Saturday, 17 April 2010

The 10 commandments of T.Y. E&Tc

This year, Our class as such has bonded really well. I mean its improved leaps and bounds! Nearly everyone interacts with everyone. Dont know how such a sudden change took place, but nevertheless, its a welcome change for sure. We have been able to do ever more mischief ever since this increased interaction. I have had not enjoyed class life as much as I am enjoying now, since i left my legendary class from SPM(Really missed those people). But anyway, it feels good to be back on track in the aspect of class life. Analyzing this year, i realized that there are some peculiar things we do in the class, which I guess have become a hallmark of T.Y.E&Tc.

here are the 10 rules, that one should follow(I guess)
  • Commandment 1: "Thou has to say name of a boy when a girl comes in late to for a class(Like Ram)"
  • Commandment 2:" Thou has to shout "NAAAAAAHIII" when Dipak does anything"
  • Commandment 3:"Thou are to sing the James "Bond" music when Rajendra Enters the class."
  • Commandment 4:"There is only One MANE. Thou should not compete with him."
  • Commandment5:"Thou art to indulge in Chalk fight and exclusively blame Divya and or Rajendra  for it."
  • Commandment6:"Thou are to givre Birthday Bumps to all people having their birthday in that month and Kaustubh Sambharkar on every monthend."
  • Commandment 7:"Every now and then thou has to sit 1 boy per bench and observe the weird expression on the faces of the girls!"
  • Commandment 8: "Thou have to tell Babya  "Sir "Jounral" anla nahiye.. next time sure deto!" at each and every practical." 

    • Commandment9: "Thou has to call out Rohini if she is sitting in front of you and when she looks back, tell her to "Pudhe Bagh""
    • Commandment 10:"Thou has to round up on Rao and yell "KAO KAO" whenever he answers/comes in the class, or gets singled out by teachers!"
    Well, this is surely the routine for this semester. And let me tell you its a rocking one as well! Man... really when it starts getting nice, the sem end is near!

    P.S. I completely forgot this,(for which I apologize).
    "KAHEEEEEE KAAY REEEEE!!" to all nutcases who don't follow the above rules!(Added 21 April)


    1. the fifth one rocks..
      but the sevenh one has changed now-
      "thou has to observe the weird/shy expression on the faces of the boys when the girls come and sit next to dem at such times" :P

    2. Ya I really enjoyed our classes (specially Wani Sir's) for last few days, though I am not a part of such activities.

    3. add a post script to the 5th commandment : "thou must hit chinmay with a chalk (by accident or purpose) in any chalk fight, even if its just between girls.

    4. Ata tu gelis kamatun pranjali!!Somwar pasun bagh! :P

    5. Kudos on Commandment 9!
      That WAS fun! Hehe.

    6. NOW the post is complete!
      It has everything that makes TY E&TC, TY E&TC.