Sunday, 19 September 2010

Time to wake up our King.

The views expressed in this post are all personal opinions, and are bound to be explosive in nature to pro congress, anti-Hindu, anti-cultural people of India. If you consider yourself one of these, you can quit reading the post here itself, and go back and dwell on your western philosophies. Those who are having similar thoughts- like mine, will definitely go on reading.

Today, we see, that Hindu Dharma is widely being criticised everywhere. A Hindu does something, the whole Hindu society is seen as a culprit. Its a fancy that the current government along with full media backing are trying to create- delineating Hindu culture, corrupting Hindu traditions, with full effect. A sadhu gets arrested for making nationalist remarks, mahagurus like Swami Ramdev are accused of mixing human remains in their medication, Sex scandals are forcefully placed on Sadhus, tapaswis and yogis. A mullah or a missionary will actually do it, and there will be no news on such events! why! the indian mainstream media, backed by the mafia and missionaries, is hell bent on destriying the hindu image.

A Ajmal Kasab is reported to have Motives behind his actions. The government gives him a fair trial! whats the point of doing this? He is just the pawn. extract information from him, and execute him in full view of the public! The current government lacks guts to take any action. Its highly ineffective, and its main motive is to make secure its black money hidden in swiss banks rather than addressing problems faced by 84 percent of the population- Hindus.

Hindus are becoming second grade citizens in their own motherland. How different is this as compared to the situation under the sultanates? Any thing happens, a hindu is always blamed. Always. some of these accusations are extremely frivolous, absurd and vile.

Then there is the issue of bollywood. It is in fact so crap, that I dont watch any movies- they are either anti Hindu, pro-islamic, or pro-western. For some god damn reason, even these scum believe that terrorists have emotional motives behind their bombings(ref kurrbaan etc.) I havent watched a bollywood movie which promotes indian nationalism in ages. maybe the 70s or 80s. I hate the whole industry anyway. its full of so called westernized body showing whores and good for nothing gangsters.

Coming back to the main point- be it through mass media, movies, government inefficiency, or whatever reason, Hindus are being subjected to abject treatment. They are being brainwashed against their own culture. they are being ridiculed, they are being mocked, and they are being taken for granted.

Well, they themselves are to blame for going into a submissive position. They never vote for parties that will actually work for them- parties like RSS, HMS. Any good work these organisations do, the current government is anyway there to point out that it is infact anti-national. Infact, the government is more timid than anything in the world- why not oppose Chinas aggressive advancements?

Im not talking on this anymore. My blood boils. And it hurts me ever more. Id just like to ask the great Shivaji Maharaj, the last true saviour of Hindus to provide us strength, courage, cunning and confidence to take on these Anti-Hindu people, show them that their place is even below the sewers. Savarkar has rightly put these sentiments in the wordings below:

हे हिंदुशक्ति-संभूत-दिप्ततम-तेजा
हे हिंदुतपस्या-पूत ईश्वरी ओजा
हे हिंदुश्री-सौभाग्य भूतीच्या साजा
हे हिंदू-नृसिंहा प्रभो शिवाजीराजा
करी हिंदुराष्ट्र हे तूते | वंदना
करि अंतःकरण तुज अभि | नंदना
तव चरणि भक्तीच्या  चर्ची| चंदना
गूढाशा पुरवी त्या न काठू शकतो ज्या
हे हिंदू-नृसिंहा प्रभो शिवाजीराजा ! ||१||
हा भग्न तड असे गडगडाचा आजी
हा मग्न आज जयदुर्ग आंसवांमाजी
ही भवानीची ह्या ओउन्हा गंजली धारा
टी म्हणुनि भवानी दे न कुणा आधारा
गड कोट जंजिरे सारे | भंगले
जाहली राजधान्यांची | जंगले
परदास्य-पराभवी सारी| मंगले
या जगति जगू ही आज गमतसे लज्जा
हे हिंदू-नृसिंहा प्रभो शिवाजीराजा!  ||२||
जी शुद्धी हृदाची रामदासशिर डुलवी
जी बुद्धी पांच शाहींस शत्रूच्या झुलवी
जी युक्ती कूटनीतित खलांसी बुडवी
जी शक्ती बालोमात्तास पदातली तुडवी
ती शुद्धी हेतूची कर्मी | राहु दे
ती बुद्धी भाबड्या जीवा | लाहु दे
ती शक्ती शोणितामाजी | वाहु दे
दे मंत्र पुन्हा तो, दिले समर्थे तुज ज्या
हे हिंदू-नृसिंहा प्रभो शिवाजीराजा ! ||३||

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