hostel mess - taste the specialities :-D 
  • Football in parking (especially during exams - vivas). 

R. Aeroplane engine: Do check it out.

Ok. So now you have got a glimpse of what you can do in COEP. BUT don’t forget the main purpose, study, pass and get nokari (chhokari will follow if you are lucky :-D ).


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