Friday, 13 November 2009

Chalk It up!!

Chalks, as it stands, are one of the better aspects of life when it comes to attending lectures. This was particularly true, especially when studying in school. The sole reason for its importance: not that its the only thing thats used to write on a blackboard, but for its usage as tiny projectiles, which are commonly used to hit people in middle of the boring,droning and dull lectures.

As it happens, chalk fight was a very common thing back in school. I guess there was not a single day when we didnt have one. Sometimes it even scaled ridiculous proportions. Once while chalk fighting, Somebody hit shraddha Joshi(Wolley) with a chalk. Her first accused was Piyush, who was King of chalk fights!
Wolley:"Piyush, who threw the chalk?"
Parda(piyushs nickname, his surname being Pardeshi):"I dont know, GOD THREW IT!"
Piyush was out of the class for the next few days.

Another time, Shraddha Chitale(Our Marathi teacher) had started a chalk fight in one of our off lectures. She hit a fellow with chalk and told him that someone else hit him.and then there was a chaos as everyone was hitting everyone. Anyway, by this time our chalk throwing skills were as good as the accuracy of a guided missile, so most of them did hit the target, 5-6 cm off scale. When Shraddha Chitale started laughing at us, more then 1 person hit her with the chalk!

In school, chalk was more than a mere projectile. It was a tool for wreaking peoples trousers. You see, we had a distinct Navy-blue coloured uniform trousers on which, the white of the chalk made lasting impressions. It was a pain to get rid of those chalk stains. things like Kik Me and Asshole written on peoples butts(on trousers ofcourse) were a common site. Nearly each and every one (except for the girls-they didnt have trousers :P) had their trousers marked like a minefield with chalk lines.

 Chalk- The nemesis of a silent class

After school, the chalk started taking lower an lower importance. With advancements in teaching like using white boards and those acryllic pens and projectors, the importance of the chalk dwindled, especially when i was studying in UK. it was rare to catch a glimpse of that beloved old friend of mine.

Skipping through the years, we finally arrive at yesterday. One of the more intriguing day in the mundane class life. For once the class sprung to life. There were projectiles flying here and and there. Although most of them were indeed targeted at Divya. See, we(Me, Rajendra, Mukesh and Aakash) have got into a habit of pointing and laughing at Divya if she fails to get a place on the last bench. Rajendra and Divya had a historic rivalry when it came to chalk fight, with both of them engaging in the amorphous wars. Once, Divya, on taking Rajendras' word, pelted me with a few chalks. That's when everything broke loose. Everyone started hitting everyone with chalks! Yesterday, Mohile sir caught of all the people, Vibha throwing a chalk at Rajendra! (That's like saying ki MadB is for a change not doing time pass, but instead doing something constructive when she has off time from all her chores at Mindspark, Baja and what not.) Anyway, after that, for some unknown reason, Pranjali started pelting me with chalks! dunno whats got into her- but yea, she better watch out now! What was funnier was that she hit Anant one from less than 2 feet, it hit him on the head,and because of all the acceleration and momentum it gained from his head, it went and smacked Sumedh in the face! In your face dude!I dont know what to call this...MadB.. help!

But yea... its fun to have fun with seriously rocks.. i have never seen girls getting invloved so much with chalks! In school we used to have a fight as girls used to use chalks to write on the board(Mostly, our names in the black list!) But yea, Divya and Pranjali are devils in disguse.Whatever, i just hold my thought to Chalk wars rocks, and its good to be in middle of one, finally after years of wait!! Ay Karamba! thats gonna be rocking!

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  1. Thank you Chinmay for - "That's like saying ki MadB is for a change not doing time pass, but instead doing something constructive when she has off time from all her chores at Mindspark, Baja and what not." I miss the timepass so much!

    In your face la you can change to Pranjali saying "Hahahaha, In your #$%@#$,@#$%!^@#@$,^#^#&*(%@ face"

    You could also call it divine intervention for a pent-up vengeance? [Not that I'm calling Anant God,though he is anyway..]but still..Sumedh getting hit [at,not on :-D ] by PG..priceless! Go PG and Divya! Finally the girls of E&TC show some promise! and not childishness for once. Amen.