Wednesday, 14 October 2009

बर्फाचे तट पेटूनि उठले

When it comes to Marathi literature, as I have time and again said, I am deeply influenced by the likes of vi va Shirvadkar(Kusumagraj), Baalkavi, Govindagraj, and Savarkar. I dont know why, but for some reason their poetry seems leaps and bounds beyond the normal third grade poetry we get to read now-a-days. Just going through their poems once is sufficient to know what they want to say. Infact the language is so bejeweled that I cannot take my eyes off it, once i start reading. And once read, the content stay in my mind- word to word for an eternity.

I dont know what, but its just the effect. No one writes such poems now, which is a really sad situation, and we have to take the blame for that on ourselves as we haven't read enough of what these great men have written. The best we can get is from Sandeep Khare. He is good, but again, nowhere near to my above quartet. The effect that a "Shravan Masi harsha manasi" or "mangal desha pavitra desha", "jayostute", "anaadi me anant me avadhya me bhala" or "saat" bring out is mind blowing. i get goosebumps every time I read one of these poems. and its not just one type of poems- their poems encompass a large spectrum of human emotions.but the ones on veer-ras are the ones i really love. in that no one can surpass savarkar and kusumagraj...

so to come to the point.. here is another one of my favourites by kusumagraj...

बर्फाचे तट पेटूनि उठले सदन शिवाचे कोसळले
रक्त आपुल्या प्रिय आईचे शुभ्र हिमावर ओघळते!

असुरांचे  पद भ्रष्ट लागुनि आज सतीचे पुण्य मळे
अशा घडीला कोण करंटा तटस्थतेने दूर पळे?
कृतांत ज्वाला त्वेषाची ना कोणाच्या हृदयात जळे
साममंत्र तो सारे, राणीची नौबत आता धडधडते !
रक्त आपुल्या प्रिय आईचे शुभ्र हिमावर ओघळते!

सह्यगिरीतील वनराजांनो , या कुहरातुनि आज पुढे
रक्त हवे जर स्वतन्त्रतेला रक्ताचे पडतील सडे
एक हिमाचल राखायास्तव करा हिमाचल लक्ष खडे
समरपुराचे वारकरी हो, समरदेवता बोलविते!
रक्त आपुल्या प्रिय आईचे शुभ्र हिमावर ओघळते!

खडक काजळी घोटुनि तुमचे मनगट-बाहू घडलेले
कडेकपरिमधील वणवे उरात तुमच्या दडलेले
काबुल-कंदाहार पथावर डंके तुमचे झडलेले
शिवतेजाची दीपमाळ पाठीशी अपुल्या पाजळते!
रक्त आपुल्या प्रिय आईचे शुभ्र हिमावर ओघळते!

कोटी कोटी असतील शरीरे- मनगट अमुचे एक असे
कोटी कोटी देहात आजला एक मनीषा जगतसे
पिवळे जहरी सर्प ठेचणे अन्य मना व्यवधान नसे
एक प्रतिज्ञा, विजय मिळेतो राहील रण हे धगधगते!
रक्त आपुल्या प्रिय आईचे शुभ्र हिमावर ओघळते!

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