Thursday, 21 May 2009


At the start of my engineering- way back in the first semester, I had a big dilemma. What coaching classes should I join? The semester wasn’t easy by any means. We had engineering drawing (graphics), applied mechanics (app mech) and maths 1, which however trivial they might look now, were challenging at the time. I had to do something, as I needed to grasp all these subjects in a matter of 4 months. Before the sem had even started, I was being bombarded from all around with awkward questions and suggestions: “konta class lavtoys? , haa class laav, to lavu nako, app mech la class lagat nahi” etc.
This was quite weird. I had never gone for a coaching class for A particular subject before. Finally after much debating, and to some extent, foul-mouthed arguments, I finally joined only one coaching class - Engineering drawing or graphics as they call it. It is one of the most popular classes in Pune. Nearly everyone who does engineering joins it. Being taught by none other than the famous JVK was like a dream come true.
Initially, before the college had started, I used to go for the morning 6 am batch at Tilak road. Here, I first met Anant, Nikhil, Saurabh, and a few other friends. We used to sit at fixed places only- 3rd bench. Throughout the year! Also for some reason, I used to go to this class, wearing a short, compulsorily. Everyone was so used to see me in the shorts over there, that once when, by mistake I wore a track suit bottom, sir himself asked me, “Arre aj short nahi ka?”
Sir was a funny man. He is actually one of the funniest professors I have ever met. There is not a single dull moment when he is teaching. But there is a price- a 6 am class usually started at quarter to 7!! What to do! Sir was always late. It’s now become a saying when appointments are arranged whether it is at JVK time or normal time- like 12:30 pm- JVK time( this means 1.15 minimum).
Whatever.. this was one of the best places I have been! I still remember each and every funny moment..
Here are a few that I really wanted to share.
Sir used to instruct us to colour solids using colour pencils. One…
“Always use colour pencils. They help you in recognizing the shapes. But do the colouring at home… when you are watching late night movies”
There was a big murmur on this.. people started cheering..
Sir calmly replied.. “Maze baghun zale ahet sagle!”
There was an even funnier incident… there was this “pair”, who couldn’t be separated. Once the boy came late…and started looking for someplace to sit.. there was actually no place to sit.. so here is what sir had to say to him ” Arre nantar chya batch la ye”.. But this fellow was relentlessly trying to find a place to sit for this batch only. So sir in all the sarcasm he could gather said… “Arre.. nantar chya batch la ye.. jagaa nahiye.(now, pointing at the girl)tithe pan nahiye!!”
We couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes.
Yet another is even better… once, when teaching projection of lines, sir caught a guy staring at a hot chick, and promptly said “ Aho.. figure kade baghaa…(10 sec pause)... Phalyavarchya!!”
Some people say he uses the same comments again and again.. but they are so funny, that they always work.
The most interesting is:” tomorrow class at 6. We start sharp at 8:30”
Or “tomorrow class is at 6. Come early. Don’t come with me at 6:30”
Then the repetitive comments are legendary..
Some like “ arrey.. laksha dya” or “ghari ja” or “senior citizens of graphics”, then “check your neighbours and help your neighbours”..” some local romance” etc etc are stuff of legend.
I really miss the class. I have no intention to go back.. Don’t want to do graphics again! But I miss sir’s frequent jibes, sarcastic comments, and in general, sense of humour... Gosh! Those were really good days!


  1. You sooo forgot Tusshar Kapoor!

  2. oh!! i forgot tushar kapoor!!! damn it!!

  3. haha! im planning on joining d class! :D

  4. Haha I went there last year... And boy does this bring back memories! I got a "shock" when I read all this.... Nostalgia galore! :D