Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Recently, the marathi poetry bug has re hit me with full force(considering i was doing GRE words and all :)), and its literally undescribable how good I feel when I switch over to this mode. Its like living in a parallel world, where all the literature just comes alive.

I came across this wonderful poem written by vinda karandikar and was extremely touched by it. Went straight to the heart. Its all about taking and how to evolve from taking to giving. the last 4 lines say it all. The poem is called "Gheta"


देणाऱ्याने देत जावे;
घेणाऱ्याने घेत जावे.

हिरव्यापिवळ्या माळावरून
हिरवीपिवळी शाल घ्यावी;
सह्याद्रीच्या कड्याकडून
छातीसाठी ढाल घ्यावी.

वेड्यापिशा ढगाकडून
वेडेपिसे आकार घ्यावे;
रक्तामधल्या प्रश्नांसाठी
पृथ्वीकडून होकार घ्यावे.

उसाळलेल्या दर्याकडून
पिसाळलेली आयाळ घ्यावी;
भरलेल्याशा भीमेकडून
तुकोबाची माळ घ्यावी.

देणाऱ्याने देत जावे
घेणाऱ्याने घेत जावे;
घेता घेता एक दिवस
देणार्याचे हात घ्यावे!

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