Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Fridge Key

I dont know how much impact this will have on my grades, but i hope it does not, for we did this misdeed last year! 

Third year, for many reasons, was one of the most memorable years in college. Especially the 6th semester. Probably, it was the first time we didnt have that much load on our shoulders, or maybe the subjects were easy, or even maybe for the fact the I managed to score an 8 point grade after two wretched semesters made it all the more special. It was the time that the bonding in class was at its best. I had made some incredible like minded friends by that time. So its not surprizing that we ended up doing what I am going to narrate. 

It was a typical March afternoon, probably the last week-sometime between 3:30-5:30, EM practical, with Babya conducting the practical session. March in Pune is bad, and in a closed 20x20 room filled with an assortment of CROs and other measuring instruments,  with just a single ceiling fan operating, and a ban to switch on the AC, it gets even worse. Heat, sweat and practicals had drawn us to madness. To make the matters worse we had run out of supplies for water, and if we needed to get them, we had to climb down two flights of stairs and back up again. Who has the energy to do all that at the end of a tiring day! Nevertheless we did go down to get two waterbottles filled up, but to our sheer disappointment, the water was as hot as the weather outside. Something Cool was the need of the hour.

Fortune, was on our side. The EM lab has a refrigerator.  So, we decided to cool our water bottles and have something cool to drink later. When we opened the fridge door, to our delight, there were 5-6 bottles of cold water, which we immediately set about consuming, and were promptly told off for doing so. Angered at the fact that we were told off for drinking cool water, and were prevented from cooling our own bottles, we plotted a revenge.

As it happened, we conducted an extra practical for ourselves to get the lab assignments out of the way a couple of days later. Now, that day, me and my partner in crime from my lab sessions- Krishna, observed that our friend Babya had left the key on the refrigerator lock. A devilish scheme tool place, and we came up with the conclusion that if we cannot drink cold water, nobody can. So, when nobody was observing, me and Krishna quickly locked the fridge and hid the key, initially in Krishnas pocket. When we did finish performing the practical, we left silently, taking the key with us.

Now, the summer heat got to Babya, and he wanted to have a drink, but could not open the fridge as we had locked it! He was livid. He told off the remaining people from our batch and demanded where was the key. He knew that we had left. So he called us back to the lab, and told that he is checking all bags and pockets for his fridge keys. we needed a place to hide the key somewhere. So Krishna came up with a solution. the key was put on his sandal underneath his foot, and off we went to the lab. We got searched, and still the key could not be found. So we acted to show that we didnt have it by helping search for it. We literally lifted the fridge to check if it was underneath the fridge, checked under all desks, tables, chairs everywhere- but no sign of the key. Babya who was flustered by his thirst by now, told that this was a serious issue and would be reported to the HOD. (who is scared of action taken on a prank!)

We were told off, and then let go. Next day I think it was RDJ who came and told off the entire class for stealing the keys. Here, playing mafia came in rather handy. I was totally able to pull off the fact that it wasnt with me, and I was not associated with this crime! The same applied for Krishna, although he doesnt need mafia practice. 

We kept the key with us for atleast 3 days. the 4th day was the April fools day. So, on that day, we decided to return our key anonymously. We put a sign saying april fool on it, and put the key in the lock of the Lab door. Somebody saw us putting the key there, but fortunately, did not report it. The next time we went for the practical, Babya was gleeful that he had found the key. He told that it was just misplaced probably, and he found it(as if..), and no action will be taken. So, the key was back, everyone was happy, me and krishna were let off for what can only be described as the most vadheev prank that Ive pulled off. 

It was fun! More fun than hiding Gandhalis Dio. More fun than we have had on the Boat club at times. Probably not that much fun as I had this semester doing vadheev pana with MadB,Ketki,Teja and Alok. Still, it was one of the best pranks that can be played in college. Juniors, it is your time to fill in my shoes now that I am graduating soon!
Krishna- Half the gang.
Chinmay- The other half of the gang.
Key- the one we kidnapped.


  1. Juniors na jamat nahi!
    Secondly, congratulations!
    And thirdly, thank you for mentioning us :D

  2. Babya la yed lagayachach baki rahila hota!!!! :D

  3. Well you should give me and Priyanka Pawar credit for inspiring you as we were the ones who had come there with a dare to steal a bottle from the refrigerator while ur batch was performing the practical.

  4. accepted.. credit to divya and priyanka pawar.. but that does not mean you were the inspiration for the prank!!