Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Say NO!!

These holidays have been extremely frustrating. There is hardly anything going on. I am spending almost all my time at home playing or sleeping. Its infact so frustrating, that i am having online conversations about anything and everything.

One such conversation, with Rujuta, bore some quite funny results.Rujuta, to those who dont know, is my abrrevations teacher, and teaches me SMS language on chat.However, I guess she was also very bored. Thats why, deviating from our normal "bhankas" chat, we started discussing various scenarios about the possibility of me going on non-existant and imaginary dates, and started taking the micky out of it.

One such scenario was that if that imaginary girl asked me out.( as in proper asked me out.) How would I react? Well, obviously i was dumbfounded. If such a situation would actually occur, i think i would end up laughing. But then, she wanted a serious answer! So out of nowhere, i came up with " I will tell tomorrow"; which is really confusing. See, I thought I was telling that to the imaginary girl, whereas Rujuta thought that that was the answer to the question how would i react!! When they say, confusion creates laughter, they mean it. We were laughing over this for the next dont know how long!!

Well, at night, i made up my answer to reject the imaginary girl. But then I had to make up some way to say No!! you know- just confuse the girl, let the no parachute down instead of the next day we were discussing various ways of saying "No", and are actually still discussing them, and coming up with new, witty rejections, for the benifit of mankind. (See, rujuta, I am sharing credits! :P")

Here are a few that were my personal favourites.

1) Look at the girl... then look over your shoulder to an extremely pretty girl... then look back to the girl,and acting all surprized say " Oh.. sorry... am i in your way??"

2) say.. " I am sorry that i have to say No, as I really feel about your safety after this . Actually i would have said yes, but then your parents would have put you in the Mental Hospital!"

3) " If you are asking me out, You must either be Mad, Crazy, or totally whacked up. I only go out with NORMAL girls!"

4) "My dear, lets get the alcohol out of your system and then talk.... do you want to start puking??"

5)" you know, my mother is really scared of Ghosts. I dont want to give her a hear attack by going out with one"

6) " I am on a perilous path to enlightenment, which spreads to people who you love, and I am in no mood to SHARE"

7) "You are so hot, that if i even stand next to you, Ill vapourize, leaving you single again, and sad... so why take the chance of you getting sad?!"

8) then there is the classic one... " I am already set up somewhere else!"

There will be more, when we come up with them. till then laugh on!!
by the way, this post is meant as humour. I do not think that anyone should actually use them, unless you want to get hammered by a chappal.:P


  1. You can always say I quote "Article 377" =)

  2. Nice........ Cant say anything on this....

  3. @ Acktiwate: why would i state 377??

  4. are haramya...mazha dhapla.....without sharing credits or giving reference...plagiarism mhanun at takin tula....

  5. are yaar... its because of our usage that your phrase has become so popular!!!

  6. Haha!!"i will tell tomorrow" part is hilarious!

  7. ideas of rejecting are cool...da reasons i mean.....

  8. Alcohol out of your system, perilous path to enlightenment and I'll vapourize are the three best!