Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Survival Sunday

Sunday, 24th May, was certainly one of the most fun days of this year. there was so much to do! it was the last day of the English Premier League. It was the last day of the IPL and it to put the cherry on the top, the day hosted the Monaco GP. so much excitement in space of a few frantic hours.

it all started at 3 pm Indian standard time.
the qualifying for the Monaco gp started. now as it stands, Monaco is one of the most difficult circuit. the driver has to make precise use of his car. a millimeter here or there could be fatal. its still, worth all the fun.. q1, 12 and 13 each had lower and lower qualifying times. 1.15 something.. which was never set at my delight, Kimi was going ever so well, and hamilton got p20(that was so good to see). i was hoping that massa would follow suit. but, he wasnt that fast. in the end.. kimi got P3.. with p1 and p2 going to the two brauns.(btw. great team! u gotta feel for the honda owners though).

then, the race started. it was a chaos, the opening.. cars trying outmaneuver one another. it was 78 laps of pure speed and pace. i am at loss as to understand how does the d1 driver stand all the heat and pressure? well, it was a good day for the ferarris who finished 3rd and 4th. a clear incdication that they are back. but the brauns of jenson button and rubens barichello finished one-two. it could have been different if ferarri were a bit more clinical with their pit stops. anyway, its good to know that they are now scoring the higher points.

after a pusating race in monaco, the attention now turned to the Survival sunday in the premier league. 2 out of a possible 4 teams were going to get relegated. hull, newcastle, sunderland, and boro were in the mix. all for have been abysmal over the season, and frankly, all four desrved to get relegated. but fate was with two.. which two, we were about to find out over two hours of football.

for all the obvious reasons, i chose to watch the hull v/s man utd. game. sir alex fielded a very young side, though fletch and neviller played. i had hoped he would give a start to zoran tosic. but that was not to be. anyway, everyone now favoured hull to beat the drop. they were up against a very inexperienced side. how wrong they were! on 24th minute, darron gibson scored a sensational goal, which put the tigers in deep trouble. however, this was short lived, as results from elsewhere went according to what hull desired. newcastle, who had owen on the bench, scored a freak own goal, and right at the death had david edgar sent off. it was a symbol of their shambolic season. i had never seen a team with decent enough football player play so badly. i am glad they got relegated. boro were always doomed. no matter what they did. eventually they lost to west ham.

actually all the 4 teams fighting for survival lost. so it hardly made a difference, except in goal difference. Sunderland and hull stayed in the premiership, and boro and toon relegated. god help these clubs.

anyway.. the attention now turned to the final of ipl. anil kumble, had earlier bowled a magic spell taking 4 wicket, which helped the rcb to contain the chargers with a score of 143. 144 was reachable.. but rcb were undone by the fine captaincy of Adam Gilchrist. rp sing really looks as the man of the moment.. they were well beaten.. 7 runs...

never ever, in a single day, i had witnessed so much drama, emotions and never ever had i watched so much tv. anyway, it was worth it. with the closing ceremony of the ipl, a brilliant day was ticked off the calendar..

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