Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Its been exactly 4 years to the incident im going to mention now. How it, happened, why it happened, i dont remember... but the consequences were one of the funniest. Actually, i have never been so embarrassed in my life. Ever...

I was living in London at the time; for football buffs- about a 15 minutes walk from the Wembley stadium. It was late August... 19th August to be precise. Friday. Friday happened to be our pizza day. A few of my friends and me usually used to sit in a local pizza place and half a cheap 1 pound pizza(2 in number) for our dinner. However, on this particular day, our local pizza place was closed down, for renovation. We had no idea when we went there, and on reading a closed for renovation sign, we were utterly disappointed. So the next best thing to do.. obviously.. go to the city, and have a blast!

As every londoner would know, the best way to travel to Central london is via the "Tube". Underground as its more popularly known. We wanted to end up at Picadilly Circus. It is one of the most interesting areas in the city, and is located near to the Covent Garden. We had a straight train from North Wembley to Picadilly, on the bakerloo line.(We were still underage at that time, and so there was no point going to pubs and those sorts of places- so picadilly circus..)

Fortunately for me, my cousin, who lives in London, had come over at my place to stay for the weekend. she was also coming with us. she knew the place inside out... so that was good.. and also, she provided me a mean of talking in marathi, which becomes impossible if your friends are UK born Gujjus. Anyway, if you have a person who can speak your mother tongue, its always better... You can swear at whoever you want, without any consequences.. or so you seem to think...

We got the first train to the city. fortunately, we did not have to wait long for it.. we got a place to sit as well... which is rare considering it was friday evening. we got into the cozy compartments, and as usual, started chatting and joking, and makin fun of everything possible. 3 stations ahead, a goraa walked into our compartment. He was extremely weird. He had a mowhawk, which was coloured GREEN. and the back of his head were dreadlocked hair.. blonde in colour! and he was wearing what you would genuinly call a jhang-pang dress. Freak.

none of us could help but laugh. Such freaks are rare! It was funny... i guessed that pissed him off... He started swearing... its no point picking up fights for petty reasons... so we apologised... but me and my cousin, both hailing from Pune, just couldnot stand if someone swore at us. Being assal sadashiv pethi, we started a tirade of swear words... the usual.. ase haramkhor lok ka astat! kasla vendhala ahe! arshamadhe pahila tyala tar makad pan lajel! to julabachi udleli shintodi disto ahe! the whole bha chi barakhadi and what not...

i thought we would get away with it.. how wrong i was! the bloke got up.. he wasnt angry, but he was smiling like crazy.. he got to me and my cousin, shook our hands, and asked us in fluesnt marathi, tumhi punyache ka? I was stunned! my cousins first reaction was "WHAT THE F***!"
she was shell shocked!!

we later talked all the way till picadilly circus... he told us that he had lived in pune for 4 years, was a big fan of osho, and what not. we went our seperate ways, when we got down at picadilly. but... man!it was a really embarrassing situation! i mean, you are swearing at a random stranger, in a language which is totally unknown to him(so you think).. the stranger knows your language, smiles at what you said, and has a good laugh with you! man! amazing! i still wont forget that incident! its got to be one of the funniest, i guess...

so just as a reminder to all.. dont underestimate your opposite number when it comes to swearing!!! Curses are universal, and whats worse is that you may get caught in your own language!!