Monday, 19 September 2011

सरणार कधी रण?

Im posting a poem after many many days. Its one of my most favourite poems, and everytime I read it or listen to it, it brings a tear to my eye. We are all familiar with the heroics of and the ultimate sacrifice by Baji Prabhu Deshpande for laying the foundations of Swarajya. Somehow I feel that the spirit in which he gave up his life for the Hindu Rashtra is being forgotten amidst the political turmoil. These political parties, making caste a basis are divisive forces at work which weaken our nation. We just need to look at Shivaji Maharaj and see how effectively he established and defended a kingdom- a kingdom which grew like the waxing moon. He made no descrimination amongst his rayat. Everyone was awarded position according to merit. Todays politicians need to set Shivaji Maharaj as a role model for governance.(More on this later)

Anyway, coming back to the point, the other day, I was travelling from Pune to Mumbai and was listening to Shivakalyanraja- a legendary musical album describing the important events of Shivajis life. One song in the album is especially touching- सरणार कधी रण?.. . The story told in the poem bought a tear to my eye. Such sacrifices for ideals and principles are rare. Relationships such as these are even more rare. I wont say much, im getting overwhelmed by the sacrifice just thinking of the poem. Here is a link to a video I came across on youtube, which I am sure will definitely touch your heart. Also presented is the poem, written by Kusumagraj.

सरणार कधी रण प्रभू तरी
हे कुठवर साहु घाव शिरी?

दिसू लागले अभ्र सभोती
विदीर्ण झाली जरी ही छाती
अजून जळते आंतरज्योती
कसा सावरू देह परी

होय तनुची केवळ चालन
प्राण उडाया बघती त्यातून
मिटल्या झाले अधीर लोचन
खड्ग गाळले भूमिवरी

पावनखिंडीत पावूल रोवून
शरीर पिंजे तो केले रण
शरणागतीचा अखेर ये क्षण
बोलावशील का आता तरी?

सरणार कधी रण?

Let us rekindle the spirit in which Baji Prabhu gave up his life for the establishment of Swaraj. Let us channelize his spirit as we strive to build a strong India.


  1. Hey...mazhe kahi mitra kusumagrajanwar karyakram kartayt...mala vatta gelya athavdyat pahila karyakram Yashwantrao la zhala...if you're interested let me know...I'll let u know when it's happening again

  2. Thanks re.. avadla asta, pan singapore madhe ahe saddhya, so not possible. Nantar me punyat astana kela, tar madatipasun kahihi karayla tayar ahe me.