Sunday, 27 December 2009

काशी ताईचे लग्न

Yesterday, a very very very close friend of mine-so close that infact she is considered as family, काशी ताई got married. I dont know what to feel- happy for her, or sad for the groom Sanket. Well, actually, Sanket is also a very good friend of mine- so id be better off feeling happy for him as well.

We had like a massive group of kids- all family friends in London- Me, Rishabh, Kashmira( काशी ताई), Sanket, and a few others. We used to hang out all weekend, watch movies, and roam about doing nothing. the time spent was just awesome!! It was in my 12th standard, that we started teasing Sanket and Kashmira. You know- just as a joke. But we didnt know that they actually were going out!!! then, when they broke the news one fine day, we were refusing to believe it for ages!

Well, that said, those stories, and her near escapades from her parents are a thing of past now. 4 years ago. I still dont believe its been four years. It only seems like yesterday. But on actual yesterday, her wedding day, was awesome fun! got to meet a lot of familiar faces, i had not met for quite a while now. Finally got to hang out with Rishabh-after ages. It reminded me of those Pizza fridays we used to have. Also met Pooja for the first time. One very cool person.. (Rishabh... all the best man!!). and the normal midgety idiots- Shrutika and Mithila- though now, they have got a lot taller!! Oh and had a usual, normal, daily dose of fight with Kashmira, which i hadnt done for a long time, and probably without which, i dont get a big smile on my face. Its just our attitudes of belittleing each other as a joke that rock. It was her wedding day, and still me and rishabh were troubling her- rather she was getting troubled, although i had promised not to trouble her. Still, its awesome! The only thing thats better is probably troubling anushree, shrutika and mithila...

Now that the wedding is all done, Kashi taiee and Sanket are off to their honeymoon, Janhavi Mavshi, Kiran Kaka, Amrita Mavshi, Rishabh and all are off to London, Vinay Kaka off to Malaysia. Well, that leaves me all alone over here!

Its actually extremely weird to imagine Kashmira getting married. She is hardly 2 years older than I am. and still, she is married!! Oh my god! And look at me!! no one in the right state of mind will ever marry me!! forget marriage, i dont even have a girlfriend yet!! (thats down to all my ridiculous conditions, mentioned here)

Ah, let it be. Im happy the way I am- single and always ready to mingle- oh and always stress free...So be it... I wish काशी ताई and Sanket a happy married life.. 

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