Monday, 15 February 2010

City Under Threat!

We all know that Pune was under attack. Its really sad, that a city considered as an educational heaven is being targeted by terrorists. But they will target anything. They are not humans after all- they all are Rakshasas. Its sad indeed that the country is being attacked right, left and centre, and there are internal problems as well. People are staying out of these issues- and concentrating more on mundane things like movies, money, and such other things which provide only temporary satisftion. How could anyone not get instigated by such attacks and fight back? Why do we have to "Talk"? Clearly, the authority, in order to maintain, and probably increase its vote bank, is not doing anything.Can anybody tell them that the policy that should be used is "खटासी पाहिजे खट, उध्दटासी उद्धट, खटनटासी खटनट, अगत्य करी." While blaming the government, people also should be blamed, especially youngsters like ourselves. It seems that in pursuing our dreams, we keep forgetting our duty towards our nation. Thankfully, God has blessed India with a huge youth power. But whats the use of it? "आजच्या तरुण पीढ़ीच्या कानांवर सिनेमा ची गाणी पडण्यापेक्षा, ढोल, ताशे, मर्फे, करणे, या रणवाद्यांचे नाद कानी पडून जेव्हा आपण धडाधड आवाज करत रस्त्यांवरून जाऊ, तेव्हा या देशाकडे वक्र दृष्टी करुन पहाण्याची हिम्मत कोणामधे येणार नाही." Its high time to realise that the world is not so rosy afterall. Wake up my fellow countrymen! Wake up!

Ill end my post by sharing yet another poem written by Savarkar. Its a sincere request to God to come back on earth once again, and restore order and peace!(very appropriate, since the government is unable to take action, and the public is not bothered!)

जय देव, जय देव, जय जय शिवराया
या, या अनन्य शराणां, आर्या तराया!

आर्यांच्या देशावरी म्लेंछांचा घाला
आला आला सावध हो शिवभूपाला
सदगदिता भूमाता दे तुज हा गेला
करूणारव भेदुनी तव ह्रदय न का गेला
जय देव, जय देव, जय जय शिवराया

श्री जगदम्बा जी तव शुम्भाधिक भक्षी
दशमुख मर्दुनी ती श्रीरघुवर संरक्षी
ती पूता, भूमाता, म्लेंछा ही छळता
तुजविण शिवराया तीज कोण दूजा त्राता!
जय देव, जय देव, जय जय शिवराया!

त्रस्त आम्ही, दीं आम्ही, शरण तुला आलो,
परवशतेच्या ठाई मरणोन्मुख झालो
साधू पारी प्राणा या दुष्कृति नाशाया
भगवान भगवतगीता सार्थ्य कराया, या
जय एव, जय देव, जय जय शिवराया!


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