Saturday, 28 May 2011

The Dud Social Networking Experiment

These holidays have been damn frustrating! Considering that they are the last ones ill be having with my college buddies, makes them even worse. Time, especially the afternoon, combined with the heat crawls at a snails pace. Quite astonishingly, there is nothing worthwhile to do! In this emptiness and boredom, a way out is to do stupid experiments. One such bored of the holidays experiment was based on the hypothesis that was drawn from observing social networking sites for long enough.

The hypothesis is that Girls get unnecessary attention on such social networking sites. A girl does anything, and there are hundreds of comments for even the silliest of things. Guys do something awesome, and there is hardly in discussion about that. Not all girls fall in that category, but most do. I wanted to test the hypothesis, already knowing what the results were to be. However, I slightly modified the theme, that me, and a girl would upload the same photo, and see the results depending on the number of comments/likes for the picture.

Fortunately, my trusted accomplice for this act was none other than my extremely nerdy and awesome friend Siddhi Soman. Siddhi, to those who do not know, is an extremely hyper-energetic person who excels at whatever she does- be it academics, badminton, rowing, having a row, brawl- you name it, she is good at it. No wonder she was the Best outgoing person from college. She is also an extremely terrifying person, and many a times has given me nightmares ( by chasing me around the college and slicing my head open by smashing rowing oars on my head in my dreams) . At 5 feet 2, Siddhi, is an awesome model who if in the right mood gives off awesome emotions for the camera. I had clicked a super picture of hers last year after the college dinner when she was doing her normal nautanki. The picture is awesome actually! its one of the better portrait shots that I've clicked. So it was with this picture that I decided to experiment.

The picture is a black and white portrait style photo of Siddhi expressing a typical Filmy dialogue "Nahiiii" ,and its one of my favourite ones. I had uploaded the pic on Facebook for my new album Life in B&W a couple of days ago, and received scant appreciation for an awesome photo. So, I persuaded Siddhi to upload it on her wall. And Lo behold! in a mere 24 hours, the photo on Siddhis wall had more likes and comments than what I had on mine! Its a matter of jealousy when someone gets into the limelight for things you do isn't it! I am not that bothered, as I get enough publicity through other means anyway, but a person of faint heart ought to get jealous. Anyway, I'm putting up the picture here as well. Its right below this text.

Stupid experiments usually have stupid conclusions. In my case, the experiments have vadheev conclusions. Linking any observation to anything is a prime ace I have up my sleeve to create lots and lots of noise. This time, even though the topic of discussion was well proven, just to have a new outlook, I attempted something else, which unfortunately by my standards is rather dull.  

Anyway, I came to the following conclusions after carrying out this act of nautanki:

1) Siddhi is an awesome subject for taking not just nautanki photographs, but normal photos too.
2) Girls do not usually like or comment on awesome clicks of other girls if posted on a boys profile.They get super jealous that its not their Photo.
3) Girls go hyper if the same thing is posted by the girl who is in the picture. "Awwww howww cute re!" etc etc
4) Boys go ballistic over the portraits. "You look awesome blah blah blah(General observation, not applicable to Siddhi. :P)
5) Compared to other girls, Siddhi has received less number of hits. This is probably because she is a good girl.(ya right!) I was more inclined on describing her as a hopeless aspiring model, but she is not. If I say so, my head gets sliced in two.
6) Social Networking sites are pro female.(rather grudgingly accepted)
7) Like it or not, girls receive free, fukat, unnecessary, pointless attention on Social Networking sites. 
8) Im better off writing posts which spoof engineering and mathematical terms rather than experimenting on stupid social networking.

Now, Ive lost the confidence in social networking experiments. Dont know why I carried this depressing experiment in first place. Maybe, by using Siddhi as a bait, im trying to enhance my publicity on social networking sites. :P (Not that I need it, but its fun, and Id have done it anyway- Im not someone who is shy of carrying out a PS :))

Never mind, if this post becomes a hit, then I give half the plaudits to Siddhi for helping me conduct a stupid experiment. If it bombs, its entirely her fault and I have nothing to do with it. But going forth with my cocky and arrogant self confidence, I have all faith that this will be a hit, and Siddhi will get a shot at fame that, unlike most other girls, is atleast earned! 

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