Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Of all the meaningless commenting, chitchat and time pass that goes on on Facebook, once in a while, something amazing crops up. Recently, a friend of mine posted a clipping from the Marathi talk show "Khupte tithe Gupte". The show is aired on the Z Marathi network, and is conducted by the famous pro-rock Marathi artist Avadhoot Gupte. But, this episode was very endearing, and was one that really made me think, about myself, and my duties to my motherland.

The concept was that in that particular segment, you can call whoever you want to call. People tend to call the person with whom they had a fight to patch up, a long lost friend who they havent met in ages etc. But not this guest. He himself is a very accomplished actor, and someone I have had tremendous respect for, after meeting him and spending time with him at back stage during the Chitpavan Mahasammelan. Yes, I am talking about Sharad Ponkshe- a firebrand of an actor who has portrayed the role unforgettable role of Nathuram Godse in what is a memorable play, but sadly criticized by our ruling party and its ideology less followers, Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy.

The thing is, that instead of calling any of his friends, relatives, mother or any normal person, Sharad Ponkshe called Svatantryaveer Savarkar. The reason for calling was simple. It was a plea- a plea to a real ideologist, a freedom fighter, a selfless patriot who sacrificed everything he could for our motherland, and yet, gets heavily criticized, insulted and overlooked by our current government. It was an earnest request to instill his ideologies of "tyaag karne and ayushyacha hom karne". The video is available on the following The acting is so real, so convincing, so moving, that I shed a tear on listening to this.

The video has got me thinking. And think deeply. The state of our nation is really appalling. People are embroiled only in earning shortcut fame and money. Its the unfortunate reality. If there is a sabha going on the life of Savarkar, and next door to it is an audition for roadies, the mindless youth (which i consider unlucky to be a part of) will ignore the path set by an inspirational person and attend the stupid roadies audition.

I wont say anymore-otherwise it will become a post which hammers the youth of today, which has a void when it comes to passion, love and sacrifice for the nation. I was on the verge of becoming one of these idiots for sometime now, but this video has reshaped me. Its reignited that undying love for the motherland, and a thirst to do something good and worthwhile for her, which will make her stand out. One thing I am definitely going to do, is that in future, if ever I go abroad for higher studies, I have every intention to come back, and implement what Ive learnt for the betterment of my country.

I know the path ahead is going to be full of hardships if this is to be done. But I have Savarkar in my heart, and in my mind. His guiding hand and influence can only be a positive. For support I have 4 lines from his own poem titled Maze Mrutyupatra, which is actually a letter written to his vahini, in which he calls her by various names including a goddess, a mother, a brave woman. Its a 25 stanza poem, so I wont post it completely, just the 4 lines from it that give me immense courage to tackle what is otherwise a hard task..

की न घेतले आम्ही हे व्रत अंधतेने
लब्ध-प्रकाश इतिहास निसर्ग माने
जे जे दिव्य-दाहक म्हणोनी असावयाचे
बुद्ध्याची वाण धरिले करि हे सतीचे!

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