Sunday, 4 October 2009

Of bat pees and Chairs..

The last couple of days have been absolutely weird in the way that we have been thinking and acting... i mean we(as a group) do a lot of silly things... but then in the past few days we have crossed the line..

It all began when out of nowhere, i picked on Alok, accusing him of "Deviating from his LAKSH" for staring at, well to put it, a better looking CoEP girl from first year. Dont know what got into peoples heads after that.. but everyone started picking on poor old Alok...that included Diksha...she is supposed to be a junior and not do such silly things...:P but still... Alok has been suffering badly ever since... he is forever singing..."Haa yahi rasta hai tera... tune ab jana hai..." in short.. he is addicted to the phrase..."Laksh to.. har haal mein pana hai"...hes hardly had a moment of respite...people who are now teasing him are also deviating from the original "Laksh" stay focused!

Then came the cheap array of jokes from sumedh... his ability to pass comments, though useful at times, is going to drive a buldozer down his butt one day. they are sarcastic no doubt... but he should remember that they should be directed at people who are capable of passing it as a joke... "Abhinav madhli mula useless astat" to "Abhinav mule punya madhe swine flu pasarla" faar kahi khas navta.... yes but it did incur the wrath of a few abhinavites(Adani bhikari, nalstop che vadari!)

Yesterday, again, we had a hilarious sponsorship meeting...its unbelievable that the spons team have got an incredible amount of money from certain companies.. hats off to them...especially considering the severity of recession. The impression of the sponsership team is amazing. we first thought that they would be like mendicants roaming around the city for money.We even had the nerve of suggesting to rag first years to give 200 rs for raising required funds. But these people...they are all devilish... they have extracted all they could from anywhere they could, including thier own homes...which had created a lot of whisperings and snidy silly comments being passed.That said, people dont realise that such commenting could seriously damage the budding romance thats being created in the extra ordinary team.

Coincidentally, after that hilarious spons meeting, we had a infrastructure and requirements meeting... thats when all creepy ideas started crawling in my mind... the most terrifying one was regarding my event... since recession calls for cost cutting, i was really tensed as to what to do... the problem is.. im heading "Save the World" a ppt competition, to be held in Room 6 during mindspark... it has nice chairs... A certain Mrs X was specially invied for this event... to tell people who dont know her... well, she is definitely not on the thinner main worry was whether she would fit in the chair! when i made my point, no one could help but laugh... even worse.. what if she fits..exactly.. and then gets stuck! man im really worried...

This moment of madness is nothing compared to what Ajinkya did a couple of days ago... we were trying to connect to the internet from the civil department... vadachya zaachya paravar baslo hoto... this was when i saw a big green wet lump, which i concluded was bat crap. i dont know what kicked into AJ after that... being the naturally curious guy that he is, he started searching for the colour of BAT PEE!! man! arent there any better things to do around in life?! bat pee!! eww!!! all i know is that it stinks... but Ajinkya actually googled it... me and akash were trying our level best not to explode laughing... the google results were hilarious... a website accused a woman for doing it with a bat(not the flying one.. but the baseball one)...but yahoo answers had an even funnier answer... "Its supposed to be purple!" it read... man!! why search bat pee?! and why read its supposed to be purple!! its hilarious!! next time i see potassium permangante, im going to be reminded of bat pee.. for sure..

its been a fun week.. mindsparking, doing crazy things, learning that just hanging out in college with people rocks! apart from that... learnt many more new things... its been a week of mixes it so seems..Alok, once deviating from his laksh is back on track...its good to have him back.... Rohini, Divya, Rao, and their entire team has come up with all new ways of conning people, even loved ones... they need a life... sumedh is going to have his butt bulldozed in the upcoming days...we finally concluded that Mrs X will fit in the chair.. thanks to hep from omkar...oh.. and finally thanks to rao, i learnt a gruesome thing...bat pee is purple...


  1. Bulldozer down his butt..kuthe sapadli hi phrase?? lolz..
    conning loved ones..avadlay :P

    An earnest request - Be a little more considerate with what you write as regards to people in sensitive situations, you might just end up doing a sumedh!

  2. Great news folks.. Alok has conqured his laksh... he got 8 medals in swimming at summit, and 1 at water polo! amazing man!

  3. and sponsorship is spelt as i spelt it earlier.. not sponsership.. type in word and then copy paste to avoid problems henceforth.. or.. or.. just keep saying spons.. :)
    good post..