Monday, 20 July 2009


This years summer vacation, for some odd reasons felt extremely dull and dragged on for an eternity. there was nothing much to do,and obviously the heat was searing. anyway, one extremely eventful day in this unusually quiet was when my school friends had come to my place. Usually, whenever we meet, its either at swapnashilpa or icecream magic or some place in Kothrud. But this time around it was to be my place.I have recently shifted, and everyone was extremely eager to see my house. also, we hadnt met each other in some time now. So, an invitation was on the cards.

In the midst of yetoy, baghu and all, finally eight of the invited eight turned up. what was unusual was the group actually- me, joshi, gaurav,khaki, kale, mugdha, mrini, saili and utpala. It was a little odd, but then i have good contacs with all of them! Anyway, everyone is geared to do timepass, and so nothing comes in between. after a brief tour around my colony, which was pretty lame, and the highlights which were only kales rendezvous
with the ducks, we returned back, with the agenda of playing something.

the thoughts varied from rugby, football, to badminton, but as girls are very naatki, we abandoned the plan. for a while, me joshi and kale were playing the target mugdha/mrinmayi game, where we were trying to hit a football on her head. no one got a perfect hit. but ya, you could guess our willingness to play anything. suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a majority to play challenge.

as a matter of fact,i happen to be a proud owner of a mix of about 10 decks of cards, neither of which are full. we selected that to be the ideal deck to play challenge with. it was chaotic right from the start. 9 people were distributing cards, each one had about 50 in their hands, with mugdha given more cards than anyone.

soon the game started, and we completely lost track of time. when we finally finished,we had been playing for about 3 hours. it was the most vadheev game of challenge ive ever played. there were instances where sailis utari was 18 atthya! and saglya kharya hotya! she was lucky that i was next to her, otherwise, she would have been caught most of the time for putting khoti pana. anyway, i was doing the same thing. pan mazyakade 21 kharya atthya astana me 1khota pan laun 1 atthi vagere cheap pana karat hoto. joshya, gaurav and me were cheating the most. 4 pana sangun 6 pana lavna etc etc.. pan thats where the actual fun is.. what was funnier was that utpala was convinced every single time that the set was a fake. at the end, she and khaki had huge piles of cards with them. khaki was infact unearthing the cards from everywhere-from sleeves to pockets!

in the meantime, thanks to constant cheating, saili, and joshi won the game. too bad i couldnt win it, but ya, it happens once in a while. anyway, next time watch out! what i really realised was that although playing cards is a waste of time, when with friends always do it!oh ya! ani samja khoti pana lavlit, tar mag..., "Challenge!"


  1. you are mad chinya......10 deck gheun game sampla tech nasheeb samjaycha! You should have taken AK though! Ajun laukar sampla asta!

  2. girls are naatki :P

    patte kheltana ervich maja yete baraka..
    and since you have revealed your unbelievable colection of cards, a "sitting" is on the cards :P

    strawberries! :D