Friday, 18 June 2010

The Other Chinmay.

Its morning 6 am. My phone, which I regularly forget to put on the silent mode at night, starts singing in its highest pitch. Its 10 feet away from me, and its not the alarm thats ringing. Its a call. Damn! Who calls at this hour! Sleepily, I pick up the phone..

me "Kone?"
tithun.. " are xyz...zopla hotas ka?"
me "Chayla, sade6 la uthato mahitye na! ardha tas dheer dharta yet nahi ka? xxxxx kay zala."
tithun.. "Are kahi nahi! congrats mhanayla phone kela hota! salya sangat pan nahis ki TT kheltos!"
me "Tuzya timba timba timba xxx, kasla alay TT!"
tithun. "ARE TT chi tournament jinklas na tu? paper madhe alay! Chinmay Datar winner mhanun. Gandavu Nakos, Party taltoys sang saral!"
me"Ghanta winner. tu swapnamadhe paper vachla asashil. are me tt khelat pan nahi!"
tithun.. "are ho! pan paper vaach aajcha! tyat alay!"
me. "Chayla, ek tar sakali sakali uthavtos, tyatun mhantoys paper vach lagech! haramya! vel jaat nahi ka tuza! kaa chhaltoys mala asa prathakali?(jorat jambhayee/loud yawn)"
tithun. "tu vach."
me. "barr vachto.. pan nantar.. atta pressure chadhatay jara.. thevto me.."

I rush downstairs to open the back pages of the newspaper, which promptly declare Chinmay Datar is the winner of a certain TT tournament! Surely, something is wrong. Thats when I realize that there is another Chinmay Datar. And he seems to be as famous as I am!

Throughout the day, I get hundreds of calls from my relatives, friends and fans congratulating me. "Thank you! I say for the wishes, pan tumchya durdayvane, "'TO' 'ME' nhavech!". Irritated that they have wasted their 2-3 rupees for a false piece of information, and believing that it is yet another of my quite public Publicity Stunts, i get a tirade of swear words.

I have to bear with it, as there is no other way of defending myself! This other Chinmay sometimes put me in a rather tight spot! I may not know him, but I sure do know a few things about him- for one, he is a complete winner- He wins so many times! and grudgingly, I accept that unlike me, he is quite famous among girls, by the sheer number of messages I get on facebook from random girls asking me "tuch ka re to TT vala?" It feels disappointing to say "No", but I have to! I really wish I did something so that got that kind of attention![:P](Not that I dont get much, myself, but still, I want more!)

Anyway, I would really like to meet this Other Chinmay once. I mean, I am sure people must have called him up and asked, "Tuch ka re to majurde posts lihinara?" Ah well, lets see what happens. And again to those people who still think I am the TT champ, "To me Nhavech!!"


  1. Do you seriously need more attention than you already get?
    Or do I sense you want some particular person to notice you. Perhaps a female, maybe? Given that you say you'd like to be more popular with the ladies... Hehe.

  2. Chinya thapadya farach tula phone ale hote!!

  3. hey i read ur article.its nice...n i am tht other chinmay to tt wala!!!lol...