Friday, 22 January 2016

Troll Santa..

Recently(During Christmas), a colleague of mine was at the receiving end of a "poetic" prank I played at the office. This unsuspecting girl accidentally let it slip that her hair were turning white. That was the fillip for the prank- with the prank being obvious- Gift a hair dye. To add to the overall suspense, our department was playing this game called "Secret Santa", so it was very convenient to pull off the prank. A normal hair dye would have been too main stream, so when I purchased the dye, it was of the colour "Burgandy". I fail to understand why women have to have a name for each and every RGB combination of the spectrum. Burgandy? seriously? I mean the last time I read Burgandy anywhere, I was playing Age of Empires- Joan of Arc campaign. How can a region in France even be a colour? Nevertheless, it looked a whacky red so purchased it and packed it in a nice decorative envelope.

The original plan was to hide the "present" in her bag, and act as if nothing had happened. But that again makes it that much less interesting. Luckily I met a partner in crime who totally misled this girl by leaving a trail of clues and increasing the overall suspense. But I wanted to make the overall prank even more interesting, and so wrote down a poetic prank (I actually dont believe I wrote it- but I did. This was actually the whole point of writing the post. I know its not perfect, but Hey! its the first time ive written a poem in english). After searching all over the place for over four hours, the girl finally found the "gift" hidden in her bag. Obviously, on opening it she was terribly embarrassed and hid away the gift from the whole world. I understand that, but the poem was good and should be out, so here it is:

I saw it shimmer in the light,
On a morning nice and bright,
I just couldnt stand and watch your plight,
For a strand of your hair had just turned white.
So off I set to a far country,
Tried to find whats hip and trendy,
from Andalus to Normandy
everyone said its "Burgandy"
Here is your Burgandy in a pack,
which i got on my way back,
It wont turn your hair jet black,
But splash it in colour and make it look whack.

The expressions were priceless. Thats it, Ive decided to be the troll santa people deserve!

I havent seen the dye being applied on the white hair. Last I heard, it was being suggested that the dye along with a comb will be forwarded to the Bald Eagle of our department.

The person who I actually had to gift ended up getting a pen as "Big Boss" wanted him to make a lot of MoMs.

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