Thursday, 20 October 2011

One Notice.. from the bottom of my heart

I sincerely thank MadB for translating my post into English for the welfare of those poor souls who cannot comprehend the Marathi of Pune. (Suckers indeed.) This will reach a broader audience I am sure.
Thanks MadB!


Greetings to my dear readers and followers. You have always been my inspiration for writing this blog. I am grateful for your love and hope you shall always support me. However on account of some recent developments, I have been forced to write explosive posts like the one you will read now. My friends and colleagues Nikhil Sugwekar, Ameya Akkalkotkar and Tejas Sant will give me their backing is most certain. Anyway.
___0_0_0___ the memory lanes...) is my private intellectual property. And since this blog belongs to me and me only, nobody is permitted to plagiarise/steal/publish any material published on this blog. (And no-one has even been nominated for the same). These days a few of my posts (especially the ‘Puneri Lingo’ post) is being circulated as an email forward.  As a writer, I am repulsed by people stealing my ‘Jhampya’ and passing off the cleverly put together examples in their own name. Indeed, I am deeply disgusted.
You may think its easy to nick my posts, but it is not at all easy for me. I have the privilege of being sponsored for some of these posts. I earn some amount of money out of my posts, and the hits they generate. This money is really precious in these difficult times of inflation. When you circulate my post without my explicit permission, I lose out on the number of hits; in turn cutting down my income from the same. It is my heartfelt request to all of you to stop using the content on my blog without permission, otherwise I shall have to resort to harsher measures.

For those who have plagiarized, and the one who have a mind to continue doing so:

1. My posts are an outcome of a lot of time and effort, as also originality. They are not conjured out of thin air by a magic wand.

2. Your patriarch/matriarch doesn’t help me write these articles! The people, who do help me, find their well-deserved acknowledgments at appropriate places.

3. Your family bread-earner will not compensate my financial losses due to your theft, will he? (Approx. $200 monthly)

4. In case it is observed that people from the I.T. sector and the ones with nothing to do but sit in the States and gorge astronomical amounts of food are stealing my intellectual property, rest assured double the usual fine will be taken from them.

5. Plagiarism is a crime. You could be prosecuted if I take the matter to the police.

6. Since you read my blog, it is a given that you are educated and have a basic level of understanding and competency; plagiarism/theft of any kind is simply not expected from people like you. If indeed you have indulged in it, it’s a shame calling yourselves educated.

7. Today you are stealing content off a blog, tomorrow you’ll steal ideas, then maybe money. If this happens then there would be no difference between you and the Congress govt. Please do let the world know that you are only as good as the Congress govt.

8. To avoid plagiarism, please ‘share’ my blog’s link. This way you can forward this stuff, and I get hits too. Also you would avoid the allegations of theft made by my friends (Sugvekar, Akkalkotkar and Sant)

Please do remember one thing: Theft of any kind, be it creative content, speech, or ideas, will not be tolerated

o          In case you have a query as to why I have written this, ready yourself for one tight slap.
o         Henceforth, whoever tries to steal content off my blog without my acknowledgment and without citing the source; tries to pass of my original content as their own, will suffer monetary losses for sure. Please take due note of this fact.

Chinmay Anil Datar (Owner of the blog)
Sadashiv Peth, Pune 30


  1. okay....! the Puneri lingo doc i got had originated from you..??!!
    u have been plagiarized,, though i must admit, it has been of great help ever since i have laid foot in pune!!

    1. Yup- thats why it was written in first place.. people plagiarize.. what to do..

  2. hey u have disabled the right click on the blog , is a good thing .. u should also disable the selecting of the content , because people can still select, use ctrl+C and copy your content , so can use codes in ur body tag of html code to disable right click and selecting :

    i have used wrote a code which prevents my blog content from being plagiarized ..