Wednesday, 27 May 2009

THE Ideal girl.

Recently, i updated my profile on one social networking site. It had various questions like Activities, Interests, blah blah blah.But what was interesting was that it had a section "Ideal Match". just to be sarcastic i wrote that it would be 7-1 thrashing of Roma by Manchester United. But then, it got me thinking. Who was my ideal match?? What would be her specification/ qualifications?? After deep pondering, I came up with the list of things that my so called "Ideal Match" should have. Here is the list:

1) She should have an IQ above 130. But at the same time, her IQ should not be above 140. it becomes too nerdier above that.

2) She should have a good taste in music, and she should be a fan of Hindustani sangeet(shastriya sangeet).

3) She should be able to sing, so that if time arises, we could raise funds by arranging music concerts.( I am potent at playing many musical instruments. ;))

4) She should NOT be a shopaholic, but conservative in matters of purchase.

5) She should dislike all alchoholic drinks and related dope.

6) She should HATE Shamrock Khan.

7) She should agree with me on the point that Romantic Hindi movies are crap, and watching them is a waste of time and money.

8) She should not nag me to go to bed early or at 10.30, and should not have a problem with me waking up at 5.45

9) She should have long hair.

10) She should appreciate Sarcasm.

11) She should not be scared of stupid things like cockroaches, lizards and cats.

12) she should be able to make Phansachi bhaji, sol kadhi, aloo chi bhaji, kelyacha partun and other typical koknasthi dishes.

13) She should not have arguments with me if i go to play or watch football.

14) She should be able to make a variety of cuisines, notably Italian.

15) She should have a good sense of humour, and should be able to pass on the spot comments of any nature on anyone in the vicinity.

16) She should be a good teacher, and should teach me all the things she is good at.

17) She should be able to laugh if someone makes fun of her.

18) She should have a decent figure, and decent look.

19) She should not be a show-off, but at the same time should be able to do loads of maaz.

Last, but the most important one:

20) She herself, or any of her very close relatives MUST be a dentist, so that i can get all my tooth works( mostly root canals and ceramic teeth) done for free.

NOW, everyone will know why I am single, and why will i always be single!!
Since, i do not intend to stay single for eternity, any girl who falls for me, will be considered as an "ideal match" if she passes half(10/20) of the above checkpoints.
please note that numbers 1,9, 12,18 are compulsory. girls having number 20 on their resumes ticked will be given special consideration. [:)]

thanks for reading all my nonsense.


  1. Hopelessly typical of you,Chinya!

    Awar swatahla!! And since you are "already set up somewhere", why go to such lengths and post your expectations? That too on your blog instead of! :-P

  2. who said " i am already set up somewhere else?" i use it just to do air.

  3. Chinya, I hope you become a little more realistic with the passing years. The conditions are well, borya. "Decent" Figure kay?? Aim higher. Go for Heidi Klum-ish figure.. :P.
    To put it in one line,
    21. The girl should be able to tolerate and control him. (Tolerate - for herself and control - for the sake of others) :P

  4. Yeah, U'll b single 4ever...

  5. @pundlik... may be i dont need to. after all i was always the dreamer. why not dream?

  6. Arre Chinya, kasle shaap milat ahet tula! You'll be single forever?! takes away all the fun and also the point of your post..

  7. what to do madhura.. people dont understand humour now!

  8. chinya,ata ek blog tu brahmachari hot ahes asa declare karat lihun tak
    karan tula koni sapadnyache chances durmil disat ahet conditions pahun

  9. You are not going to find anyone....Do not give stress to your self and others....hahahahha

  10. LOL....too good. very high expectations dude!!! n a gal who's nt a shopaholic is DAMN DIFFICULT to find! :P